Why Hypnosis And Meditation Are Made For One Another

Hypnosis and meditation go together like peanut butter and jelly. The earliest known hypnosis was done in groups while the participants chanted and meditated. The expected results may have been similar to those that we look for, focus and clarity of mind.

Many people have a problem with hypnosis because they believe it is a way for someone else to control their mind. Actually, a positive attitude and picturing a desired outcome of some event in your life is a form of self-hypnosis.

There are obvious differences in hypnosis and meditation. In the truest sense, meditation is the absence of all thought. A chanting or thinking of a single word or phrase during meditation is to remove other thought. It’s not intended to concentrate on the actual thing that the word represents.

If you spend your meditation time worrying over some problem and visualizing a solution, you’re contemplating, and you cannot be considered in meditation at all. The use of hypnosis and meditation together is a bit tricky if you don’t understand how one fits with the other.

Hypnosis is conceived as thought to achieve a certain goal. If you go into meditation with the desire to solve a problem, you have completely missed the boat; however, if you consider the positive attitude of going into that same meditation with the desire to clear the mind, you make the hypnosis work for you.

If your desire is to quit some bad habit such as smoking or overeating, hypnosis can be a great tool. It is also good for self-improvement when you want to reduce stress or perform better at your job, and it can assist in pain management for post op, childbirth, or dental work.

While improving yourself is good, it does not achieve what meditation is supposed to do for you. The sole point of meditation is to deliver a mind dump, where you forget the problems of smoking, pain, or being overweight. Sometimes the solution is to clear out the thought, and then after meditation, you can see the situation differently.

Guided meditation might seem a little contradictory because a leader attempts to guide participants to something they feel is comforting. They are asked to feel the warmth of the sun or smell flowers on their way to a certain place. This is a use of self-hypnosis to achieve comfort so meditation can flow through.

Over the next few days I’ll be doing more post on the subject of meditation. So please keep checking back to stay current with the newest post.

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