Hypnosis Technique Called The Circle of Light

I thought I would share a hypnosis technique that I have been using on certain clients, which has been working really great. The clients I have used this technique with seem to love it, and most of the time, they claim to feel the change instantly.

What Is The Circle of Light Hypnosis Technique?

This technique involves having a person imagine they are in a room, and within a couple of feet of them is a bright yellow circle. Inside this circle is whatever change the client is looking to make.

For example, if the client wants to lose weight, then the image in the circle would be of them at their ideal weight. Another example would be if a person wanted a special trait or ability that they admire in someone else.

In this case, we would have them imagine the person they admire is in the yellow circle. For instance, if you wanted to be as confident as Tony Robbins, then you would imagine him within the circle.

The sky is the limit with this technique, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. You have an unlimited ability to help create change with this technique.

So now you have the client imagine walking toward the circle of light, but not to enter it yet. Have them notice what’s in the circle and start giving them suggestions or instructions on what to do next. Basically let them know that within this circle is everything they ever wanted.

You Can Acquire Any Traits You Want With This Hypnosis Technique

Let them know that once they step into this circle of light, they will merge with whatever is in the center of the circle. They will be able to take what they want and leave anything they don’t want in their life behind.

Have them imagine what their life would be like with this new ability, look, skill or trait. Really built this up within your client. Really engage the senses of the client with this technique.

Only after you have given them instructions and build them up do you instruct them to walk into the circle. Have them notice the moment they walk into the circle, they begin to merge with whatever is in the circle. Have them imagine whatever is in the center of the circle of light to become part of them.

Make sure you are suggesting to the client that they imagine the new emotions, feelings and sensation that come with this type of change. Once this part is done let them know they have the ability to accept what they want in the circle and they can choose to leave any part of them that isn’t in their best interest behind. So basically they take what they want and leave what they don’t want.

A Little Tip To Remember

Here is a little tip to really enhance the session. Never tell the client what to leave behind, as this can be very personal to them. I have found when you let the client have a moment of quiet at this point and make the decision on his own.

The change becomes much more powerful. Remember, no one knows what that client needs to hear more than them-selves. Let them make that decision on their own. Remember, all we are doing as Hypnotists is guiding them and showing them how to help themselves.

Once this has been done, guide them to leave the circle. Anything they left behind will never be able to leave this circle. All their negativity, or whatever they decided to leave, is trapped in this circle of light. Have them imagine walking out of the light with their new ability, look, trait, habit, and skill.

Have them notice that each day is a new day, and today is the start of the rest of his or her life. Then have them walk away, never looking back on whatever they chose to leave behind.

This is a very powerful imagery technique and can be adapted for many different situations. I have used this technique to show the client how to install new habits, beliefs and etc. Now this technique can be used at any stage or depth of hypnosis, but I highly recommend you only use it when your client is in somnambulism.

This level of hypnosis is known to many as the ‘working state’ of hypnosis because this is where we want to do all our work. In this level of hypnosis, suggestions are much more powerful. It also appears that imagery & visualization techniques become much more powerful.

A Recap Of The Circle of Light Hypnosis Technique

So lets go over a quick review of the steps before I head out.

  • 1. Have your client imagine themselves in a room with a bright yellow circle of light.
  • 2. Within that circle, have your client imagine whatever change they are looking for.
  • 3. Have the client walk toward the circle, but don’t enter it yet.
  • 4. Give them suggestions that when they walk into the circle, they will be able to merge with whatever is in the circle, and they will become part of whatever is in the center. Let them know that as they merge with whatever is in the circle, they will also be able to leave behind anything in their life that doesn’t benefit them.
  • 5. Instruct them to walk into the circle and merge with the item in the circle. Really be descriptive and have your client imagine a change taking place. Engage all their senses.
  • 6. Have them imagine the feelings of change. Have them notice how different they feel. Really build up the client’s expectation at this point.
  • 7. Instruct them to search within themselves and leave behind anything that doesn’t benefit them. Let them know that once they leave the circle, they will take everything they wanted with them and leave anything else behind. Have them let you know when they have done this through some type of signal.
  • 8. Have them leave the circle of light and have them notice the new changes within their life. Give them suggestions for change and remind them that whatever they took from the circle is now part of them.
  • 9. Have them walk away from the circle, never looking back at what they left in the circle. Let them know that once the scene fades everything they left behind will be gone forever.

I hope this technique helps you out a lot. I have used it quite a lot and people tend to really enjoy this one. So have fun with this one and make it your own. If  you want more hypnosis training like this, please let me know below.