Hypnosis and Systematic Desensitization – Does It Work?

Systematic desensitization… it’s long been used to help people overcome their fears and phobias. But what is it, and how does hypnosis make it more effective? Most people who have developed a fear of something have had an initial traumatic experience that started it all off. But not everyone who has a traumatic experience develops […]

How To Use Inner Child Work Within Your Hypnotherapy Session

The Inner Child – it’s a concept that’s been around a pretty long time now, with its roots in Jung and even Freud. It’s also a concept that clinical hypnotists frequently work with, as it fits so well with hypnotism. As a practicing hypnotist, you would be expected to be able to offer inner child […]

Controlling Pain with Hypnosis: Part 1

What an amazing concept – that surgery can be carried out under hypnosis, using no chemical anesthetic at all. It’s definitely been done. Breasts have been surgically removed and limbs amputated painlessly; impacted wisdom teeth have been taken out with little difficulty and no drugs. It’s exciting and slightly unbelievable, isn’t it? What’s more, although it might […]

Controlling Pain with Hypnosis – Part 3

Part 3 in my series on controlling pain with hypnosis is finally here. I hope you enjoyed the series. Once again, this is a must read for series hypnotists.

Controlling Pain with Hypnosis – Part 2

In this blog post I’m continuing my series on controlling pain with hypnosis. Here is part 2 of 3 and if you enjoy it please leave me a comment and let me know.

Why Forgiveness Is So Important

This is a message I recently sent out to my mailing list and newsletter group from this blog. I thought it would make an interesting post and open up some great discussion. So I decided to share it with all of my readers. This is just a small sample of the great stuff people in […]

Pattern Interrupt – Good For You, Good For Your Client

I decided to write a post on a topic you have all been screaming at me to write about…Pattern Interrupts. Discover what they are, how they work and how you can use them to your benefit.

Utilization Is The Best Friend Of Any Hypnotist

Utilization is a skill you must learn to become a great Hypnotist. Once you understand what Utilization is and how to use it you’ll see your hypnosis success rate skyrocket through the roof. This is a must read article.

Hypnosis Technique Called The Circle of Light

I thought I would share a hypnosis technique that I have been using on certain clients, which has been working really great. The clients I have used this technique with seem to love it, and most of the time, they claim to feel the change instantly. What Is The Circle of Light Hypnosis Technique? This […]