The Easiest Corporate Hypnosis Program?

In the field of hypnotism, we have 3 major pillars on which the majority of hypnotists focus their attention on. Two of these pillars are glaringly obvious; weight reduction and smoke cessation. These pillars get a tremendous amount of attention and rightfully so due to our effectiveness in these areas.

Over the years, I have conducted many corporate programs addressing these issues until it dawned on me that I have been neglected the other major pillar in our profession. This pillar is so simple to succeed with, especially in corporate programs, yet it is one of the most under-marketed programs by hypnotists.

The pillar that I am talking about is working in the area of corporate stress reduction. In this blog I am going to explain why stress reduction programs are quite possibly the best and easiest program to conduct.

For starters, nothing reduces a person’s stress level quite like a great hypnosis session. The hypnotic induction by itself can help a person let go of a tremendous amount of pent up stress, let alone an entire session. So you know right off the bat that you will be successful at reducing the stress in all that attend. Everybody leaves a stress reduction program feeling amazing and notices instant results.

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Next, as hypnotists we offer something that no other stress reduction program can provide. Throughout the years, I have attended many different stress reduction programs and all of them were the same. All they did was talk about what stress is, and what stresses us out. People know this and don’t need more information on stress what they need are techniques they can utilize.

As hypnotists, we can teach people how to relax, do self-hypnosis, create anchors for relaxation and so on. Not only can we teach techniques, since we deal with the subconscious mind we can help implement these strategies into the mind in such a way that people actually use them when needed. Think of all the type-a people who don’t know how to relax. What valuable skills we can teach them that could change their lives.

Third, stress causes people to find ways to cope. For many this means using negative behaviors like smoking or overeating to distract from the stress. Teaching these techniques can help people resort less to these negative behaviors which can benefit a company tremendously.

Finally, the market for this work is huge. The majority of workplaces are very stressful environments. In addition, most companies have established budgets for employee programs just like what we offer.

I hope this blog has inspired you to look into creating your own stress reduction corporate program. It is my feeling that if you run with this idea you will find it generates lots of money, helps a great deal of people, and will boost the exposure of your business.

Yours Truly In Success,

John Weir BCH, CI
Author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis”
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bioSince 2000, John Weir has been working full-time as a NGH Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor. In addition, John has a BA in psychology, a NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.

In 2008, John was awarded the NGH Charles Tebbetts award for “Spreading the Light of Hypnotism” and the honor of “Distinguished Practitioner” from Pnosis an online hypnosis magazine.

Over the past few years, John has been a member of the NGH faculty and is a regular presenter at the NGH Annual Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, and was on the 2009 NGH Platinum Success Panel.

John is the author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis” and the creator of numerous hypnosis audio programs including “The Mental Caddie.” To find out more about John Weir please visit his website