Street Hypnosis In 1 Minute

Street Hypnosis is the latest “buzz” in the hypnosis world.Ā It’s exciting because it breaks the old “box” that hypnotists used to be trapped in, and always you to take the power of hypnotic suggestion pretty much anywhere. There are a lot of elements in street hypnosis, but I’ll try and make it as simple as […]

What Street Hypnosis Can Learn From The PUA Community? Part 2

This is part two of a series of articles that discusses similarities between hypnosis and the pick-up community. In part one of this article we covered inner game and target selection. We recommend you read that section first before you continue with the rest of this article. Nightclubs, and noisy venues can be hard to […]

What Street Hypnosis Can Learn From The PUA Community? Part 1

In this post my good friend Vince Lynch breaks down and explains how Street Hypnotists can learn a thing or two from the Pick Up Artist community. This is one of the most unique guest post ever written on my hypnosis blog. This post is filled to the rim with information. Oh and did I mention Derren Brown makes an appearance šŸ˜‰

In Defense of Street Hypnosis

I recently found myself defending the art of Street Hypnosis on another forum after it was described unfairly as ā€œpublic masturbationā€ so I thought I’d edit my post and reproduce it here: Street Hypnosis is mainly a marketing thing for me. Not necessarily for a specific show (although I will be doing it around the […]