How To Do A Hypnosis Session In A Loud Location

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking if it’s possible to hypnotize people in a loud location. So I thought I would write a little article on this hypnosis blog about how to work with clients in these situations.  First off, it is possible to perform hypnosis in a loud location. It’s done all the time.

While the client and I might prefer a quiet location, this isn’t always possible. The fact of the matter is that unless you have a sound proof booth, there will always be some type of noise around. For instance, noises such as cars passing by, the A/C or heater coming on, people making noise outside, dogs barking, and so much more.

All of these are examples of noises that take away from your quiet, calm and relaxing session. Many new Hypnotists think that unless they have peace and quiet, their session won’t be a success. They think that the client won’t be able to relax or enter a state of deep hypnosis. This just isn’t true, and experience has taught me this fact.

The problem is that most hypnotists aren’t taught how to overcome this annoying little problem. Hypnotists have to remember that hypnosis is a state of enhanced suggestibility. So if you want the session to go well no matter what sounds are around you, then just suggest it to the client. You can even suggest that any sounds or noises the clients hear will send them deeper. Btw, hypnosis deepeners are critical to getting a great level of hypnosis. it takes is a simple suggestion before you really get into your Hypnosis Session.

A Free Hypnosis Script To Make Loud Noise Work For You

One very simple, but powerful suggestion I use when helping people into hypnosis when there is a lot of noise around:

“From this moment on, any sounds or noises you hear will only help to guide you deeper and help you relax more. Sounds such as _______________________(Fill in the blank with the things in your location which could cause noise) will only help to send you deeper relaxed and the only sound you remain focused on is the sound of my voice and the sound of my voice helps you to relax so much more.”

This is just one example of many different ways to get around being in a loud location. Now just because you can get around this situation doesn’t mean you should go looking for the location with the most noise. A nice, quiet location is always preferred, but when that isn’t available, you now have a tool available for any situation. I’ve got to run, but I hope you enjoyed this hypnosis training article.