Best Practices of Dave Elman Review

Best Practices of Dave Elman

A few days ago I mentioned to my readers that I received a special package from Don Patterson for his brand new DVD training course, Best Practices of Dave Elman. Usually when Don sends me a complimentary review package it’s for one disc, maybe two tops, but Best Practices of Dave Elman is 4 DVDs which is the biggest course Sean has created yet!

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Best Practices of Dave Elman is basically a collection of Dave Elman’s best teachings presented by Don Patterson and with insight provided by the the son of Dave Elman, Colonel Larry Elman.

If you’ve been a reader  you know I’m a huge fan of Dave Elman and most of my training and expertise is based off his direct style of Hypnosis. Even though Dave is no longer with us he has left a mark on the hypnosis world that will never be filled.

After opening the package from Don I was little overwhelmed. The last few weeks I’ve been sick as a dog from food poisoning so I didn’t even know if I would be able to get this review completed by the time I wanted it to be ready. My personal deadline I set for myself is tomorrow which is Sept 22 and I’m currently staying up all night to write this review. Yes, I could just schedule another deadline, but I find having deadlines set in stone keeps me on my toes and makes sure I get work done.

So with all of that being said let’s take a deeper look into Don Patterson & Colonel Larry Elman’s newest training, Best Practices of Dave Elman 4 DVD set.

“Hypnotherapy” Is Reborn

One of my most favorite books in the whole world of Hypnosis is Dave Elman’s book titled, Hypnotherapy. This book isn’t new and was written many years ago. Still, it’s one of the best books on Hypnosis and provides tons of useful material. The problem is that the material is really dated and it can be hard to find a copy of this book for a decent price. The other problem is that this book provides tons and tons of techniques, but you have to be able to convert it from text which can be a problem for some people.

Well, this problem has finally been solved with the released of Best Practices of Dave Elman as it’s like the book Hypnotherapy on DVD! I still recommend you read the book, but this set of DVDs allows a whole new generation to be exposed to the teachings and of this amazing Hypnotist. You get to see all of the best teachings of Dave Elman performed live and with unique insights being provided by Larry Elman which make you feel like your in a time machine, in a training class with Dave Elman himself.

Dave Elman Best Practices Volume 1Best Practices of Dave Elman

Each volume  in the Best Practices of Dave Elman course covers a different range of material and topics taught by Dave Elman. The first volume starts with a really cool interview with Don and Larry Elman and  moves right into the first topic covered on Volume One of Best Practices of Dave Elman which is…

Child Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Children has always been a fun topic for me because Children are just so easy to hypnotize and make the perfect client. Why are children so easy to hypnotize? Well, it’s because they haven’t begun to form their critical faulty yet. This means that whatever suggestions you give them are easily accepted and regarded as truth by them. Unlike adults who have many years of life and experiences to hinder them children are pretty much a clean slate.

In this part of the DVD Don goes into a in depth discussion about Children and why they make great subjects. He breaks everything down and gives detailed instructions for how to induce hypnosis easily within a child and how to actually begin the change work. While there weren’t any children in the live event Don demonstrates the techniques Dave Elman used when working with children on the members of the audience.

Larry Elman provides some AWESOME insights about his father and how some of these techniques were created and why his Father did things the way he did. This stuff is gold in my opinion because you won’t find it in any book as this is from personal talks he had with his dad, Dave Elman. Don even demonstrates a technique I’ve never seen before for working with children who are a little resistant. This technique also shows you why he has the name, The World’s Fastest Hypnotist.

Best Practices of Dave Elman

Larry Elman & Sean Michael Andrews teach the class some of the best techniques from Dave Elman

Signs of Hypnosis

In this section Don goes over many of the different signs Dave Elman used to look for to see if a person was entering Hypnosis. Dave used a much more simpler scale than many of use today, but it works well. Personally I think that his signs of Hypnosis will make you a better Hypnotist because they are things you really have to pay attention to more than some of the signs we use today. This allows us to pay better attention to what’s going on with our clients.

