11 Proven Ways To Market Your New Hypnosis Business

Many people find that after they go through lots of hypnosis training and gather their diplomas and degrees, they just have no clients and no understanding of how to market their new practice. Let me give you some real tips that will help you do just that without spending unnecessary money.

First and foremost, let me suggest that you do not waste your money with newspaper or phonebook ads. They will do little or nothing to bring you clients…they just don’t work!

11 Proven Ways To Promote Your Hypnosis Business

Here are a few ideas for you to get the ball rolling and build your reputation and client base without breaking your bank account. These are things that have been proven to work well by me as well as others I have consulted with.

1) Do Comedy Hypnosis Shows – without a doubt, this is the number #1 way to get clients. Once people see you in action on stage, they will perceive you as an expert. Far too many hypnotists avoid doing these shows, and it’s unfortunate because most people get their first impressions about hypnosis through seeing these performances.

You see, almost every person who seeks out a hypnotherapist for treatment, does so after seeing a live Comedy Hypnosis Show …plus you make some extra cash for doing the shows.

2) Public Libraries – check with your local librarians and see if they ever bring in public speakers for interesting and informative information for their patrons. It’s an ideal way to get the word out that there is a hypnotist in the area and you can pass out literature about your business. Perhaps teach self-hypnosis, do sessions on smoking cessations, weight control, study improvement, just pick some popular subjects and get the word out.

3) Use Business Networking – if you look around at the library, you will likely find names of local Business Networking Groups and you should join these groups. You’ll find an abundance of people from these groups, as well as their family members and associates who will easily seek your services.

4) Work with Non-Profit Organizations – Each community has volunteer organizations that gather weekly or monthly, and they all seek speakers to present programs to their organizations. Contact their program directors and see if they could use your services to solve some of their problems like fundraisers. Ask to place an article in their newsletters.

5) Write Articles for Local Papers – provide new articles for the local papers on your own experiences. Give the readers tips on how to overcome stress, how to sleep better, stop smoking, lose weight, whatever. Just get the formatting requirements from the editors and build your reputation. It’s easy and effective.

6) Contact Chiropractors – Get to know local Chiropractors and most are usually fascinated by hypnosis so you can teach the Chiropractor’s clients to relax, therefore making it easier for them to be treated properly. Teach relaxation exercises right at the Chiropractor’s office!

7) Massage Therapists – Find licensed therapists and offer special discounts to their clients!

8) Hair Stylists – People who are willing to spend lots of money fixing up their hair are often ready to spend their money on other problems they face. Locate the high-end beauty salons and offer the owners a free hypnosis seminar for their customers …something like a free weight-loss seminar.

This should lead to individual clients or even paid weight-loss workshops! And you can do these right at the salon.

9) Medical Doctors – eventually you will need to get a referral from a licensed physician before you can work with someone for pain or any other medically related situations. If you don’t have a referral, you risk getting prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. Patients are always asking their doctors about hypnotists. You may benefit very well with client referrals.

10) Offer Stress Reduction Seminars – offer these seminars to local companies to help them reduce stress in the workplace. Perhaps offer the first one for free in exchange for testimonials on paper which will help boost your reputation and then charge a fee. This will also help build the individual client list.

11) Business Cards, Brochures and Fliers – Business cards are the least expensive form of advertisement, and I recommend using a company like VistaPrint.com or overnightprints.com for the best deals and best quality. Don’t hang on to these cards, give them away to everybody you meet.

I even leave them in diners, restaurants, just about everywhere I go. Use fliers sparingly because people tend to toss them away. Brochures are good for targeting certain groups like high schools for hypnosis shows but you can expects less than a one percents return on brochures and fliers.

These are just a few ways to help you get the word out about your new practice without emptying your wallet. Give them a good effort and watch the returns come your way!

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Have Fun!


Hypno RichRich Wilson has been a professional entertainer, Stage Hypnotists & Motivational Speaker for thirty years. He has graced the stages of just about every type of venue that is available.

As a professional entertainer Rich has shared the stage with such artists as Willie Nelson, The Platters, The Drifters, Charlie Daniels, The Tokens, Toby Keith, The Del-Vikings, Alabama, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Martina McBride and many more.

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