10 Tips To Make You A Better Hypnotist

Out of all of the odd messages that I have received over the years, one question continues to remain prevalent and consistently the most commonly asked question about hypnosis. How can I do it? What are tips for me to become good at this craft? I have considerately made a neat and tidy little list of ten important tips to help you improve your hypnosis ability. You’re welcome.

  • 10. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 9. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 8. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 7. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 6. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 5. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 4. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 3. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 2. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.
  • 1. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it.

Now that I have made myself clear…..Here is the true list. Although please, take heart, I feel very very very strongly about confidence. That is the key in hypnosis….the “secret door” for all those visual thinkers.

  • 10. Confidence. Fake it or truly have it. (Yeah, got to stress how important I believe that is.) Just go out there and do it….you learn from your mistakes! Bring along a magic trick if the hypno doesn’t work. That safety net gives you a lot of confidence.
  • 9. Learn from the best….then lock yourself in your room and make it better. Don’t copy cat the legends….it will not work out. There will only be one Erickson. It’s important to show the flairs of your mentors, but that is just the seed. Branch out and become something different and new.
  • 8. Become a well rounded performer, but focus on your strengths more than you focus on your weaknesses. If we all focused on our weaknesses, how will we soar above the rest? Perform differently, use different techniques, see if you like scripts or impromptu inductions, see what language patterns work best for you. Once you find them, focus on them, utilize them, use them, and excel in them.
  • 7. If at first you don’t succeed….drop them differently. Every person can be hypnotized, it just takes a serious and persistent hypnotist who can adapt to the volunteer or client. But please, if they don’t want to be hypnotized, then in the name of Ormond don’t force them to go under. That’s unethical, immoral, and quite frankly, creepy.
  • 6. Engage every sense. Not everyone responds the best to a certain sensation you suggest. Everyone learns differently (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) so be sure to cater to every sense. Hypnosis is a journey through a created situation….the hypnotist’s job is to create the situation clearly. That can only be done with effective suggestion and engaging each and every sense.
  • 5. Build that rapport! It is ten gazzillion times easier to hypnotize someone if they feel at ease with you. Study techniques that build good rapport…mirroring, finding what learning style they understand better in, ect. Loads of information about this can be found in studying NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and your time will be very well spent in investigating further.
  • 4. NEVER come across as arrogant. As a hypnotist, yes, you need to be authoritative in the sense of commanding the stage, and (I think I forgot to mention this) confidence is 60% of hypnosis in my opinion. However…an audience hates nothing more than an egotistical and arrogant performer. That completely kills your rapport with the audience. And being a hypnotist where your show depends on the audience….that can easily destroy a show. Keep a level head, just be….what was it again? Oh yes, confident.
  • 3. Become empathetic. Now personally….this was difficult for me. I have never been one to comfort drama queens and cry babies… but it is very possible to run into those clients. (That sounds a bit mean…*DISCLAIMER* no harshness intended…). Not only do we need to become empathetic towards our clients with their problems, but we also need to empathize when inducing trance. Whether in the office or on the stage, the mark of a good hypnotists is when he/she is under with the volunteer/client after the induction. This makes inducing trance easier, as you can follow along with the hypnotized and get a feel for what is happening first hand.
  • 2. Document progress. I keep a journal of every experience I have done with hypnosis. This helps me get a clearer picture of how I am progressing, some trends that I haven’t noticed before, common occurrences, and so forth. Not only is it fun to go back and see how well you have progressed, but you tend to notice how one style suits your more so than the other.
  • 1. Keep a strong sense of moral ethics. Hypnotists have a responsibility to our volunteers or clients….we are handling their minds, even though they have ultimate control, you are still looking at and investigating their minds. It is our responsibility to handle our clients or volunteers with the upmost respect and safety, avoiding any possible abreactions and understanding how to handle those situations safely. Out of all of these tips…although confidence is exceedingly important…a sense of moral ethics is of upmost importance.

I hope that this helps all who are hungry to learn more about this fabulous art and science…If there are any questions about anything or if you would just care to chat about hypnosis or other interesting topics (excluding anything in regards to golfing…) feel free to contact me at: Katherineannemagic.com, My Youtube Page or My FaceBook Page Take care and happy hypnotizing.

Katherine AnneKatherine Anne has been intrigued with the phenomenon of visual illusion and the mind since she was a very young, very odd little child.

She has been practicing magic seriously for several years and has been trained by Hypnotist Andrew Becker for several more years. Katherine is also a certified hypnotherapist with ICBCH.

When not performing stunning and slightly terrifying feats on the stage or on her Youtube account, Katherine enjoys smoking her tobacco pipe while sipping specialty coffee at a nearby Starbucks before she hops onto her Moped to speed off to her next adventure.