Everything You Want To Know About Hypnosis Deepeners – Part 3

I guess you’ve made it through Deepeners part 1 and Deepeners part2, and you’re back for more deepeners. Here as promised we’ll explore some that utilize physical sensations to increase the depth of trance in your subject. They’re similar to some (and indeed can be used as) effective inductions.

I don’t know about you, but when I read detailed scripts like the ones here, I find myself relaxing with them… I nearly fell asleep while writing the Vogt’s fractionation below… whether it was the highly effective nature of the script or that I was boring myself to sleep… I’ll let you be the judge!

Deepener 7 – Eye open and closure

You’d think that waking your client up when you’ve just put them into hypnosis would disrupt the level of trance. However, it can actually be used to deepen the trance, by making the subject aware of the effort required to open the eyes and the relief of closing them again. Your deepener might go something like this:

Well done… you’re beginning to relax really well now… I’d like to help you relax even more… physically and mentally… and to do that… in a few moments…I’ll count to three, and ask you to open your eyes… you’ll find it takes a bit of effort to do that… because the muscles around your eyes are already relaxing so well… they don’t really want to open… and then, after you’ve opened your eyes… when I ask you to close them again… it will be such a relief to allow them to close… you’ll feel twice as relaxed as before… and that relaxation will affect your whole body. We’ll do this three times, and each time you’ll find yourself drifting deeper and deeper into relaxation… So when I count one…two… three… on three you’ll open your eyes… and when you close them again… you’ll be twice as relaxed as you are right now…

And one… two… three… opening your eyes now… noticing how much effort it takes… those relaxed muscles have to activate to open your eyelids… that’s right… eyes opened… even though they would rather stay closed… and relaxed… let your gaze rest softly on something just in front of you (if there is a suitable object or point that you can refer to for the client to focus on, then mention it). And now, allow your eyes to close…. And let the relief and relaxation of closing them sweep right through your body… twice as relaxed as before… twice as comfortable… sinking down deeper… it’s so nice to just… let go… feeling your whole body slip deeper and deeper into relaxation, and your mind drifting deeper and deeper into trance… that’s right….

You repeat this doubling of relaxation/ trance depth, until on the third request to close their eyes, you can suggest that the muscles around their eyelids just don’t want to open again right now… they’re much too relaxed.

Deepener 8 – Vogt’s Fractionation Method

This is similar to the eye opening and closing outlined above, but can be particularly helpful for clients who need evidence in order to believe they really have been hypnotized. It just requires a little confidence on the part of the hypnotist!

There isn’t really room here to go into detail about the technique in its entirety but here is a slimmed down version of this deepener based on the script from Hartland’s Medical and Dental Hypnosis:

In a moment I’m going to wake you up by counting from one up to five. When I reach five and you wake up, your eyes will be open, but while I’m talking to you, you’ll start to feel very drowsy and very, very sleepy again… you’ll find it really hard to keep your eyes open… and you’ll just want to drift off to sleep… your eyes will feel very, very heavy… and they’ll want to blink… in fact they’ll begin to blink… and you won’t be able to stop them from blinking… and as they do… you’ll feel more and more sleepy… more and more drowsy… and your eyes will want to close… as you feel more and more relaxed and sleepy… in fact, they will close… and you’ll drift off into a deep… deep state of blissful relaxation… a much, much deeper state than you’re feeling right now… so when I count up to five and you wake up… you won’t be able to keep your eyes open for very long at all… because you’ll feel so very, very tired… so very, very drowsy that they’ll soon start to blink… and close…. And you’ll fall into a deep… deep… sleep

When the subject is then woken up, their eyes will begin to blink, or will remain half closed… and this quite natural state is what we utilize… if they blink, you’ll say something like:

There you are… your eyes are starting to blink… because they feel so tired and drowsy… they’re feeling heavier and heavier… and they just want to close…

If they don’t blink, but remain half-closed and sleepy, you might say:

That’s right… notice how sleepy and drowsy those eyes feel… they don’t really want to stay open… because you’re feeling more and more sleepy as I’m talking to you… more and more drowsy… your eyelids are feeling heavier and heavier… and you can’t help but let them close… and you’re falling into a deeper and deeper sleep…

If you deepen the trance even more using a countdown or visualization, then wake the client again, when they drift back into trance they’ll go even deeper and faster, and be more open to your therapeutic intervention.

Before waking them up, you can suggest that when you mention the word sleep, they’ll be unable to resist closing their eyes and drifting off into a deep, deep, relaxing sleep.

One More Article On Deepeners Coming Your Way

In the final part of this series on deepeners, to complete your basic collection we’ll take a look at limb levitation and heaviness, and the Feedback Technique… see you in part 4!

As I mentioned before I highly recommend you check out Deepening The Trance by Sean Michael Andrews if you want to learn even more about Deepeners. I’ve cover a nice bit of them in this series of articles so far, but there are many more you can learn and apply.

Well, I just wanted to let you know about this resource as it’s my job to inform you of really great training and resources. See you for Deepeners Part 4 in just a couple of days.