lnstant and Rapid Inductions Review – Sean Michael Andrews

As someone who is always interested in learning new skills, I’m always look for that next good Hypnosis Training Video. I made a promise to myself years ago that I would only learn from the best so I could provide the best to my clients.

In the beginning, I started like most people do with the typically old Progressive Relaxation Inductions. Okay, they do serve a purpose sometimes, but I found myself putting myself to sleep after doing enough of them.

Instant And Rapid Inductions Review

This search led me to seek out better or at least “faster” ways to get a person into hypnosis. I wanted to be able to hypnotize people within 4 min or less, I wanted to be able to demo hypnosis to people on the street so I could show them the value of hypnosis. Eventually, I discovered the answer to my question, which was Rapid Inductions.

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I discovered a few really good Rapid Induction/Instant Induction training DVDs and one of them is the reason I’m writing this review, which I would like to share with you today. The 2 DVD Instant Induction Training Program is called The Instant Hypnosis Induction Course by Sean Michael Andrews.

Instant and Rapid Inductions

Why Instant And Rapid Inductions Are A MUST To Know

I hope you enjoyed the clip as much as I did when I first witnessed Sean getting people into deep states of Hypnosis right on the street. Can you imagine how these hypnosis inductions could be applied to your clinical practice, street hypnosis or stage hypnosis show?

Fast Hypnotic inductions do much more than just “look cool” or “wow the audience”. They have become a must-have tool for anyone within this profession. Now, I’m not saying these are the only hypnosis inductions in the world, but I like to think we as hypnotists have a toolbox of skills, and within that toolbox we have many different tools for many different jobs.

So wouldn’t it be nice to know how to use them if you ever have to use them? Let me just outline you a few of the quick benefits of why we should use Instant and Rapid Inductions.

  • They work great with clients who tend to over think or analyze everything. Many times this will actually keep a person from reaching a nice enjoyable level of hypnosis. Especially if you are one of those hypnotists who only uses progressive relaxation inductions.
  • You can bypass going through the different levels of hypnosis such as light and medium and get right to Somnambulism. (Imagine the time saved?)
  • The expectation of your client is met as most people think you are going to trance them out. This can be a very good thing, you’ll find out.
  • You are able to free up tons of time to do the most important thing in your profession. Help your client and give them the attention and time they paid for.

Let’s Begin

When you buy this Instant Hypnosis Induction Course, you are basically getting a whole seminar/workshop on DVD. The two DVD set is taken directly from one of Sean’s many Instant Inductions and Rapid Induction seminars which he gives all across the country.

The Instant Hypnosis Induction Course set starts you off with a Sean in all his glory performing his unique style of street hypnosis with normal, everyday people walking the streets. The same techniques you will learn throughout the DVD. The inductions you learn will allow you to perform this right on the street as well.

Instant & Rapid Inductions Review

Sean basically starts off the DVD by addressing the class. You know how certain people just seem to be a natural? Well Sean comes off as if the classroom is his second home. He comes off as sincere, unlike some of the hypnosis trainers I have seen over the years.

He starts off the learning process with a interactive hypnosis session. Yes, Sean actually walks the classroom along with people watching at home through a short hypnosis session. (you may want to experience the trance on the second go around as the technique he shows you should be written down or learned. Why?

Well because it’s a effective self hypnosis induction which you could apply to your clients or students. All you have to do is follow along and you’ll be able to enjoy the same relaxation as the people in the video. (I always enjoy hypnosis as I find it sets the pace for learning when used in that context.)

A Review Note

Compared with another DVD I recommend, Speed Trance, Sean teaches more traditional material and techniques than some of the stuff that is presented in Speed Trance. I actually think this is better in a way, as it lays the foundation for you before jumping into the stuff that is taught in Speed Trance.

Now I think all of us can agree on one thing. We all like to ask questions. Or should I reword that and say we all wish we would ask questions. We have all had questions at some point in time and chosen not to ask them for one reason or another. Sean makes this easy on his class and the people at home.

Unlike most teachers who tell people to hold their questions, Sean believes people should just ask him when they have one. This is good for you because you may have questions that people in the class have, so you get to have your answers now rather than later.

