The Arons Depth Scale: Six Depth Stages In Hypnosis

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I got an e-mail a while back from a reader asking me if I could type up a post detailing the six stages of depth in Hypnosis used by Harry Arons. Since I like to give my readers what they want here is a break down of the six depth stages used by Harry Arons.

Before I begin with the actual context I want all of you to keep a few things in mind and share a insight or two of my own. The Harry Arons scale is just one of many scales used by different trainers and organizations. Most of these groups and trainers have different views and opinions in terms of what hypnosis is and how to teach hypnosis.

So different scale exist and to date not of them are right or wrong. Just different opinions based on the trainers belief of what hypnosis is and isn’t. Here are just a few of the scales used today.

  • Stanford Scale – 12 levels
  • LeCron-Bordeaux – 50 levels
  • Davis – Husband – 30 levels
  • Arons Depth Scale – 6 levels

I personally think each scale shares some important details, but for the purpose of this post we will be using the Arons Depth Scale which is becoming very popular. I know organizations like the National Guild of Hypnotists advocate the use of this scale within their training.

I don’t personally follow this scale and to be honest I don’t like the idea of scales, depths or stages at all, but I will touch on that in a future post as it’s more of a personal opinion. I will share my thoughts on this subject in the next post. Until then here is a very simple overview of the Harry Arons scale of depth.

Stage 1: HYPNOIDAL – Very light stage of hypnosis in which most clients don’t feel hypnotized. The mojarity of people feel completely awake. Two types of HYPNOIDAL states are Hypnopompic and Hypnoagogic. Hypnopompic is the state by before waking up in the morning and Hypnoagogic is the state right before falling asleep at night.

A lot can be accomplished in this 1st stage: Weight reduction, smoking withdrawal and simple muscle control such as eyelid catalepsy.

Stage 2: More relaxed state where larger muscle groups can be controlled and manipulated such as Arm Catalepsy. Your power of critical reasoning starts to become impaired.

Stage 3: You get fairly complete control of your entire muscular system. Most people won’t be able to articulate a number, stuck to a chair, can’t walk and even partial analgesia.

Stage 4: In this stage you start to produce greater phenomena and is known as the beginning of the amnesic stages. Your client will actually forget items such as their name, number, address and other items. Glove Analgesia and feeling touch, but no discomfort.

Stage 5: This is considered the start of somnambulism. You get cool stuff like complete anesthesia and experience the ability to neither feel discomfort or touch. A lot of different pain control techniques can be used in this stage as well.  You can also experience what is called Positive Hallucinations which means you can see and hear things which do not actually exist. You can also experience real Age Regression in this state and not just remembering the past.

Stage 6: This is the next level of Profound Somnambulism. You can experience Negative hallucinations which means you won’t see or hear things that actually do exist.

Well, that was the Harry Arons depth scale. As I mentioned earlier a reader asked me to write a post on this topic and since I enjoy listening to my readers I created this post. Even though I’m not a big fan of stages, scales and etc I personally think out of all the hypnosis scales out in the world this one is the best and most useful. I believe in keeping things simple and hypnosis is no different. I’ll be writing a post on my view of scales and states soon. Until then I’m out…