Should You Use Scripts In Your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

I was talking to a good friend and newly qualified hypnotist recently, and we were discussing the pros and cons of using hypnosis scripts when working with clients. He confided that he really hates using scripts… but if he doesn’t use a script he doesn’t know what to say. A lot of us feel awkward […]

Is Hypnosis The Answer To Everything?

A growing trend I’ve noticed in our profession is Hypnotists claiming that Hypnosis is the only change work clients need. This is a dangerous idea in my opinion and you’ll find out why I believe Hypnosis isn’t the answer to everything in this article. I would love to hear your thoughts on this article. So after reading please leave me a comment.

Hypnosis for Family Tensions

Wow – now there’s a biggie. Hypnosis for family tensions. Can you really improve the relationships within a family, just through hypnosis? I’d love to say yes, but that wouldn’t be realistic, would it?  Hypnosis on its own can’t turn a war zone into a peace camp. But when one or more members of a […]

Do You Use Relaxation Music In Your Hypnosis Sessions?

I was working with a client just the other day. He was sitting very relaxed in the chair, with soft repetitive relaxation music playing, and my voice droning on… no wonder he was relaxed! Well that was fine, because the emphasis in this session was on relaxation, on de-stressing. But it got me thinking about whether using […]

Why Does Hypnosis Work So Well On Ingrained Habits?

Hypnosis has a great record of helping people to break those deeply ingrained habits they’ve been struggling with – stuff like smoking, over-eating, worrying unnecessarily. Most people think that to break a habit simply needs enough will-power. Build up your will and determination and you’ll be able to do it. That seems logical, doesn’t it? So presumably hypnosis somehow […]

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Vs Hypnosis For Health

It’s one of the more common reasons for clients asking for a consultation – they want to lose weight and have struggled to stick with the various diets that they’ve tried in the past. And there are plenty of good hypnosis scripts available to help you work on this issue. But I have a bit […]

Are Suggestibility Tests Are Outdated

Sorry I haven’t been around the last few weeks. I have been trying to handle the fallout due to a recent fire. Yes, you heard me right; I have had to deal with a small fire that broke out at my home. I lost my computers in the fire as well as some of my […]