Do You Make The Biggest Mistake on the Phone

In my last few posts, I have discussed some ways to get your phone to start ringing at your office by increasing your exposure to the public, but what happens when it does? Do you convert the caller into a new client or do you make the number one mistake that many hypnotists do on the phone?

In this post, I want to key you in on this mistake on the phone and teach you how you can overcome it to boost your business.

In my experience, when potential clients call my office they typically ask 3 questions. “Do you help people with this problem?” “How many sessions does it take?” “How much does it cost for a session(s)?”

The biggest mistake made by most hypnotists, not properly trained in sales, is giving potential clients direct answers to these questions. What tends to happen when these questions are asked, the ineffective hypnotist will directly answer these questions with something like, “yes I help people do that,” “it will take this number of sessions,” and “I charge this much per session.” As soon as they answer these questions more often than not that ends the phone call and the sale is lost.

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If you want to increase your conversion rate and turn your calls into clients then it is essential that you get your potential clients to open up rather than just answer their questions. In life people make three types of investments; time, energy, and money. Your goal on the phone should be to get your client to invest their time and energy into the call which greatly increases the likelihood of them investing their money in your services.

So how do you get your clients to open up? This is very simple to do if you follow two crucial rules. Rule number one is never answer a caller’s initial questions with direct answers. Rule number two is answer their questions with a question. By answering a question with a question it encourages the client to divulge more information about their situation. This is crucial to getting the caller to open up and invest their time and energy.

Here are a few simple examples of this:

Caller: “Do you help people with weight loss?”
Hypnotist: “Can you please tell me more about your situation so I can best answer you based on your needs?”

Caller: “How many sessions does it take to quit smoking?”
Hypnotist: “Can you tell me more about your habit?”

Caller: “How much do your sessions cost?”
Hypnotist: “What is it that you want to achieve using hypnosis?”

These are 3 very simple examples of answering a question with a question. I would encourage you to think about the common questions you get on the phone and how to respond to a caller in a way that gets them talking rather than giving direct answers. Trust me this will increase your conversion rate significantly.

My goal is to have the caller on the phone for at least 15 minutes for several reasons. First, I want the caller to invest their time and energy. Second, I want to use questions to elicit information about the client so I know what I need to say in order to close the sale. Selling hypnosis is all about selling value.

It is impossible to sell value if you know nothing about the person and what’s important to them. Finally, I want to create rapport with the person and demonstrate to them by listening that I really care about them.

This is perhaps the most important reason why I want to get them opening up to me. The ineffective hypnotist in regards to selling, answers the caller directly which leaves them with a cold, distant, and unattached feeling to the hypnotist. By spending time with them on the phone and truly listening, the caller will get a feeling of love and connectedness to you. Consequently, they will feel the most comfortable with you and more often than not will become a new client of yours.

In addition, if the caller just invested 15-20 minutes of their time and invested their energy talking about their problems they are unlikely to want to continue to call other hypnotists and do the same thing over again.

Even if they do call another hypnotist, most make the biggest phone mistake, and the caller will end up calling you right back to book sessions with you due to the rapport that was created. They will have an intuitive feeling that you are the right one for the job and this all will happen just because of your willingness to listen to them and get them opening up.

By following this simple phone approach you will notice an increase in your conversion of caller into clients. Take time to develop these skills because there are so many people that need your help. Eliminate this common mistake on the phone and watch as your schedule fills up before your eyes. Many blessings to all and happy hypnotizing.

Yours Truly In Success,

John Weir BCH, CI
Author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis”
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