Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Review

Isn’t it odd how time just passes by? It’s been a little over 2 years since Sean Michael Andrews came onto the scene with his first 2 disc DVD project titled Instant and Rapid Inductions.

This was one of the first projects released within a decade that actually took the subject of Instant and Rapid Inductions and broke them down into a step by step process in a classroom setting.

If you’ve been a reader of my Hypnosis blog for sometime you know I actually reviewed Sean’s first DVD when it was released. I’ve seen a lot of different trainings and as far as content went it was one of the best I’ve seen on the subject of Instant and Rapid Inductions. I still, to this day recommend it as a great resource for anyone interested in learning hypnosis.

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Now as much as I liked the content you also know I put everything on the table. While the content of Sean’s first DVD was great the production quality wasn’t that good. The sound wasn’t very clear and went out at times as well as lackluster video editing.

Still, for Sean Michael Andrews first time out the game I thought it was a pretty decent undertaking and in many ways that released helped to take Sean from being the Street Hypnotist everyone on Youtube was talking about to being an international known hypnotist and trainer.

Instant and Rapid Induction ReviewSean Michael Andrews Is Back With His Newest Instant & Rapid Induction Project

After 2 and half years and 6 DVD projects later Sean Michael Andrews is back with a brand new project called Instant and Rapid Inductions Second Edition.

Yup, Sean has taken it back to the beginning, back to the DVD that helped launched his career and decided to upgrade his popular Instant and Rapid Induction Training DVD.

Now, let me be upfront and hopefully clear something up for all of you reading. When I say an update I really mean more like….Sean Michael Andrew started over from scratch and rebuilding this project from the foundation up. In reality…..this is a completely new training program, not just an upgrade.

I wanted to clear that up because as I’m sure you know when people usually create a second edition or a 2.0 program they usually keep the main program, but just add a few extra clips or scenes or maybe just add a special bonus or two.

This is how most product creators handle product upgrades no matter what the industry or profession. Lucky for us this isn’t the case with Sean’s Instant and Rapid Inductions Second Edition project.

Exactly What Is Instant and Rapid Inductions Second Edition?

This program contains completely new material which comes from a variety of settings such as classroom, office and street. So you not only get to see Sean perform all his inductions and techniques within a classroom setting, but you also get to see him put them to work on the streets and his office. The first project from Sean was filmed entirely in a classroom so you only got to see Sean at work within that setting, but not the second edition.

If you’re into street hypnosis then your going to love this project as it features tons of examples performed live in the streets. If your into more of the traditional office approach Sean also has tons of examples and he also has tons of classroom examples too.

In addition, Sean also provides step by step instructions within the different environments as well. So you can see how his approach changes for the different settings. Another big change from his original program is that the second edition is three DVDs instead of two. So your going to get a lot more content and the training won’t feel as rushed as it done with the first edition.

As I mentioned above Sean decided to keep this version much more open and free. It also includes clips from varies locations around the United States and Canada. Wow! Sean has come a long way since his little classroom project. I guess we can now say Sean is an international man of mystery (okay, bad joke!)  I guess being a funny man isn’t in my future lol.

You Feel Like Your Getting A Much More Rounded Training

Before I start breaking down the actually product and getting to the meat of this review I feel I have to mention that this hypnosis training feels much more rounded then the first project done by Sean. When you watch the Second Edition you feel like your getting more of a complete training course.

In the past it felt as if it was just a one day class. This isn’t the case with Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition. Sean has become a much better teacher from those days and there is a lot more content to consume. Sean also spends more time with the step by step approach which helps to make this project feel as if it’s a weekend course.

I still recommend you pick up the first DVD if possible, but if you haven’t I know for fact that you’ll be able to perform an Instant or Rapid Induction by the time you complete this program. (Keep in mind you have to actually watch it so no shortcuts okay?)

Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Production

As most of my readers know when I do a review I like to be through. I can’t stand when people just say a course is good so buy it. If I’m going to spend my hard earned money on something I like to know it’s worth that money.

So I always like to talk about the production and design quality in addition to the content the training covers. I know some of you could care less about the production value, but a lot of people do care about this and I’m one of them.

If you bought the first edition of Sean’s training DVD you know that the production on the first project wasn’t very good. It suffered from bad camera work, bad audio and pretty much no editing. The content was great, but the production quality wasn’t that good. I’m not picking on Sean because if the truth be told the majority of hypnosis products have bad video and bad editing.

