Putting Lots Of Excitement Into Your Hypnosis Today

People learn hypnosis for different reasons. Maybe you’ve seen a stage show, and you couldn’t stop laughing at the skits. Maybe for you it’s clinical hypnosis, and the person to person interaction intrigues you. At some level, we’re all here because we think hypnosis is cool and a great thing to learn. But…sometimes, despite our […]

Champions Are Made When Nobody Is Around

Champions are made when nobody is around,” are words of wisdom from my past that perpetually roll around in my mind. My father constantly told me they these powerful words as he instilled the belief in me that in order to be at your best, you must do the things champions do in the off […]

The Two Hats Every Hypnotists Wears

This may not be the hypnosis blog post you want to read, but it’s the one you NEED to read. The biggest trouble facing our profession isn’t a lack of training in hypnosis. It’s a lack of business training and John Weir explains why you must be a Hypnotist and an Entrepreneur if you wish to succeed in this business called Hypnosis.

The Key Ingredient of Success

In today’s blog post my friend John Weir returns to share with us his Key Ingredient of Success. Find out what it is and how it can help you.

Better Coaching with Hypnosis

In this article, I’m going to reveal how you can make hypnosis an integral part of the coaching process, and why that’s a good idea. I’ve come out of ‘corporate retirement’ this week to do a couple of days of executive coaching for an old friend of mine. When I do this sort of work, […]

Voice Training For Hypnotists

My business partner and good friend Taylor Sherman just posted a new video showing some really cool exercises to help Hypnotists with their voice training. The video contains some really great tips and I highly recommend everyone check out the video. A lot of Hypnotists never focus on this part of training or never even think about getting voice training and that is a huge mistake. As Hypnotists our biggest tool is our voice and the words we choose.

10 Tips To Make You A Better Hypnotist

Out of all of the odd messages that I have received over the years, one question continues to remain prevalent and consistently the most commonly asked question about hypnosis. How can I do it? What are tips for me to become good at this craft? I have considerately made a neat and tidy little list […]