Putting Lots Of Excitement Into Your Hypnosis Today

People learn hypnosis for different reasons. Maybe you’ve seen a stage show, and you couldn’t stop laughing at the skits. Maybe for you it’s clinical hypnosis, and the person to person interaction intrigues you. At some level, we’re all here because we think hypnosis is cool and a great thing to learn.

But…sometimes, despite our BEST efforts, we’re not being the best we can be in this arena. The reasons vary, the results are the same.

But what would happen if….You are able to strengthen that passion, to renew that enthusiasm, and feel excited now about learning hypnosis?

If every new person was a new adventure, a new mind to explore, a new theory to test, and when the –momentum- takes over and you’re starting to become natural, now that is an outcome worth exploring!

Let’s Talk About Passion

I talk a lot about passion. That “passion process”, or –drive-, is one of the most important things you want to start looping when you’re out in your life practicing hypnosis. In this intensified rapport and congruency channel that we call hypnotizing someone, that other person is going to feel that passion. They’ll pick up your commitment and enthusiasm, and they’re going to love it.

When you are convincing someone that they can quit smoking, do YOU sound like a revivalist preacher with total conviction and excitement? Do you jump up and shout out the answers, or do you sit back in your chair and mutter the answers as if it is nothing new?

Let’s get passionate, let’s get EXCITED, right now. Now STAND UP, rub your hands together like you’re about to make a LOT of money and get a really big kind of crazy grin on your face, large enough so that you know it can stay there.

Now, think about the water on the sun in the sky and one of the most beautiful mornings you have ever seen. Add in some stereo and notice what happens when… you hear one of your favorite songs. And can you remember what it’s like to hear children laughing to their friends and playing in the background?

When was the last time that you went to the circus? Think about the punchline to one of the best jokes you’ve ever heard…

You know, I was seeing a client the other day, and this one was just starting to get it. You know when someone is about to have a huge breakthrough, and how their face looks right before they get it? Yeah, she had that look.

We were getting in really deep, and everything was going great. Her challenges were steadily flowing right into the past, with lock and key where they belong. I made it so she couldn’t get to them, and then started to amp up the pleasure in this moment now, in the body so it starts to feel really good. And then all of a sudden, she started to giggle… I mean REALLY giggle… and this girl just could not stop giggling…

They say that laughter is contagious, and I found myself starting to smile a little bit, and then started laughing along with her right out of the blue. Just then, an idea came into my mind. And I yelled out to her, “That’s right! Just LAUGH it out…Haha!” and she kept going and laughed her way into happiness. She giggled her way into feeling great.

And I stopped after it was all done, and I had a chance to reflect… and one of the things that I kept thinking about is the magical power of what we do. Through methods that we all know, we induce these things called “altered states” (like a sorcerer), and we lead people through powerful experiences that they aren’t able to access themselves. We’re like spiritual warrior guides and shamans, only we do it in every day life with every day people.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt really really good, but people say that when that’s what is on your mind, the smallest things can start to make you happy, as if you are rejoicing your own ability to experience intense emotions. It’s a great feeling that we want to tap into.

Become The Passion You Want To Send Out Into The World

When you go out there to hypnotize people and to influence them, carry a bit of that passion in your pocket. Bring some enthusiasm to your life. Share your positive thoughts and energy, and smile a lot with them.

Circle this around in your mind, so that when you are out hypnotizing people, you will be –amazed- at the results. Your congruency and confidence will come naturally, and you will become a walking example of the changes that can come from hypnosis.

As Buzz Lightyear says: To infinity, and beyond! 🙂

Best Wishes,

Taylor Sherman


Taylor Sherman is a 6-year veteran to the hypnosis community. He is a certified hypnotist that runs a successful private practice, giving talks to groups across the United States, and is the owner and founder of the TrancedOUT network of websites.

An expert in instant inductions and language patterns, Taylor is an innovative public speakers on the subject of Hypnosis, NLP & Personal development.