Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course Review

Over the last month or so you may have noticed a lot of post on this hypnosis blog around the subject of building your business, marketing, getting new clients and so on. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog then you know I’ve always enjoyed the subjects of business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

I’ve always been a very strong believer that anyone who owns or runs a hypnosis practice should have or at the very least learn more about these subjects. Understanding them can make the difference between being a full time, successful Hypnotist and being a part time Hypnotist who barely makes a living doing what they love or not being in business at all.

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I’ve talked about these subjects before and I’m sure some of you wondered why? I may have even lost some readers who thought this blog was only going to be about techniques. Don’t get me wrong as I believe having a very strong foundation of training is highly important, but good training can only take you so far, especially if you plan to open up your own hypnosis practice. Age Regression, Direct Suggestion, Forgiveness Work, Rapid Inductions, Instant Inductions & Parts Work are all great things to know and are useful in helping the client, but have nothing to do with getting prospects to call you and clients to enter your door.

Is It All Just A Dream

Tell me if the following sounds familiar to you in any way. You went to a training, spend a lot of money and time, learned all the newest techniques, received your certification and came out of class pumped, ready to start your own hypnosis practice, help people and make a lot of money. You’ve come out of this hypnosis training with dreams of leaving your day job, dreams of helping people to overcome their problems and dreams of creating a rewarding financial future. You buy a nice recliner chair, find a decent office, open your door for business and then….NOTHING! You wait, you wait and maybe you get a client, maybe you get two clients, but in the end you barely make any money, you start to question yourself, your training and eventually have to close up shop, go part time or quit and work a normal job again. Does this sound familiar to you? It should as this is the reality for many Hypnotists. We get lost in the dreams of success when the reality of the situation is the moment you decided to open up a hypnosis practice you became a business owner instead of a Hypnotist.

This Isn’t The Way It Should Be

The example above is a sad one and the truth of the situation is that because the average Hypnotist doesn’t realize or understand that you have to be more then a hypnotist to be successful in this business. This illusion that all you have to do is start a practice and open your door for business is killing our profession. Most Hypnotists are either Hobbyist or working part time and it’s not because they want to.

It’s because they just aren’t receiving enough business to keep things going full time. This really concerns me and it should concern you because someone who is doing hypnosis as a hobby or working part time, struggling to barely make ends meet. As Hypnotists we have an amazing toolbox of skills which can help people change their lives and yet most hypnotist can barely make a living. This isn’t the way it should be.

Why Are Some Hypnotists More Successful Then Others?

Why are Hypnotists like Tom Nicoli, Jerry Kein, Cal Banyan, John Weir, Matt Sison, myself and a few others able to make full time income, get featured on the news, television, newspapers and so on and be branded as the obvious expert in their area? Could it be their location? Is it where we received our training?

Discover The Same Marketing Techniques & Methods Used By The Best Hypnotists In Our Profession

Why do you know names such as Tom Nicoli, Cal Banyan, Jerry Klein and others? It’s because they’re considered experts in their field which is a direct result of their branding and marketing efforts. It’s not magic. We just understand that if you don’t tell anyone what you do then how will they find you and come to your office? To be successful you must market yourself as the expert.

The biggest lie ever sold to us is that all we need to do is know how to hypnotize someone. I’m sure like most people you never went to business school or went after a degree in marketing. Most Hypnotists have never even read a book on business, entrepreneurship or marketing. The real question is how do we learn what we need to know to become successful Hypnotists? Well…the answer is being brought to us by someone you may know who goes by the name of John Weir!

Who Is John Weir?

If you’ve been doing hypnosis for a while or belong to the National Guild of Hypnotists then I’m sure you’ve heard of John. He’s the new face of hypnosis. He’s young, talented, smart and one hell of a marketer/business man. John wasn’t some rich kid and he didn’t have access to a lot of a cash to start his business. He had no business training, no marketing training and at the time he didn’t even have a college education. John, at the age of 19 was delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut for $5.00 an hour.

Hypnosis Business Coaching Review

He learned how to succeed in the hypnosis business with NO money, NO advertising capital and not a single ounce of credibility to his name. Within a pretty short amount of time John went from $5.00 an hour to well over $150 per hour and have more clients then he could handle. All of this came through trial and error and a serious passion to spread the word about the power of hypnosis.

So now let me answer the question which was asked earlier which was how do we learn how to become successful Hypnotists? The answer is pretty clear now….we learn from the failures and successes of someone who was exactly where you are and is where you want to be.

The Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course

John and I haven’t known each other long, but in the short time we have known each other we’ve become  good friends because of our similar interests. Out of all the things we have in common the one thing above all else is our love for hypnosis and our belief that our profession could be taken to another level if we had more successful full time hypnotist.

Hypnosis Business Coaching

It was out of this passion for wanting others to succeed that John along with his partner in crime, Bob Bicknell created The Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course. This home study course is a combined effort from John and Bob. Bob has over 30 years of experience as a small business entrepreneur and over 15 years in the financial services industry as a Senior Vice President.

