Do You Use Relaxation Music In Your Hypnosis Sessions?

I was working with a client just the other day. He was sitting very relaxed in the chair, with soft repetitive relaxation music playing, and my voice droning on… no wonder he was relaxed!

Well that was fine, because the emphasis in this session was on relaxation, on de-stressing. But it got me thinking about whether using music in the background is always a good thing in hypnosis sessions.

When Is The Right Time For Relaxation Music?

Does it depend on the client? Would you ask the client if they would like relaxing music? Does it depend on what issues you’re working on? Does it depend on whether you’re using an instant or rapid induction, or if you’re using progressive relaxation to get your client into a receptive state?

Personally, I have quite a wide selection of relaxation music, and more recently brainwave entrainmentbinaural mp3s. I like the deep, relaxing, repetitive nature of this music and it does seem to enhance and speed up the level of trance achieved. And I do use it quite often, as relaxation is so often the cornerstone of hypnosis sessions.

But it’s not always right for everyone. Another client I was working with recently was looking for more of a life coaching and motivation service from me. He was focused and business-like, and it just seemed right to get straight in there with an instant induction and no “fluffy stuff”!

It seemed to work well, and he left satisfied, and will be back in a couple of weeks for a follow-up… but would it have been even better with the right choice of music enhancing things in the background?

Would the theme tune from Rocky have given some extra motivation and energy under these circumstances?

How much choice should the client have in the choice of music? Should we be asking them to bring a selection of their own music with them?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s our own self consciousness that make us use music at times. I certainly used music more frequently when I was a “baby” hypnotist, just starting out on this fantastic journey.

Could Relaxation Music Be A Scapegoat For Some?

When I didn’t have music on, it felt almost too quiet during pauses and when the client was doing deeper inner work and didn’t need my input for a while.

It felt like any extraneous noises that might occur would be more likely to disturb the depth of trance the client was experiencing, if the music wasn’t there to keep them relaxed and inwardly focused (see my previous post on utilization if you want to see how events like this can actually be used to deepen rather than disturb the trance state).

Perhaps I was right, perhaps I was wrong, but I certainly use music less frequently these days.

On the other hand, if I’m making a recording of the session for the client to take away with them, then I will almost always use music in the background.

I think it’s useful when the client is using this recording for some self-hypnosis between session, to have the music there as an aid, because you’re not there to help utilize or overcome any noises or disturbances that might arise for them. Be a bit careful about copyright if you do the same.

Where Do I Get My Relaxation Music, Guided Meditation and Royalty Free Music?

There are some good websites out there with royalty-free relaxation and brainwave entrainment music specifically aimed at therapists. You can then use the music even to create commercial CDs or MP3s to sell, without worrying about being sued.

You just pay up front, and are then free to use it however you like, forever. If you do a lot of recordings, or want to create commercial CDs or MP3s, it’s definitely worth considering.

I use two different websites for all my relaxation music, guided meditation and royalty free music needs and they are:

So it’s a mixed bag really. Some people believe you should never use music – that it becomes a prop, a crutch. Others never do a session without it. What about you?

What’s your experience with using background and relaxation music? I’d love to hear your thoughts – and I’d love it even more if you’d share them in the comments box below.