Everything You Want To Know About Hypnosis Deepeners – Part 1

A newly qualified or trainee hypnotist will rely heavily on the standard scripts and deepeners their training organization furnishes them with, and quite right too. Given time and confidence they’ll adapt these to suit themselves more closely.

But what if that basic script and deepeners aren’t quite sufficient? What if that reliable deepener leaves you facing a fidgeting client who’s clearly a long way from the level of trance required for the work you had planned?

The key is to have several deepeners up your sleeve. (You might think I’m speaking figuratively here, but I know one student who literally wrote keywords on her forearms, and would quietly roll her sleeve up for a quick reminder while her “client” lay with eyes closed, blissfully unaware!) If one deepener isn’t enough, you can smoothly progress straight on to another.

Many books on hypnosis will include several deepening scripts (see the resources section of the website for some recommendations). But to help you start your collection of deepeners, you’ll find 10 well known and reliable ones outlined in this series of articles.

If you exhaust all of these and still don’t have a relaxed and receptive client, perhaps you should reconsider your induction techniques and pre-hypnosis preparation talk!

The Deepeners

Many deepeners are based on counting, and/or asking the client to visualize moving downwards as this naturally corresponds to going deeper into trance. They are really just variations on a theme, but those variations mean you can use them all without the client thinking you’re just repeating yourself (with the suspicion, “it’s not working”)!

Other deepeners use physical sensations to increase relaxation, using deep exhalations, opening and closing eyes, comparing tense and relaxed muscles, inducing heaviness or lightness, and so on. They can all be used in conjunction with each other, giving you a comprehensive combination of tools to deepen the trance of your clients.

Deepener 1 – counting down

This is the classic, simplest deepener that might be sufficient for many subjects. It involves simply counting from 10 down to 1 while suggesting increased depth of relaxation, particularly utilizing the natural relaxation of muscles when the client breathes out:

So now… in few moments… I’m going to start counting backwards… from ten… down to one … and as I count down… from ten… to one… in a few moments… you’ll find yourself relaxing more and more deeply… with each number… drifting deeper… and deeper into relaxation… and it’s a really pleasant sensation… to be … so deeply relaxed… (pause, and watch the client’s breathing to synchronize each number with an exhalation)

And… ten… beginning to relax… and… nine… noticing how… each time you breathe out… your muscles quite naturally relax… and let go of tension… and eight… drifting deeper… and deeper into that soft…comfortable… feeling of relaxation… with every breath… and seven… more and more relaxed…

And so on, until you reach one and the client is ready for the therapeutic input you had in mind.

However, a simple countdown isn’t always enough, and most hypnotists use some form of visualization along with the countdown to help reach a deep trance more quickly. Good visualization can be an extremely pleasant experience, making the client look forward to sessions, and relax more deeply and quickly each time.

Deepener 2 – descending steps

Incorporating as many senses as possible into visualizations helps immerse the client more completely in their inner world. The more intensely they’re focused on the detail of that inner world, the more quickly they leave the normal, outer world behind and the more deeply they go into trance:

Imagine you’re standing in the warmth of the sun… on a terrace… at the top of a beautiful flight of ten steps, with a balustrade … Those steps lead down to your very own… special… garden… where you can totally relax, leaving all the normal stresses and troubles of daily life far behind… In a few moments… I’m going to count from ten down to one… and as I count… from ten… down to one… I’d like you to go down those stairs… one step at a time… feeling more and more relaxed with every step… as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

And ten… taking that first step down… beginning to relax… allowing… your muscles to relax… and nine…stepping down… taking a moment to notice the details of this beautiful flight of steps… what’s it made from? What colors can you see in the stone, or wood or metal of the staircase? … and eight… another step down… feeling more and more relaxed… reaching out to touch the banister… noticing… does it feel smooth or rough, cool or warm, sturdy or delicate?…

And so you continue, perhaps suggesting half way down that they stop and notice how far behind they’re leaving the normal concerns and stresses of life.

And on “one” they step off into that beautiful garden (or whatever kind of special place seems most conducive for that particular client – a garden or summer meadow may not be the best idea for a severe hay fever sufferer!) with the suggestion they can explore and enjoy this place, with a sense of freedom, safety and deep contentment.

More Hypnosis Deepeners Coming In Part 2

This visualization is perfectly adequate for most clients, but why not take a look at part 2 which I’ll post in just a few days  where you’ll find some additional visualizations to use as alternatives or to deepen the trance even further. And in parts 3 and 4 we’ll take a look at some completely different techniques altogether.

In addition, if you’re interesting in an excellent video training that covers the subject of Deepeners in depth I highly recommend you check out Sean Michael Andrew’s Deepening The Trance.

I just thought I would mention this resource as some people learn better from video, such as myself. Either way, check back in a few days to read part 2 of my series on Deepeners.