Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

After a slight delay here is my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review. This is the latest hypnosis training product by Certified Hypnotist, Trainer & Speaker Jeffrey Stephens. My goal with this review isn’t to convince you to buy it, but to present you the information you need to know to make an informed decision regarding this hypnosis training program.

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The Basics Of The Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop

I first heard about Jeffrey Stephens through my good friend Nathan Thomas.  One day while him and I were on Skype masterminding our plans to take over the world Nathan mentioned him to me.

During our talk Nathan was telling me about his friend who was getting some really amazing results and doing some really awesome things with hypnosis. The one thing that intrigued me the most was his claim that he could get anyone to become a non smoker within 20 min? For anyone out there who actually see’s clients you know this is a very BOLD claim.

A claim so BIG and BOLD that it got the attention of  Igor Ledochowski.

The story goes that Nathan talked to Igor Ledochowski about Jeffrey Stephens and the next thing you know Jeffrey Stephens was on a plane to Las Vegas to attend one of Igor Ledochowski’s rare live training events which was completely paid for by Igor! That is one hell of a first impression in my opinion!

Well a few months ago Jeffrey released his first hypnosis training which was a video recording of a hypnosis workshop he put on for a number of his students. Due to being busy working on the launch of The Perfect Affirmation at the time I didn’t get to purchase it when it was released, but a friend of mine did  and let me watch it for review purposes. 

So let’s proceed with my detailed Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review.

My Detailed Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

Due to the large size of this program my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review won’t cover every aspect. Instead I’ll try to break down all the parts possible. Please keep in mind though that his program is VERY extensive!

This project is a collection of online videos which were recorded from a live event that Jeffrey Stephens put on. The video was broken up into 8 different videos with each one covering a number of different topics and subjects. Jeffrey also included a cool 50 page manual filled with tons of techniques and step by step instructions to help you get the most out of the training videos.

Beside the videos and the manual you’ll also get a masterclass Jeffrey did with Igor and a few other bonuses which you can learn about on his official sales page which you can find HERE. Let’s keep moving forward with this Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review.

NOTE: BTW, This hypnosis training is completely digital just so you know. This means you’ll get instant online access to it once you purchase it. This isn’t a physical product that is shipped to you. I just wanted to make sure I mentioned that little detail.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Production

Now, for those of you who are into production value and enjoy movie level editing then you may be a little let down. The videos are your standard online videos and don’t have any special Hollywood qualities or effects. It’s basically Jeffrey in front of a class with the camera man in the back of the room filming him.

For the most part the production is a pretty cut and is about the same you’ll get with most hypnosis training products offered online. So while the production of the videos won’t win Jeffrey Stephens any awards, the content he provides is solid and to my surprise, quite unique.

In the end it’s all about the content right? Production won’t help you get results, but the information presented can.

A Look At The Content Of Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop

The next part in this Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review is covering the content of the course. The first thing you’ll notice is that Jeffrey has a very commanding presence. There is NO doubt in my mind that Jeffrey believes himself to be the BEST hypnotist in the world.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t have confidence you don’t have ANYTHING! 

If you’ve followed my blog then you know I speak a lot about “Being The Hypnotist”. It’s important to project confidence because the subconscious of the person you’re working with can pick up if your not.

I think you’ll notice this “projection of confidence” the moment you see Jeffrey speak!

Jeffrey isn’t an academic teacher by any means, but his love and passion for this profession come through in every word he speaks. He has a very laid back style and doesn’t believe in censoring himself one bit. I’m not talking about cussing or anything.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

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I just mean he speaks his mind when he wants and doesn’t hold back  just because it’s the socially accepted thing to do. He loves hypnosis, uses it all the time, attempts fun and new things with it and isn’t afraid to tell you so.

He enjoys to tell stories and while some of them seem a little “out there” the stories do help to put things into perspective and lead the training class forward.

Jeffrey covers a massive amount of techniques, topics and subjects, but begins the class with a nice strong hypnotic foundation by talking about Context, Intent, Compliance and Congruity.

As Jeffrey speaks on these subjects you can tell that they play a major role in the work he does and that they are the support beams of his hypnotic belief system. You’ll hear him talk about these principals throughout the entire training and with good reason. Let’s keep this Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review going and take a look at Intent and Context.

The Intent and Context

In this part of my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review I want to take a look at intent and context. The intent you have is your outcome, your goal. Another way to say this would be your surety of outcome or the absence of doubt.

One example would be knowing 100 percent without a doubt that you are going to hypnotize this person, allow them to have a good time and exit the trance feeling great.

It’s critical to know your intent before you even begin. This will serve as your subconscious guide in many ways. The context is basically anything that gets the subject mentally examining what they know about hypnosis.

These two principals set the stage in so many words and when understood properly will give you a strong hypnotic foundation. Jeffrey  goes over these two principals more times then I would like, but I guess he wanted to make sure his audience/students understood how important they are for long term success. I know this Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review is long, but I always like to cover all my bases. So let’s keep it moving.

Compliance: Are They Following Your Instructions?

Jeffrey then begins to cover the concept of compliance which is something I pay a lot of attention too when I work with people. Compliance is basically having the subject follow your instructions. Let’s take a quick break from my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review to check out this video.

This can be done in a number of different ways which he talks about on the videos. Compliance makes sure your client is following your instructions, listening to you and also helps to build rapport. I never move on with hypnotizing anyone unless compliance is there first.

