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“I’ll Provide You The Tools, Resources And Insights You Need To Become The Best Hypnotist Possible & Run A Successful, Full-Time Hypnosis Business.”

– Josh Houghton, Owner of

Joshua’s blog, Whats On My Brain is one of the best resources on the internet if your interested in learning hypnosis or expanding your education of the subject.. Josh could charge hundreds of dollars for the information found on his site, but he just gives it away for free. That’s the type of person Josh is!

Matt Sison, The Perfect Affirmation

Josh writes my favorite hypnosis blog, Whats on My Brain always helps me to keep up on the latest trends, new learnings and is just plain fun to read! Bookmark this page and come back often.

Richard Nongard, Subliminal Science

Whether you’re a new Certified Hypnotist or experienced one I recommend that you take advantage of everything Josh Houghton has to offer. Josh has the ability to distill complex concepts in such a way to help you easily enhance your skills and help you be the best you can be.

Wendy Merron, The Center of Success

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Josh is a certified hypnotist, trainer & online business coach who helps other hypnotists discover their full potential and run successful, full time businesses.

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