Semantics of Suggestion

This section discusses the semantics of suggestions and how you have to choose your words very careful. Don and Larry talk a little bit about Pain Control in this section, but they use it more as a talking point to illustrate what can go wrong when you don’t watch your words. Remember, we are in a profession where our words can make the difference between a client getting better, staying the same or even getting worst. Your learn the words you should always avoid and hear a story from Larry Elman about the negatives of not watching what you say around someone.

Waking Hypnosis

This section isn’t really long, but goes into the topic of Waking Hypnosis and how it can be applied for your clients benefit. There are a few nice points in this section that go beyond the whole, you can be hypnotized with your eyes wide open. You’ll learn how to use waking hypnosis when normal hypnosis doesn’t work and when to avoid the use of waking hypnosis for legal purposes. I would have liked to see a few demo’s of this in action, but for the most part solid information.

The Dave Elman Induction

Don Patterson eventually goes into the subject of The Dave Elman Induction which as you know is one of the most powerful rapid inductions ever created. I use this induction more than any other induction because it works very well and has a lot of different test built in which allows me to know exactly where my client is in terms of trance.

A lot of people think they know how to perform this induction, but the moment something goes wrong they have no idea on how to  troubleshoot it. This section is excellent as Don demos the induction multiple times and provides some really great success tips. Some of this may be familiar to those who have downloaded my free Induction Blueprint report, but you’ll pick up some nice tips if you watch carefully.

You’ll even get some bonus material such as how to get implied permission, Don’s distraction Filter Pattern and more. You’ll also get some more insight into this induction from Larry Elman.

Best Practices of Dave Elman

The Best Practices of Dave Elman Class Photo

Reviewing The Parts

In this section Don Patterson takes the Elman Induction even further and breaks it down into multiple steps. Instead of learning the Dave Elman Induction as ONE BIG INDUCTION you’ll learn it in steps and processes as it was meant to be taught. I promise that if you learn the different processes in this induction that you’ll success rate will skyrocket. The stuff Don teaches in this part is one of the reasons why I get such great success rates.

The Dave Elman Induction is a piece of art and it’s important to know how to handle art. The adding of words or taking words away from the induction can actually hurt your success rate. Don and Larry will teach it the way his father taught it. No filler and no fluff.

In addition to learning about the Elman Induction Don also shares his really cool 47 pre-talk! Yep! 47 seconds which is one of the fastest I’ve seen. My pre-talk typically takes 10 to 15 minutes in an office setting. So I learned something new here. You’ll learn about one of the most common mistakes people make which is thinking they have real somnambulism when in reality they only have artificial somnambulism.  You’ll also get some interesting insights as Larry and Don give feedback to class members who are performing the induction during the class.

So you’ll get to see different styles of this induction performed and how it can be improved. This is a really great teaching section and make sure to take a lot of notes here.

Best Practices of Dave Elman Volume TwoBest Practices of Dave Elman

As with the previous DVD all of them start with a small interview between Don and Larry which help to set the tone for the rest of the DVD.  In this DVD Don covers a very unethical practices that is starting to be seen again within our profession called the Hypnotic Seal.

The Seal is when a Hypnotists makes it where the client can’t be hypnotized by anyone else. It’s a really unethical practice and it hasn’t been seen in years, but it’s making a comeback. Very sad 🙁

Don actually performs a Hypnotic Seal on someone in the class so he can teach the other students how to spot a seal and the different techniques to break it. Yes, the hypnotic seal can be broken with ease, but you have to know how to spot it. Don get’s the point across in a creative way in this section, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Deepening The Trance

As the title suggest Don demo’s a number of different deepeners used by Dave Elman. I have to admit that seeing all of Dave’s techniques in person make a huge difference. When reading a few of them I have to admit that I dismissed them for one reason or another. More than likely I was having trouble seeing the technique in my head since all the techniques in were in text format.

