Hypnosis Business Coaching: How to Attract Word of Mouth Business

One thing that you commonly hear from established and successful hypnotists is that a great majority of their business comes due to word of mouth. Word of mouth business is one of the easiest ways to get your appointment book filled up but how does one get people spreading the word? This blog will give you a few simple strategies to begin achieving this.

The key to creating word of mouth business is by turning your clients into raving fans. To do this, keep this principle in mind, “Under promise and over deliver.” Always go above and beyond your client’s expectations to ensure their success. If you always follow this principle then you will be always creating raving fans of your work.

Next principle to always stay true to is the idea of “Top of Mind Awareness.” What this principle means is continuing to stay in contact with your clients so that you stay in the forefront of their minds and they continue to think of you long after their sessions are completed. Please understand that I am not implying that you spam your clients or send them tons of information all the time.

What I mean by this is making some sort of personal contact with them periodically such as a phone call or personal email to check in on them and see how they are doing in addition to your normal marketing. Personal contact like this keeps you at the top of their mid, lets them know that you care, and opens the door of opportunity for other sessions and/or referrals.

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Perhaps the best way to create raving fans and steady streams of referral business is to send your client handwritten thank you notes after the session. In the world today everything is electronic and handwriting a thank you note to your clients will separate you from the pack.

When you take the time to hand write a thank you note it conveys love and appreciation to your clients. Trust me if you do this they will remember you forever! Be sure to also include business cards in your thank you note so that your new raving fan can go out and spread the word.

Always Make Sure To Give Out Business Cards

Finally, after a successful session with a client, give them some business cards (always a minimum of 3) and ask them to share them with others who could benefit from a session. When you ask…you receive.

To summarize, in order to generate word of mouth business work on creating raving fans of your work by under promising and over delivering, keep yourself at “top of the mind awareness,” send thank you notes, and ask for referrals.

If you follow these principles then you will have a free sales-force of raving fans out there and will keep business flowing in with minimal effort on your part.

Yours Truly In Success,

John Weir BCH, CI
Author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis”
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