Dave Elman Induction Review – A Detailed Review of Don Patterson’s New Program

The newest project from Don Patterson is called The Dave Elman Induction! Okay, I know what you’re thinking right now. Your thinking you already know the Dave Elman Induction as you learned it in class and you may have even read the book by Dave Elman entitled Hypnotherapy. If you were thinking any of the items above then you’re completely WRONG!

Discover How To Take The Dave Elman Induction To The NEXT Level!

While the first disc has some really great information. It’s the second disc that makes this product a must have. The second disc contains a rare, up close and personal video interview with the only living son of Dave Elman named H.L. Elman.Dave Elman Induction Review

This interview makes this product worth the cost just by it’s self. As far as I know, and I could be wrong. Dave Elman’s son has never done a video interview. If I’m wrong please correct me as I would love to get my hands on that as well.

If you’re a hypnosis history buff or just interested in mastering the most powerful rapid induction in my opinion then keep reading on. Well, let’s get into the actually review and see what Don Patterson has done with this project. Sorry if it’s a little long, but I like to give you guys all the info I can.

Dave Elman Induction Review – Disc One

As I mentioned the Dave Elman Induction is a 2 disc project consisting of the first disc which is a look into the Elman induction, how to do it and how to troubleshoot the induction. One of the biggest issues with Hypnosis projects on DVD is the lack of video quality.  Don has truly raised the bar with the quality of this DVD and when I mean quality. I mean picture and editing.

DVD 1 starts off with Don Patterson addresses us the watches from somewhere in Maryland I assume from the background. It’s a great scene as wherever he’s at has a lot of water, boats and others things going on in the background which add to the quality of the DVD.

You feel as if your watching a movie the way Don comes on to the screen and the camera is moving with him. The quality is top notch and the editing well done. After Don addresses us the actual content begins. DVD 1 appears to be a collection of different workshops and events that Don has put on over time dealing with the Elman induction. The first segment goes into the back story of Elman.

If you are completely new to Elman then this is a good starting point. Don doesn’t give you every single detail, but he sums of Dave Elman and what he has done for our profession quite well. You learn how Elman got started in hypnosis, how he created the Elman Induction and what’s really cool is you get access to some really rare photos of Elman.

I’m really into photos and it was pretty cool to see photos of Elman that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You also learn about the so called hypnosis war against fellow hypnotist Milton Erickson who was against Elman and would have liked to see him out of business. You’ll have to watch the DVDs to learn why Milton didn’t like Elman.

What Does Don Patterson Cover in Disc 1?

Around this point of the DVD Don begins to go over the Dave Elman Induction and breaks down the different sections and steps to the Elman. Don covers lots of content on this part. Here are just a few of the things Don talks about on Disc 1.

  • The Pre-Talk
  • Permission to Touch
  • How to use instant inductions along with the elman
  • Eye Closure
  • The “real” Elman induction which is only 1 to 2 min long
  • Somnambulism and how to know when you got it and when you don’t
  • Forgetting the numbers
  • How to do a modified version of the Elman
  • How to turn the Elman Induction into a group Induction & a lot more.

One of the best features of this DVD is that Don gives lots of examples. As I mentioned earlier the DVD is always cutting to different footage of Don working with clients. He uses real life footage for each part he talks about. The part which I think most people will find of value is the troubleshooting section.

A lot of hypnotists new and old tend to have issues with this induction sometimes. Don shows you exactly how to avoid them and if they do happen. He shows you how to handle them and to me that is the most value as that is the type of stuff I can start using in a hypnosis practice or with my clients.

So all in all discs one will teach you the Elman Induction, break it down into workable steps, teach you tricks and tips and how to troubleshoot this induction. As a bonus Don has also included the Dave Elman induction with this 2 disc set. The Induction can be found on the insert when you open the first disc.