Yet, to see the technique performed live I really liked it and think I’m going to add it to my toolbox. Don doesn’t go into the level of depth he goes into on his Deepening the trance DVD, but remember that this DVD is only teaching material Dave Elman taught.


Larry and Don talk about suggestion formation. A few little nuggets in this section, but a lot of this was material I already knew. The one great feature about this section thought was the insight from Larry Elman. Even though Don does most of the teaching Larry steals the show with his insights and advice. Maybe it’s because I’m a history buff, but I really enjoy hearing Larry dive deep into the mind of his father. Throughout all the DVDs Larry will pop in with his thoughts and personal insights from his father. When he talks you need to listen as you’ll learning something most people will never know since it’s not in written format anyone else.

Hypnosis For Pain

Best Practices of Dave Elman

Don teaches the class how to work with pain

This was discusses a little bit in Volume one, but Don and Larry take it a little further in this section.

Our two instructors discuss Dave Elman’s view on pain control  and we learn how some of his techniques for pain control were created from some of his Stage Hypnosis techniques. You get to see some demo’s of pain control techniques being performed and Don also goes into a small talk about the need for pain and how to avoid getting into trouble with the law on this subject.

You’ll also see Don work with someone for a small headache and when something doesn’t go as planned you’ll discover how to handle it.

I don’t think Don planned it to go down this way, but it was nice to see something not go perfect so we can learn from it.

20 Second Headache cure

Okay, this section is just plain cool! Don demonstrates a technique he learned from someone else, but it’s one I’ve never seen before, but I want to learn it. It’s a technique to get rid of a headache in just 20 seconds. Seriously, 20 seconds! I should give you a warning that Don goes through this technique very fast so you may have to rewind a few times to get the entire script. Since Don doesn’t own this technique I’m guessing this is why he doesn’t teach it in detail. As I mentioned my only problem is that it’s done so fast it’s hard to pick up, but Don does give you the details of where to learn it.

Auto Suggestion

This section is pretty basic for the most part, but has a few nice gems. You get to see Don use Re-inductions with a member of the class and how to do the hypnotic stare.

Confirmation – Elman Success with Pain

This section goes into detail about the different successes Dave Elman has working with Pain reduction. Once again, you get some more insight into the mind of someone who is going through massive amounts of pain and how Hypnosis can help them. This section is more of a discussion on how hypnotic pain control techniques can help someone who has a lot of pain. A nice discussion and few good gems here, but this section isn’t one where you’ll learn any specific techniques. Still, the insights from Larry and Don are nice additions close this DVD out pretty good in my opinion.

Best Practices of Dave Elman Volume ThreeBest Practices of Dave Elman

Out of all the volumes in Best Practices of Dave Elman series I would have to say that this is my favorite one because I’m a huge believer in the use of Regression Hypnotherapy. Obviously I recommend you don’t do Hypnosis Regression work unless you have been properly trained because you can mess someone up if you don’t know what your doing.

Regression & Hypnoanalysis

This volume goes into really great detail about the subject of Regression. Don starts by giving a warning to the class that you have to be careful using this technique, but don’t let that scare  you from learning it. You’ll learn the proper way to ask questions to a client without misleading them and also learn how to stay objective as that’s the key to becoming really good at this work. You’ll learn how to perform a regression using a few different techniques such as directed regression, non directed regression, hall of records and more.

Don will also show you how to avoid some of the most common mistakes such as how to find the real root cause and not just some secondary cause. So if you’ve ever been interested in regression this is a really good section.


For those of you who like to see actual techniques performed than this is the section for you. Don actually gets a member of the audience to undergo Regression Hypnotherapy for a fear or rejection. You’ll see Don work with the student from start to finish and I promise you’ll be really focused on this part. It’s just interested to see a regression done and to see how Don takes her back to different points in her life to find the root cause of the problem.

