Can Hypnosis Make Me Reveal All My Secrets

I was talking with my wife the other day, and yes, I am married for those who didn’t know. She told me she was talking to a few friends, and somehow hypnosis came into the conversation.

One of her friends asked her a question thinking she would know the answer since she was married to a Hypnotist. My wife only knows a little bit about the subject, so she wasn’t able to answer her friend’s question. She brought the question to me, which I thought deserved to be answered here for everyone.

Everyone Lies Including Hypnosis

The question was, “Can hypnosis make you reveal your secrets when you don’t want to?”This is actually a very common question and one that causes a lot of people to fear hypnosis when in reality, the fear is misplaced.

In our society today, the simple truth of the matter is that we all lie. I’m not trying to say anyone is dishonest, but everyone lies to a degree.

If we told the truth 100 percent of the time, let’s just say we’d have less friend, or worse. For instance, how many people wish they could tell their boss how they “really” feel? Not many, because if you did, you may find yourself without a job.

The truth is that most of us tell lies to protect the ones we are close too. Sometimes the lies are used to protect ourselves from pain as well. We see television shows such as “Moment of Truth” and daytime talk shows that takes the lies that bind us and expose them to the world.

So you can see why letting the so called “cat out of the bag” is a big fear for many people. So why is the fear aspect so important? Fear will keep a person from entering a nice level of hypnosis.

Will Hypnosis Make You Reveal Your Deepest Secrets?

So can hypnosis make you tell the truth? The answer is a simple NO.  Hypnosis can’t make you tell the truth if you don’t want to. A person can easily lie under hypnosis if they want. In fact, you can actually lie better under hypnosis if you choose.

Remember, hypnosis isn’t mind control, and we can’t force someone to tell the truth if they don’t want to. Many women contact me asking if I can hypnotize their husband to find out if they have cheated. I always have to turn them down and typically refer them to someone who is trained to help couples deal with these type of issues.

Hypnosis can help people with trust issues, but I believe some type of counseling or therapy from a licensed professional combined with hypnosis would be the best bet in the long term. I hate to let some people down who thought hypnosis was some type of magic, but it isn’t.

Now, there are other ways to tell if a person is lying, of course. There are lie detectors out there, and yes, some people can read certain indicators people give off unconsiously, but that isn’t a exact science. Honestly, neither is a lie detector test. It can be deceived by a good liar who had proper training.

Hypnosis Is Safe And Your Secrets Are Too

The reality of the situation is that Hypnosis will not make a person tell their deepest secrets or reveal anything they want to hide for whatever reason. So if you have a fear of hypnosis because you fear telling the truth, you can push that fear aside and go into a hypnosis session with full confidence that your secrets will be safe.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this hypnosis training article and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.