From compliance Jeffrey touches on the subject of CONGRUITY which is the next part of my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review I want to cover.

Congruity: Do Your Words Reflect Your Actions?

A simple way to define CONGRUITY is basically when your physiology matches your spoken words.

For instance, if you are speaking about confidence, but don’t stand up straight or look at your audience your may come off as not being congruence because your body doesn’t match what your saying. It’s important for your words and actions to speak the same language.

Many people believe that are spoken words only make up about 7 percent of our total communication. This is a very important skill for new hypnotist to learn.

Beside those topics Jeffrey also covers subjects ranging from

  • Instant Inductions
  • Super Suggestions
  • Complex Deepeners
  • Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Change Work
  • How to deal with smokers
  • Weight Loss
  • Safety and a number of other techniques which can be used for almost any situation when working with a client/subject.

Each of the different topics are covered in detail and backed up with tons of personal examples as well as detailed demonstrations of each technique on members of his audience.

Here’s a clip of Jeffrey Stephens producing the “Hand Stick” phenomena quickly without ANY formal induction. Remember as I’ve said before. The induction process is just a ritual

Inside The Box or Outside The Box

Now, as I mentioned Jeffrey is quite confident in his approach and very blunt.  Jeffrey let’s it be known that he does not believe in just using hypnosis in an office or a stage or on the street.

Jeffrey believes that hypnosis should be used everywhere and that one of the WORST things you can do is waste a TRANCE state. I say trance state because Jeffrey does not believe Hypnosis is trance and vice versa. Jeffrey also doesn’t believe in the idea of self hypnosis. It’s outside of the box thinking like this that I enjoy.

I really believe that you need to be exposed to different trains of thoughts if you want to become great at hypnosis.

Jeffrey believes that hypnosis should be fun and that your main purpose The Hypnotist is to make sure people are happy and have a good time after working with you.  Overall his approach is very simple which is a nice change of pace from those out there who want to make something which is so simple so confusion and complicated.

Many of the techniques including in the course such as the “Golden Box” and the “Magic Mirror” can work with almost any type of problem your client may have. They are quick, effective and easy to remember.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Pet Peeves

My Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review wouldn’t be complete unless I touched on the flaws of the program. As you can tell from this Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review I have enjoyed this hypnosis training. I’ve taken more then one golden nugget from this course which is rare nowadays. Still, I wouldn’t feel right calling this a review unless I also listed a few of my pet peeves with this project.

Please keep in mind that everyone has different taste and opinions on hypnosis trainings and the statements I’m about to make are just my own personal opinions.

I had to put that in writing so die hard Jeffrey Stephens fans don’t throw rocks at me while I walk the streets.

My biggest problem with this product is the amount of talking Jeffrey does on this course. I know, you’re thinking what the hell are you talking about Josh? Obviously Jeffrey does a lot of talking on the program as he is teaching it, but there are parts on the program where Jeffrey just seems to go off topic and takes forever to move on to the next section.

Most of these moments start off with good intentions, but eventually they just seem to become long stories which lead nowhere in my opinion. There are only a few moments like this during the entire training, but those few moments just seemed to go on forever for me.

Most of these moments arrive from answering questions from students in the class and the beginning of the answer usually provides some good insight.

The other problem which may turn some people off is how candid Jeff is with the audience. Jeffrey loves using hypnosis and he makes no excuses for it. Some of his experiences and stories he shares may offend certain Hypnotists because Jeffery admits to using hypnosis in some very “interesting ways”.

Now don’t get me wrong as he does practice safety, but just a warning for those of you who are very serious about this professional. If you are going to watch this training you NEED to keep an open mind and have a sense of humor as Jeffrey does talk about some things that are outside the box.

Conclusion Of My Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

I know my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review was pretty long, but I wanted to make sure you had the info needed to make an informed decision. Overall, this is a very complete training if you’re looking to learn how to hypnotize people or just looking to add a new technique or two to your hypnotic toolbox.

The videos along with the manual walks you through each step of Jeffrey’s approach. A good way to look at how this training program is set up is to think of it as a jig saw puzzle.

Each piece of the puzzle is important to seeing the BIG picture. Once you take those pieces and start to put the puzzle together the picture begins to make sense and by the end you have the COMPLETE picture.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

No knowledge or prior experience is needed for this training even though some prior hypnosis training won’t hurt. Jeffrey’s approach is very simple  so if your looking for complex systems, deeper meanings and all that stuff then this course isn’t for you.

Jeffrey has a confident style which will appeal to some and not others, but the fact remains the guy knows his stuff and everyone could take a page out of his book as far as his confidence level goes.

If you’re a Street Hypnotist, Stage Hypnotist or Clinical Hypnotist you’ll get something out of this course in my opinion.

Overall, I rank this training 8 out of 10. If you’re interesting in learning more about Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop then click the link below. That page will also feature a couple of clips from his hypnosis training course as well. A few of them I used here in my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review.

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P.S. I didn’t really touch on the manual that Jeffrey includes with this video training course, but it’s a awesome resource. I would say about 96% of the material Jeffrey covers in the course is laid out in the manual.

You’ll get step by step instructions for all the techniques he mentions in the video as well as his entire hypnotic process laid out. So if you decide to get the course make sure you review the manual a couple of times to make sure you get the most out of it. Once again, I hope you enjoyed my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review.