The Dave Elman Induction Review –  Disc 2

Disc 2 of this 2 disc set is the one I was really waiting for. While I don’t like titles most people would label me as an Elman hypnotist as I tend to use direct methods of hypnosis. I have always been a fan of Dave Elman and have read his book more times than I have fingers. Don had mentioned on the phone that we will learn stuff about Elman that the book never covered and this intrigued me.

Dave Elman Induction Review

The disc starts once again like a movie. Well, actually a documentary would be more accurate. Once again you quickly notice the quality picture and editing as the camera zooms in on Don driving down the street and pulling up to the house of Dave Elman’s son. Sean hopes out and greets the legend’s son and then a cut scene of Don and Elman’s son walking and talking.

The video interview is really laid back and is mostly done in what looks to be a home study. Basically Don  interviews Dave Elman’s son and thus you get the REAL history behind one of the greatest hypnotists who ever lived.

What Does Sean and Dave Elman’s Son Cover In DVD 2?

Once again, a really nice bonus is that you get to see tons of photos of Dave Elman and his family that most of the world has never seen. You learn from his sons point of view on how his dad got into hypnosis, how he himself took hypnosis training and even a really cool fact. Dave Elman’s wife was a hypnotist also! Here are just a few of the topics Dave Elman’s son touches on in this DVD:

  • What it was like being the son of Dave Elman
  • What it was like being taught hypnosis by Dave Elman
  • His dad’s background before he began teaching doctors and dentist
  • Why Dave Changed His Name
  • The “Special” Lesson
  • Auto Suggestion
  • The Vauderville Connection
  • How Dave got into teaching doctors and dentist
  • How Elman helped his country during WW 2: Trust me, you think you know, but you don’t know
  • Dave’s views on hypnosis and the medical community
  • His dad’s old days as a stage hypnotist and a look into the final stage hypnosis event his dad ever did
  • What is was like growing up Jewish within a racist community (I was shocked at the stuff that happened to Dave’s son)
  • Insight into the different topics Dave talked about in his training such as pain control, allergies, regression and more.
  • The assassination attempt on Dave’s life which I did hear about before, but something most people don’t know and a lot more interesting personal history.

While most of these sound like things you THOUGHT his book covered. Most of these stories from Dave Elman’s son go into much greater detail and take you behind the scenes. You ever hear about a secret letter Dave received from the white house which I found quite odd.

For the first time you begin to feel as if you know Dave Elman. His son takes him off the pages and brings Dave to life again. The interview is really interesting and if you are a fan of Elman or a serious student of hypnosis then this interview is a must to watch. While you learn some techniques and insight into some of Dave’s technique in this DVD I don’t think that is the real value.

The real value in my opinion is to learn about one of the greatest hypnotists to ever grace our profession. They say to become great you must study the greats and I truly believe this myself.

What I Didn’t Like About This Project

I thought Don did a great job of interviewing Dave’s son and there isn’t a lot I can complain about really. The only thing that sort of annoyed me a little was the constant switching of views during the interview and the first disc. It’s not a huge problem and as someone who is in the middle of producing a product I know why he was doing it.

Dramatic Effect, but I would have preferred a more steady view, but that’s just me. In reality this is a really simple project and its does what it does very well which is gives you an inside look into the world of Dave Elman.

The Dave Elman Induction Review Conclusion

To be honest I thought the project would be good from jump start as I know Sean puts out very good stuff, but I felt I already knew most of the stuff on Elman as I have studied him for years. So in some ways I felt the project would let me down as far as teaching ME something new, but I was completely wrong.

This project really takes the man behind the book and gives him a real life face. You learn about the life of Dave Elman in a completely new way and the insights from this DVD actually helped me understand some of the stuff from his book in a much better way.

As the world continues to move forward with technology I can honestly say that this project by Don and Dave’s son maybe become the new version of the book Hypnotherapy in some sense as it gives you a pretty detailed understanding of Elman, man and hypnotist.

For those of you interesting in learning more about this project or purchasing it. For more information and to purchase the DVD check out The Dave Elman Induction