Best Practices of Dave Elman

Don Patterson uses Regression Hypnotherapy

Don actually runs into a few problems with the client which are great for teaching purposes, but Don remains steady and keeps going until he gets to the root cause of the problem which is going to be something you might not expect. This is a great teaching section which should produce a ton of notes for you. After seeing this you’ll want to learn how to do regression hypnosis, trust me.

Hypnotic Coma

Obviously I’m not talking about a really coma, but the coma state as known as the Esdaile State to most of us. This is a depth/level/state or trance where the client doesn’t want to respond to the operator/Hypnotist because they are in a place of complete joy. I have actually done a lot of work with the Esdaile state as it has always interested me. You don’t experience any pain while in this state which makes it perfect for operations.

You’ll learn about the history of this state, how to get it with your own clients and how to know when you have it. You’ll also learn about the different benefits this state can provide your client and most importantly how to emerge them from the Hypnotic Coma. Remember, in the coma state they don’t want to emerge because it feels so good and if you give them a suggestion to emerge, they won’t! So you need to know how to emerge them properly.

The Group Elman Induction

In the final section of this volume Don performs a group version of the Elman Induction. The Elman can be used as a group induction and is great for stage hypnotists as well. You’ll see Don go through the entire Induction and than Larry will chime in with some more great advice.

Best Practices of Dave Elman Bonus DiskBest Practices of Dave Elman

The final disk of the Best Practices of Dave Elman is a bonus disk which has some cool content on it such as a never seen before induction with a break down from Larry Elman as well as seeing Larry actually perform this rare induction. You’ll also get access to some cool, never seen before photos of Dave Elman.

The bonus disc starts off with a brief introduction and than goes right into Don performing  an antique version of the famous Elman Induction which hasn’t been seen in years.

You also get to hear a really cool story about why the Elman Induction became the way it is today compared to the way it was in the in the beginning.This was a real treat as were witnesses history here. I know, it may be an induction to some of you, but if you truly love this profession you should love the really rich history our profession has associated with it.

Best Practices of Dave Elman

Larry Elman performs an early version of The Dave Elman Induction

A Few Final Thoughts

It’s a rare thing when such a powerful and classic book is brought back to life for a new generation. The only remains we have of the legendary Dave Elman is his book Hypnotherapy and if your lucky, his audio tapes. Dave Elman changed our profession for the better and brought something our profession seemed to lacked for years which is credibility.

Don Patterson and Dave Elman’s son, Larry Elman have done something really amazing with this project. They have taken the essence and soul of Dave Elman and made it where it can be shared with the entire world in a completely new way.

As our profession grows we learn new techniques and discover new information about the mind, but sometimes we forgot the basics. We forget the techniques which forged the way for some of the techniques today. Hell, some of the techniques today are really nothing more than techniques created by legends such as Milton Erickson and Dave Elman, but with a twist. I review a lot of projects as it comes with the job of being a blogger, but I can say without a doubt that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had a while. I know, how can watching a few DVDs be rewarding? Well, I love what I do and I love understanding the mind and learning more about Hypnosis.

A Few Final Words On The Best Practices of Dave Elman

The Best Practices of Dave Elman give us unrestricted access into the mind of one of the greats. We are able to experience and appreciate his work in a whole new way with these DVDs. I think it’s an excellent set and while it’s not perfect it’s a treasure chest of information which I think every Hypnotist needs to have in their collection. I’ve been invited to a live event coming up and I’m planning to attend so I can experience what I experienced with the DVDs live.

I have to say that Don and Larry are a great team and they should be honored for bringing Elman back into the public eye. My hat off to both of you and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for these two. I know that the students who attended this class will become better Hypnotists. It’s not because they have learned new techniques, but because they have learned why they work, how they work and now have a deeper understanding of them.

I’ve got to run, but I hoped you enjoyed this review and sorry for it being so long, but I try to do my best to provide an actual review of the product and it was 4 discs. If you want to know more about the Best Practices of Dave Elman you can click the link below.