There Is No Failure, Only Feedback

What I love about Sean is that he never just settles. He is always looking to improve and make every new project better. If you’ve been following his other projects such Amazing Inductions, Inducing The Trance, Deepening The Trance and others you know that the production has got better and better.

I remember talking with Sean a few months ago and he told me something I’ve been telling people for years. If your not good at something then find someone who is and then do only the stuff your great at. This is great advice and Sean put his advice to work for him when he connected with and hired Dale Gardner.

I won’t go into Dale’s background, but the guy is a genius when it comes to production, editing and directing. He has done stuff for VH1, MTV and other credible television and movie projects. The moment he started working with Sean you saw an immediate improvement in quality, sound and design. They have got better with each project, but how is the second edition?

Instant and Rapid Inductions Second Edition may be Dale’s best work yet. The DVDs have a professional menu which just blows you away when you insert it into your DVD player. I swear it almost looks like something you would see with 3d glasses. Once you click play an amazing intro begins that far surpasses anything done on previous projects. Dale makes Sean look like a rock star in this brand new intro.

If you click the video below you can check out the intro for yourself and see the type of work Dale does for Sean.

Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Review

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Overall the video quality is amazing and even the clips when Sean is doing street hypnosis look crystal clear. The sound is great and you can make out everything Sean is saying even when he’s in the middle of a busy crowd or class. In my opinion this is some of his best work yet.

Even the cover art is a improvement for Sean as it really illustrates what the DVDs are all about, Instant and Rapid Inductions. If your someone who enjoys good content and good production value you won’t be let down. Now that I got all of that out of the way let’s move on and see what’s awaiting for you in disc 1….

Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition ReviewInstant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Disc 1:

As with previous projects by Sean each disc covers a number of different subjects. All of them which are needed to master instant and rapid inductions. Sean starts this disc by giving a nice overview of what instant and rapid inductions are, why you need to know them, how to use them and why 90 percent of hypnotists are scared to use them.

Sean makes it very clear from the beginning of this disc that his goal isn’t to have you become a carbon copy of him, but to be able to perform these inductions so well that you’ll able to create your own. Sean also goes into detail why Progressive Muscle Relaxation Inductions are just not enough.

Here’s a breakdown of the different subjects Sean Teaches in the first DVD.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that I can’t cover every single thing on the three DVDs. There will be material covered on the DVDs not listed in this review.

The Pre-Talk

In this section Sean goes into detail about the pre-talk and the important of it when doing hypnosis in general and when doing instant and rapid inductions. Sean actually says something in this disc that caught me off guard and which I don’t agree completely with, but I can see why he does it. Sean doesn’t use the pre-talk to educate the person about hypnosis, but to get them to let you hypnotize them. An interesting statement that could be debated, but Sean does make some interesting points.

In addition, Sean shows you a number of different examples of him performing the pre-talk in different settings and even gives you his exact pre-talk word for word. Sean also covers topics such as working with men and women and how to adjust your approach to fit each one of the sexes as well as the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your clients. (I’m not talking about the Bill of Rights either.)

Suggestibility Tests

After Sean talks about the pre-talk he goes right into talking about different suggestibility test and how they are to be used properly. As Sean says it’s not a test to determine suggestibility, but how well they use their imagination. (Nice language which I may have to steal.) Once again you get tons of examples of Sean in different settings doing a number of different test such as the Arms rising and failing, the spiegel eye roll test, hand clasp, magnetic fingers and more.

Hand Drop Induction

This is the induction you’ve seen Sean perform on countless Youtube videos as well as other successful Hypnotists such as Tom Nicoli and Cal Banyan.  Sean teaches you how to do it step by step and provides you all the tips you need to succeed. This section is also where you’ll learn why they work and how to create an instant induction using the flight or fight system and how to spot your window of opportunity.

If you never knew how to do this induction you’ll know exactly how. You’ll learn where to place your hands, special wording, troubleshooting and safety tips to make sure no one is ever hurt. The one thing I enjoyed the most about this part is that Sean talks about something that I teach which is outcome. Yeah it’s cool that you can do these inductions, but you need to know your outcome before you even begin. Intent and Outcome are so important and Sean explains why.

Ambiguous Touch (Milton Erickson’s Handshake Induction)

If your a fan of Milton Erickson then you’ll love this induction. This is the famous handshake induction used by Milton Erickson which made people scared to shake his hand. Sean demonstrates it step by step with a number of different up close angles.