His studies and teachings for over 20 years in the power of the subconscious, self talk, marketing, law of attraction, peak human performance and spiritual studies has allowed him to reach his own goals as well as many different people and businesses to reach theirs too. The Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course is a collection of different modules covering a wide range of subjects, hypnosis sessions designed to install the habits and beliefs you need to be successful, PDF resources, audio programs and much, much more.

I’ve reviewed a few different courses that claim to teach marketing to Hypnotists, but as of yet I’ve haven’t seen one that comes close to the level of detail, knowledge and resources that this program provides it’s students. Here is a break down of what you get with the Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course: Hypnosis Business Coaching


The modules are what you would call the main course. Each module is presented to you in an interview fashion where either Bob ask John questions or vice versa. Each module is around an hour or longer and contains very in-depth details and instructions.  Here a small breakdown of some of the info included in the modules.

NOTE: I am only providing a few of the things John and Bob cover as the course is so large and comprehensive I would have to turn this post into an e-book to fit it all in. Also, feel free to listen to any of the modules in whatever order you like. There is no specific order, but I do recommend at least listening to the Introduction Module First and then the module on Guerrilla Marketing.

After that, feel free to jump in!

Introduction to Hypnosis Business Coaching

This is the shortest of all the modules and is really nothing more then an introduction, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. This introduction sets up the rest of the course and also allows you to see why John is so passionate about this program.

Guerrilla Marketing

Our of all the modules this would have to be my favorite one because it shows you what you can truly achieve if you just put in a little time and effort. In this module John takes you to the start of it all and tells you his story, walking you step by step the exact same methods, strategies and techniques he used to start spreading the word about himself and his practice. John leaves no stone unturned in this module covering everything from business cards, brochures & how they should look and what they should say to where and how to pass them out.

You’ll learn how to put on corporate events and have companies write you some serious checks! Oh…John even shares his secret to finding office space for cheap and sometimes for free.

Press Release Module

This is the most powerful module of them all in my opinion as John shares his biggest secret to success and holds nothing back. Press releases are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get known as the obvious expert in your area and to attract the attention of major media outlets. Here are just a few of the topics John covers.

You’ll discover what a press release is, how to get in every media outlet in your area for free, how to promote your events/seminars, the Biggest mistake people make when doing press releases and the number one thing to avoid and much more.

Social Media Strategies If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know how I preach that Hypnotist need to learn to utilize the internet. It’s one of the most powerful methods of marketing that exist today and if your not using it you’re being left behind. Well John and Bob share my belief on this subject. In this module you’ll learn how to use Social Media and leverage it to market your business.

Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many other sites are much more then just a place to find lost, forgotten friends. They are a powerful form of marketing and allows your message to be seen by millions of people. Don’t worry if your new to the internet or these sites as John and Bob walk you step by step through every little detail.

Social Networking I would recommend you listen to this module next as it goes even deeper into the world of Social Media and really helps you to understand the power of relationships when it comes to marketing. How you can network with others in your profession, meet people who can help you and people who you can help. The internet allows us to market ourselves to the entire world instead of just the local yellow pages. Very cool module.

Unlimited Referrals Referrals are a critical part of running a successful hypnosis practice. You won’t be in business long without referrals and John is an expert at this subject. In addition, this module also discusses a subject which seems to cause a problem for  a lot of hypnotists. Working with other professionals such as doctors, therapist and etc.

You’ll learn how to get them to send you tons of referrals and thank you for allowing them to send their patients to you. To date I haven’t seen a program that is this in-depth on referrals from clients, strangers and professionals. Honestly, in my opinion John could sell this one module as a separate course as it’s just that good. The amount of detail John goes into is mind blowing to say the least. Hypnosis Business Coaching Review

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Youtube Module

If you aren’t using Youtube right now then what are you waiting for. You’ll learn how to find keywords which will help your videos rank higher, how to optimize your videos, Discover who your audience is, How to create videos without ever being seen, What type of equipment you’ll need to make your life simple, resources and so much more.

Persuasion and Sales Bonus

This is considered a bonus module, but an important one in my opinion. What good are prospects if you can’t turn them into paying clients? This module breaks down everything you need to know about closing the sale and getting them into your office. Personally this course be another course in its own right.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn. How to avoid the biggest mistake people make on the phone, how to keep possible clients from shopping for prices, how to have your clients save thousands of dollars, the power of open ended questions, how to stay in control during the call, how to get inside your clients head and have them want to give you money, how to build value, the words to avoid when selling the client and much, more more.

