Meditation for Clearing Subconscious Blocks

What are subconscious blocks, and how can we remove them? Everyone has some experience with subconscious blocks; they just don’t always understand how to work through them.

We must understand what they are before meditation for clearing subconscious blocks will work.

A mental block is much like driving a car on a trip. Some interstate miles go by effortlessly. These represent the times in life when you are able to accomplish things, and you are limited only by the energy you put into what you do.

Other parts of your trip are city driving where traffic and stoplights limit how far you can travel. This represents the normal events in life forced upon us by other people and situations. We can do little to change these external elements.

The third part of the trip concerns the traffic jams that completely halt our progress. These roadblocks are like subconscious blocks that keep us from our intended destination. It is during these times that our energy is stuck, and we can’t accomplish our important chores.

When we run into a subconscious boundary, we must find a way to remove it so we can continue our journey. Attempts to go around these roadblocks only result in our trip taking longer and pushing our life destinations further away. The only true way to go is on the straight planned route.

To find a way to remove blockage, we must first understand why it is there. We usually know if it is for protection from a threat or danger. If a block is because of leftover childhood emotions, we should know that, too. A trauma that affects our mental, physical, and emotional self can be the cause of our hesitation in clearing the way.

Hypnosis and meditation both have been used to clear away subconscious blocks. Hypnosis helps to give a positive attitude so that meditation works the way it should.

The way we feel about ourselves affects everything we are able to do and every goal we can reach. Much of the way we perceive ourselves is not in the waking mind, but deep seated in the subconscious. Meditation helps reveal things in our lives holding us back because of often misguided emotions.

It is through meditation for clearing subconscious blocks that we learn how our attitude can directly act on the release of unwanted experiences binding us to incorrect thought. Until we can obtain release of past emotional blocks, life is more challenging than it was meant to be.

Matt Sison
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