Tips and Techniques You’ll Learn From Sean Michael Andrews

The first hypnosis induction you will learn is one of my favorite inductions. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful Hypnosis induction ever created called The Dave Elman Induction.

This induction will teach you how to get a person into deep hypnosis within 4 min or less. You’ll learn why this induction is so POWERFUL and what makes it tick. Btw, don’t think that just because you know the Elman induction, you won’t learn anything new from this DVD. I almost made that mistake and started to fast forward. You will learn techniques that will MAKE SURE you get results with this induction.

The version you will learn is one I use personally in my office now. The first version is the 3 to 4 minute version and than you will learn how to break the  Dave Elman Induction down into a shorter version. Yes, the Dave Elman can even be a instant induction and Sean shows you how.

The short version was worth its weight in gold to me, as I’m always looking for ways to give my client more time for the money. He teaches each version well and go over each of them with great detail, answering questions here and there as well that different students have. Here are some other techniques you will learn to perform

  • The Arm Pull Induction
  • The Hand Drop Induction
  • Confusing Inductions
  • Handshake Inductions
  • And other great inductions all demonstrated and taught in great detail.

Rapid Inductions look good, but how do they work?

Now, it’s one thing to demo instant inductions and rapid inductions, and i’ts another thing completely to know why they actually work. I rarely support products of this type unless they explain the reasons they work, the theory behind them, and why they work. Anyone can make a DVD or product that shows you the induction, but do they explain why they work and how?

Instant & Rapid Inductions Review

You’ll learn the theory behind these inductions and how they actually work. I hate to tell you this in case you thought you knew, but it doesn’t work by just pulling a person arms and yelling sleep. I’m sorry, but the truth is the truth. There is a lot more to these hypnotic inductions.

It would be nice to learn what to do before and after

Beside Learning Instant and Rapid Inductions you will also learn other things that help to build a stronger foundation. You’ll learn how to set up the induction and what to do after the induction. Here are some other great things you’ll learn

  • Ethics
  • The Pre-talk
  • Safety
  • Dealing with people trying to mess you up if you perform on the streets
  • Deepeners
  • How to Attract a audience
  • How to approach people
  • How to catch people & More

A nice little bonus you get with the DVD is watching the class actually practice the inductions. (Watch these as it will help you to notice things you can improve upon with your inductions) Sean could have easily cut this out of the DVDs, but I’m glad he left it in.

It allows us at home to feel like we’re part of the class. We get to see the mistakes they make and the successes. There is one part where I thought someone actually got HURT, but she appeared okay. You will have to watch the DVD to know what I’m talking about.

Is This Instant And Rapid Induction Program Perfect Or Does It Have Flaws?

While the DVD is really good overall all products have things that could have been better or needed a little improvement overall. Here are a few of things I noticed that I though could have been better……

  • During the recording of the seminar, Sean uses a remote to adjust the camcorder. This is a small issue, but you will notice times when Sean is messing with the camcorder to fit him and other things into picture. This isn’t a huge issue, but sometimes takes your attention away from the learning process
  • During parts of the practice session, you have people walking back and forth pass the camcorder. It gets to the point where they block out some of the training and even blocks out Sean talking for a moment or two. This runs on after the practice session as well for a few moments, but then the person moves out of the way.
  • I may have to go back and watch, but I swore I heard Sean Michael mention that the class had a workbook. Where is my workbook? I love workbooks, and it would have been nice to have that included as well.

NOTE:  I talked to Sean, and he said they were just for the live class. So if you do buy the course, and don’t notice a workbook, don’t worry! It’s suppose to be that way.

So in other words, very small technical issues which could happen to any of us if we were filming a training video. Still, at the end of the day, Sean Michael Andrew’s Instant Hypnosis Induction Course is a must-have for your training library. Sean does a excellent job of teaching the techniques and comes off as very passionate about what he does.

The quality of the product is great and the few flaws don’t hold much weight, as the DVD gives a lot of value. If you’re wondering if you should buy it, I say why not. The DVD is worth the price, which in all honestly I was worried about, but those fears were laid to rest once I reviewed the product. I hope my Instant and Rapid Inductions Review was helpful and useful to you.