Hypnosis Sessions

If the modules weren’t enough for you John has included 14 powerful hypnosis sessions designed to install the beliefs and habits of successful hypnotist directly into your subconscious mind. Here are the 14 different recordings you get with the program:

  • Abundance Meditation
  • Communication Confidence
  • Confident Hypnotist
  • Focus Enhancement
  • Hypno-Business Success
  • Hypnotist Empowerment
  • Live Your Purpose with Enjoyment
  • Manifestation Hypnosis Session
  • Increase Level of Organization
  • Persistence and Motivation
  • Self-Empowerment/ Self-Worth
  • Take Action
  • Success Generator (Create New Behaviors)
  • Stress Management

Hypnosis Business Coaching Review

Resource Guides

If the modules and the hypnosis sessions weren’t enough John has included a number of PDF resources for you as well. A few of these are outlines of some of the modules, but others are completely new resources such as the article marketing guide and many more.

  • 3 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated
  • 11 Successful Tips For Growing Your Hypnosis Business
  • Article Marketing Resource Guide
  • Plan of Action Guide
  • Press Release Resource Guide
  • Simple Strategies to Get Medical Referrals
  • Social Network Strategies

hypnosis business coaching review

Press Release For Hypnotists Audio Program

As I mentioned earlier in this review. Press Releases are very powerful when used correctly and John wants to make sure you become an expert on them and so in addition to everything else he has also included his program called Press Release Power For Hypnotists. This is a complete and separate audio program which features:

  • The Press Release Power For Hypnotists Mp3 Audio Program
  • The Press Release E-book
  • 3 prewritten press releases for that you can start using right now!

bundle_bonus_cover1 Bonus Gift: Hypnosis Script E-Book As a special bonus gift to everyone who takes advantage of this program John is including his hypnosis script e-book. This is a complete e-book full of scripts to help guide you during your sessions. bundle_bonus_cover3

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There Has Never Been A Program Like This Before

As you can see John and Bob have sparred no expense in bringing you a complete, in depth and comprehension course that will give you all the skills, resources, knowledge and tools you need to be successful as a Hypnotist. As I said earlier it would take me forever to list everything covered in this course as it’s filled with gold! Every successful Hypnotist in our business has used these tactics or a mixture of these methods and techniques at some point in time to become the obvious expert in their area. You can too!

As you listen to the program you can hear the passion in John and Bob’s voice and you can see that this course means everything to them. John truly believes that this program can change the course of Hypnosis forever and guess what….I completely agree. I know that reviews should be a little bias, but I too believe that our profession isn’t living up to what it could be and that’s because most of us are part time or aren’t even practicing and this is a direct result of Hypnotists know be taught how to market their new practice.

There Isn’t Enough Business For All Of Us – Not True!

One of biggest problems I see with our profession is the competition model. Hypnotists tend to act as if they are competing with every other hypnotist in their area. This creates a division between all of us and this way of thinking is completely untrue. There is more then enough business for everyone.

There is an abundance amount of money and clients so stop competing with each other. This way of thinking actually holds you back when you should be moving forward. There is no excuse for you not to be making five or six figures a year putting the strategies and methods in this program to use.

Hypnosis Business Coaching Home Study Course

I talked to John a lot during the creation of this course and have seen it evolve into something more then a home study course. I have seen it evolve into a vision for the future of our profession. I personally would like to see this course taught to every future hypnosis student. I know that by exposing yourself to the knowledge in this course you will change your life if you act on the information presented.

I have a background in business and marketing and I can speak from my own experience that this course is the real deal. I have yet to see a course as n-depth as this program and that contains the wisdom from start to finish of one of the most successful hypnotist in the United States today.

Hypnosis Business Coaching Review Conclusion

I can’t promise you’ll be successful using all of the information laid out in this program, but that’s because I can’t see what you do after you listen to this information. All I can say is that the same information in this course has and is being used by the most successful Hypnotists of our time and it would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to get a hold of this information on your own from different sources.

Let’s not even talk about how many hours it would take for you to acquire this knowledge. I’ve reviewed a lot of programs here on this blog and have read even more in my personal and professional life and this has to be the most powerful program I’ve ever reviewed. I have yet to find any flaws within the program. The audio is clear and sounds good, the resources are professional produced, the information is golden.


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This Hypnosis Business Coaching review is already long enough so let me finish with these few words. If you are serious about becoming a practicing hypnotist and want to help the most people you can while making insane amounts of money then you NEED this course. Look at this course as an investment in your life instead of another training program. Don’t look back at this moment 5 years from now and think, why didn’t I take action.

Success can be yours if you truly want it. If you decide for some strange reason that this program isn’t for you then please do me a favor and at least tell others about it. Hopefully John’s vision as well as my own for this program can become a reality….someday. Also, if forever reason this program isn’t for you I want to ask you something. Even if you decide to not invest in this program I want you to please help John, Bob and me spread the word about this course.

If you truly love hypnosis and helping people then do this for us profession. We need more full time, successful hypnotist. If you have a Facebook account please share this with others, if you have a twitter account please tweet it. If you have a NGH Chapter let your members know. You can make a difference more then you know for our profession. Sometimes it just starts with ONE person taking action. God Bless