How Can Stage Hypnotists Put Anyone Straight Into A Somnambulist State

With the emphasis in most training schools on progressive relaxation as the responsible, safe and reliable induction technique, and the insistence that nobody can be hypnotized if they don’t want to be, it leaves an elephant in the room that many trainers seem reluctant to talk about in any depth. Namely, how do stage hypnotists, […]

What Is The Best Stage Hypnosis Induction

I think just about every hypnotist has gone through a phase early in their career when they spent a good amount of time searching for that “perfect” hypnosis induction …the one that was going to put anybody and everybody into hypnosis quickly and deeply. Stage hypnotists are probably deeper into this quest more than anyone. […]

Why Some Stage Hypnotists Fail

This is a special blog post my good friend Rich Wilson who is a well known Stage Hypnotist. In this article Rich will break down why a good majority of Stage Hypnotists fail and how they can overcome it! Feel free to leave Rich any comments or questions in the comment area below the article! – […]

Stage Hypnosis Equals Safety First by Rich Wilson

The world of Stage Hypnosis is a wonderful world that many find exhilarating, to say the least. Taking a group of individuals and placing them somewhere between Cleveland and the Outer-Limits can really make you feel “special” but, in all honesty, you MUST keep your feet planted firmly on the ground …at all times. Let […]