You’ll discover where to place your fingers and what to do when it goes wrong, if it does. Sean actually includes a video clip of a client he couldn’t get the Ambiguous touch to work.  See….if big time Hypnotists like Sean mess up 🙂

Distraction Filter

The distraction Filter isn’t an actually induction. It’s a technique to use when working with a client so you can work with that client without them being disturbed by outside influences. Now you may think you know this technique as I taught something similar on my blog, but this goes much further then just noise. Sean uses this for sensation, sound, feelings and more.

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Hypnosis InductionInstant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Disc 2:

Arm Pull Induction

This is the other instant induction you’ve seen Sean perform time after time on Youtube videos. As with all the other inductions taught on this DVD you’ll learn step by step how to do it. You’ll see tons and tons of examples of it being performed with different angles. You’ll see every little thing Sean is doing so don’t worry about pausing the DVD.

If you can’t do this induction after Sean breaks it down you don’t need to be hypnotizing anyone. Sorry, but I call it like I see it.

Head Roll Deepener

You’ll finally look why Sean is always rotating the head of people when he does an induction. The purpose, why it’s done, how it should be done and a number of other deepening techniques are included. This is a pretty in-depth section and Sean covers the finer points as well such as when you should do them, how long, exactly at what point and the ones he personally uses.

Elman Rapid Induction

Yes, the famous Dave Elman Induction (my favorite). Sean and I are in completely agreement as he also says this is the most powerful rapid induction ever created. You’ll learn why this induction is so powerful and get to see Sean perform in about 4 minutes from start to finish without ever rushing it.

You’ll learn how to study it and the properly way to perform it. Btw, if you’ve been reading it from start to finish your not doing it right. This induction should really be taught in phases and Sean does exactly that. He demo’s each section over and over again going over every little detail.

You may, at times get annoyed at how much detail Sean does goes into, but take it for what it’s worth…gold. Its better to go over every detail and get it right then to skip a detail and get it wrong.

You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot the part of the Elman induction that gives most people the biggest amount of trouble…losing the numbers. You’ll learn how to get them to lose the numbers 99 percent of the time and how to transform this induction into an instant induction when needed.

You’ll also learn the points of failure so you know how to recognize them and avoid them. In reality this could be an entire course on the Elman induction, but it’s included within this disc. In addition, Sean also goes over information such as hypnotic Amnesia, the use of fractionization and more.

Finger Snap Induction

This is one of my favorite inductions because it’s so simple and looks so cool that most people would swear its fake. You’ll learn how to do it and once again tons of examples are given within office, class and street settings. I can’t say this enough. Tons and tons of examples are throughout all the DVDs.

Hand Shake Interrupt

This is one of my favorites as well and if your a fan of Derren Brown you may have seen him use this induction on TV many times. This isn’t the Erickson handshake, but the one made famous by Richard Bandler. You’ll learn how it works, step by step. You’ll see Sean do this step by step and how it even works when the person knows to expect it.

Hypnosis InductionInstant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Disc 3

In the final DVD Sean teaches you the stuff you need to know to keep your clients safe as well as information you just need to know if your going to be hypnotizing people in general.

This is a very important to section to watch and please don’t skip it. You’ll learn how to do these inductions safely without bringing harm to your client or yourself. You’ll learn why you should never do falling backward inductions and also get Sean’s personal checklist for safety.

You’ll learn about Unrestricted catalepsy, inappropriate suggestions, false memories and how to remove suggestions properly. You’ll learn what to do when someone doesn’t emerge from hypnosis and how to tell the difference between them being in the Coma State and them just enjoying the feeling of being hypnotized.

In addition, Sean will also go over Negative and Positive Hallucinations, Deepening Techniques, the different signs of Trance and a number of different challenge test. As a bonus you’ll also get to see Sean perform tons of different hypnotic phenomena in the three different settings as well.

Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Review Conclusion

I know this has been a long review, but as you know I like to make sure you get all the details and facts. Now the big question is do you need this training if you own the first one and the answer is yes.

Sean gave you a lot of great stuff on the first one and even some stuff on it that he doesn’t cover on the second one, but the new project is more complete. You can tell Sean has improved his teaching style. You get a lot more information in this round and Sean answers many of the questions left unanswered in the first volume in this new one.

You get multiple camera angles, in depth details and tons and tons and tons of examples. Yes, there is no hiding it I am a fan of Sean’s training. I’ve followed him for a really long time and I must admit I wouldn’t be the Hypnotist I am today without Sean’s help.

This 3 DVD set is straight to the point and follows through on the promise Sean makes at the beginning. After watching these three DVDs you should have no problem creating and preforming your own instant and rapid inductions. So if you want a tool for your hypnotic toolbox that can stay with you forever then this is a great investment.

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