Visualization – Why Size, Position And Color Matter

When we construct a visualization to use in hypnosis, we usually got a pretty good idea of where we want to go with it. We know the main points we want to cover, the overall path we want to follow, and we’re usually pretty clear on the beginning, middle and end (if you’re not clear on those, […]

5 Ways To Make Your Visualizations More Powerful

With many types of hypnosis work, visualizations are a core aspect of what we hypnotherapists do. While you might occasionally get away with, “Imagine you’re in a beautiful place”, most clients will want a few more clues! So how can you make the visualizations you use more powerful? How can you make it almost impossible […]

What Do You Do With “Un-Hypnotizable” Clients?

What can you do if your client is convinced they are “un-hypnotizable”? First you have to ask why they’ve come to you if they really believe that they can’t be hypnotized! Of course they may have been referred, or have come to you to please someone else, in which case, you’ll have to discuss with them […]

Listen To That Inner Voice

Many lifetimes ago, I was a Physical Fitness Trainer, and a good one at that! I held clients for an average of 2 years where the average fitness trainer would hold them for 2 months. I enjoyed the fitness world tremendously. Seeing the smile on client’s faces light up when we helped them reached their […]

How To Handle An Hypnotic Abreaction

I get a lot of questions, but due to time restraints and the daily joys of running multiple businesses I can’t answer everyone I get, but I do try as I really do enjoy helping people. Rodney is 19 years old and just recently got into hypnosis after seeing a stage show. So just like […]

What Do Hypnosis And Bananas Have In Common

I was chatting to a friend recently who’s a bit skeptical about the whole hypnosis side of things, and I was talking about how virtually anything could be used therapeutically in hypnosis. She snorted loudly at this (sorry Rachel, but you did!). “OK,” she said. “So if I suggest some random object, you can build […]

Never Use These Words In A Hypnotherapy Session

Things have come long way since the first person was ever hypnotized. We have learned so much more about hypnosis and the way our suggestions and words affect the brain and the client. This is the year 2012 and many of us are still using words that are causing Hypnotists to shoot themselves in the foot. […]

How To Do A Hypnosis Session In A Loud Location

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking if it’s possible to hypnotize people in a loud location. So I thought I would write a little article on this hypnosis blog about how to work with clients in these situations.  First off, it is possible to perform hypnosis in a loud location. It’s done all […]