Everything You Want To Know About Deepeners – Part 2

In part one, we looked at the reasons why a good hypnotist has to know several different deepening scripts, and detailed two classic deepeners – the simple countdown, and a countdown with a descending staircase visualization.

Here in part two, let’s look at some different visualizations that can be used in addition to the deepeners in part one.

Deepener 3 – The Escalator

A simple alternative to the staircase in part one. This time the subject imagines they’re stepping onto an escalator which will take them down towards a door at the bottom. Often it’s suggested that there are ten lights in the ceiling above the escalator, and they are counted down one by one as each light passes over head, coinciding with an exhalation.

The client is encouraged to relax more and more as each light is passed. When they are deeply relaxed on reaching the bottom of the escalator, they open the door at the bottom and step through to some suitably relaxing and pleasant location.

Deepener 4 – The Elevator

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite deepeners called The Elevator. This can be used as an alternative to the staircase, or it can be used in addition to it to deepen the trance still further. Of course you must check your client’s feelings about elevators before even considering this deepener. It’s hardly going to increase their sense of relaxation if they happen to be phobic about elevators or enclosed spaces!

If you’re using it as an initial deepener, you would approach it in much the same manner as the staircase visualization described in part one. If you want to use it in addition to the initial deepener, you would guide your client to find a door in their inner world, and when they open it, they realize it’s an elevator:

You step inside… Take some time to really examine the interior of the elevator… its style… the kind of doors… the design of the elevator buttons… The indicator above the door reads 10… there are numbered buttons, from 10 down to 1. You want to go right down, as deeply as you can today… knowing that each floor will help you to relax even more deeply… so reach out and press button one… Watch as the doors close. You’ve already done really well… you’re already starting to relax deeply, so imagine just how wonderfully relaxed you’ll feel when you have gone all the way down in the elevator to level one…

And now the elevator begins to move. The indicator above the door is showing 10… but that soon changes to 9 as you begin to move smoothly down… and as you pass floor 8 you feel yourself drifting even more deeply into that wonderful relaxation, more deeply into trance…

And so you continue, taking the client deeper and deeper into relaxation, until they step out at level one, where you might guide them to find somewhere incredibly peaceful and comfortable to sit or lie in a state of utter contentment and relaxation… and you can begin your therapeutic intervention.

Deepener 5 – The Elevator With A Twist

The element of surprise in hypnosis can be extremely effective at overcoming resistance. This can be incorporated into the elevator deepener described above by not opening the doors at level one as expected, but continuing the journey down even further… perhaps just to a basement level that the subject was not expecting… continuing to be reassuring and suggesting that their level of relaxation and trance is immensely enhanced by this unexpected journey even deeper inside.

Deepener 6 – The Boat

This uses the imagery of drifting in a safe, comfortable boat, down-stream, and out to sea. Like the elevator deepener, ensure that your client has no traumatic feelings towards boats or water. Suggest that they can hear the sound of running water. Let them discover a small boat, perfect for one, waiting for them at the side of the stream.

It’s filled with soft, comfortable cushions, and they can’t resist getting in and lying down in the inviting comfort of the boat. Have them notice lots of details, using all of their senses. The boat is gently lifted by the current of the stream, and the water rocks them gently as they relax more and more in the warm sunlight.

And as the water carries them downstream, with the boat gently cradling them, the banks of the river get wider and wider apart, until they are steadily heading for the open ocean, where there are no barriers; where they can leave the land (and their busy lives and all their problems) far, far behind, as they relax more and more, hearing the gentle lapping of the water on the sides of the boat, feeling the soft, warm breeze on their skin, feeling utterly relaxed, knowing they can stay here, safely out at sea for as long as they want…

Deepeners Part 2 Conclusion

So, you now have a good, basic collection of visualizations to help deepen the trance of your subjects. But, as mentioned in part one, countdowns and visualizations aren’t the only types of deepeners… there are also the physical deepeners, which are very different and can work remarkably quickly. One of the most in-depth training videos I’ve seen on the subject of deepeners is from Sean Michael Andrews called Deepening The Trance

I hope you’ll join me in Deepeners parts three and four which will be coming soon. We’ll explore how to use these physical deepeners to quickly achieve very effective, deep-trance states.