What Is The Best Stage Hypnosis Induction

I think just about every hypnotist has gone through a phase early in their career when they spent a good amount of time searching for that “perfect” hypnosis induction …the one that was going to put anybody and everybody into hypnosis quickly and deeply.

Stage hypnotists are probably deeper into this quest more than anyone. It is truly important to a stage hypnotist to be able to get those volunteers onto the stage and into a good state of somnambulism in the shortest amount of time with the fewest number of people being sent back out into the audience to enjoy the rest of the show from their seats.

What Is The Best Hypnosis Induction For Stage Hypnotists?

Dave Elman Induction After spending a lot of money, I am here to tell everyone to STOP wasting your time and cash and just use the classic stand by, The Dave Elman Induction. Yes, I said, The Dave Elman Induction. Look, there are few inductions out there that do exactly what Elman’s does …it’s all inclusive and works like a charm.

After a good, solid pre-talk, you have only to roll right into the Elman induction, and you will find that those people on stage will respond as easily as they do in the hypnotherapists chair! Of course, you will need to adapt the script to suit your theatrical needs, but by following the basic format of this timeless induction, you have a surefire way of dropping a good number of your volunteers into that sweet lullaby-land we call hypnosis.

How I Do The Dave Elman Induction On Stage

I generally follow the induction as it is, with the exception at the end when they would normally be asked to count backwards from one-hundred. I just tell them that I will begin counting from 15 down to one and with each count they will go deeper and deeper. It always works! If you are wondering about testing …don’t! I mean, you’ll know soon enough when you start lifting and dropping wrists who is really with you and who is not.

With just the right amount of fractionation, you’ll see firsthand who is dropping in and out of state without much difficulty. Throw in a false count from time to time, and you’ll spot those fakers in an instant. Don’t re-invent the wheel here. Take that quality induction given to us by Mr. Elman, alter it a little theatrically for your show, and watch the success and speed of your show increase tremendously without a lot of money being spent on long, foolish inductions and Dave Elman knockoffs that we don’t need.

The faster your induction, the more time for your routines, and more you’ll find people booking you for repeat performances.


Hypno RichRich Wilson has been a professional entertainer, Stage Hypnotists & Motivational Speaker for thirty years. He has graced the stages of just about every type of venue that is available.

As a professional entertainer Rich has shared the stage with such artists as Willie Nelson, The Platters, The Drifters, Charlie Daniels, The Tokens, Toby Keith, The Del-Vikings, Alabama, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Martina McBride and many more.

The HypnoRich Stage Show is filled with a wide variety of routines that are created to entertain everyone. A clean and completely interactive performance that is designed to show how remarkable the human mind is while sharing some wonderful laughs throughout the show.

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