Listen To That Inner Voice

Many lifetimes ago, I was a Physical Fitness Trainer, and a good one at that! I held clients for an average of 2 years where the average fitness trainer would hold them for 2 months. I enjoyed the fitness world tremendously. Seeing the smile on client’s faces light up when we helped them reached their goals was extremely rewarding. It’s a very similar reward I get now as a Hypnotherapist.

In fact, it’s my career as a fitness trainer that gently “pushed” me into this world as a Hypnotherapist. Even though I was getting excellent results where most fitness trainers have failed, I wanted to push the envelope with my clients. There were times when a client would get “stuck” even though we did numerous fitness programs to get them past the hump.

Something Just Didn’t Seem Right

Then there were those clients that were even more difficult. The ones that were doing everything “right” – eating healthy, working out 3X plus a week, wrote a food journal and never cheated, but still couldn’t lose a pound! I didn’t get it and it frustrated the heck out of me. Then I added hypnosis into the whole mix.

I took my Hypnosis Course Certification and starting using the techniques I learned with my fitness clients. BOOM! It was the push I needed. It was amazing how this extra element would take them past their sticking points. Not only that, but it seemed to make it a lot easier. However, there would still be those very few clients that would still do everything “right” and even added Hypnosis to the mix that STILL could not lose a pound!

My boss at the time told me to simply relax, as I was doing an amazing job with my clientele. However, I could not. I wanted all my clients to be happy. Eventually I was able to open up my Hypnosis practice and bring my fitness clientele with me. I was up and running fast. But the same thing still happened in the Hypnosis world with weight loss clients. There were a few clients here and there that would be doing everything right – including exercising and still not getting any closer to their goals!

Again, even though I was doing great work with the majority of my clientele, I felt terrible when I couldn’t help those few that were stuck, despite doing everything “right.”

Listening To Your Inner Voice

Then it hit me – Even though they were following their diets to the tee – even ones that were nutritionally supervised by a nutritionist, what if those diets weren’t in line with their unique needs? Which brings me to the point of this blog. We are so inundated with this diet or that diet, even worse, this pill or that pill. But what if the body is rejecting these diet programs no matter how “good” or “scientific” they may seem?

We’ve been so brainwashed with a plethora of eating plans that we’ve moved away from our instinctual information and entrusted our lives to “professionals” (sometimes ones that are overweight themselves), even though it may seem to go against our instinctual nature. In my office, I encourage my clients to listen to their bodies as their bodies will always tell them the truth. This is why lie detectors work so well! They detect the most minute physiological changes in the body.

I encourage my clients to be their own lie detectors. A wonderful side effect started happening! I started getting more success!

Especially with those clients that were doing everything according to plan and not losing weight. It was wonderful to finally see the weight come off my clients when I would meet with them. I would get that same old feeling I used get when I was able to help one of my fitness training clients finally get past their hump when previous trainers have failed.

Your Body Can Talk. You Just Have To Learn To Listen

So today, this is what I center my weight loss program on – bringing clients back to their natural instinctual health! Like Hippocrates said “The body’s natural tendency is that toward health.” We just have to clear the blocks and listen. However, sometimes we have to release layer upon layer upon layer of misguided perceptions and feelings they’ve had around food, before we could get them clear enough to listen to their true instinctual voice, but that’s another topic for another time.

One amazing thing that would happen consistently, after they were clear enough, is that their bodies would go back to natural whole foods – and once we got them off the fast food greasy synthetic foods, their bodies responded wonderfully, so much so, that they felt more energetic, vibrant and overall just happy and of course trim and healthy. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Let’s get back to basics – find that inner voice and listen to it!

It will always tell you your truth.

Matt Sison, C.Ht.
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Meditation and HypnosisMatt has successfully helped clients deal with issues ranging from weight loss, addictions, fears and phobias, to chronic illness and pain. Some of Matt’s clients include Professional and Olympic athletes and celebrities who rely on him to enhance their athletic and creative talents, while business professionals have tapped into his skills to overcome the blocks to their professional success.

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He has been able to “walk the walk” by using hypnotherapy to successfully heal himself from anxiety, panic attacks and genetic high blood pressure.”