I constantly get emails asking me what resources I recommend for Hypnotists. So I thought I would create this page which list all of my top resources. I have personally used each and every item listed on this resource page and highly recommend these products and services.

I’ve broken the resources down into different categories so you can quickly find what you need.

Disclosure: I’m a big believer in keeping everything above board and wanted to let you know that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase which helps me to keep this site free and pay the bills to keep it up and running. I have decided to recommend these resources to you not because of the commission, but because I have found each and every resource listed below to be of high quality, useful and helpful.

Only spend money on the resources you feel you need or will help you to further your goals. Depending on your goals some resources will make sense for you to look into and others you’ll have no need for. These are the products/services I have experience with and feel comfortable recommending.

Hypnosis Training Programs & Courses

The Perfect Affirmation by Matt Sison:

The Perfect Affirmation is a system that allows you to tap into your clients challenges, and releasing the unconscious, subconscious and conscious blocks that prevent them from living the reality they wish to live; and then filling in the holes that the release left, so that something new will fill in the spots that were being held by the old feelings and perceptions.

The backbone of The Perfect Affirmation places emphasis on living a peaceful life.  It’s in peace, where we are balanced and grounded, with minimal resistance to what we truly what to create or attract in our life. It’s in peace where our lives flow and we have our most profound moments of intuition, where we can live out of intuitive foresight and act out of inspired action.

Some of the main components that make up The Perfect Affirmation come from concepts of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Meditation, Affirmations, yoga and Martial Arts  – to name a few. This system can be used with pretty much any problems you’re client may come to you with. I have used it for smoking, weight issues, sleeping and many other situations.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop by Jeffrey Stephens:

One of my favorite hypnosis training programs. Jeffrey Stephens came on the scene a few years ago with this product and it’s still revelant in my opinion. I think it’s a great starter course for a new hypnotists, but it also has a ton of useful advanced techniques for the hypnotist that’s been practicing for a while.

His sales page contains a ton of free videos on it so check it out and see for yourself. If you work with smokers then you’ll enjoy this program because Jeffrey is well known for his high success rate with smoking clients and he reveals his exact step by step system for working them.

Basic Through Advanced Distance Learning Hypnotism Certification Training Course by Gerald Kein:

This is the video training course where I actually got my start! When people ask me what’s my favorite training course ever this program is the first I recommend. Gerald Kein is one of the greatest hypnosis trainers in my opinion and this course provides you a strong foundation in my opinion. Gerald covers everything from the basic to the advanced and this may be the most in-depth hypnosis training course created.

Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnotherapy Scripts by

When I do need a script I only use the ones from Uncommon Knowledge. All of the scripts are written by professional hypnotherapy trainers with years of experience. Each script contains pre-hypnotherapy chat, often laden with reframes and therapeutic suggestions followed by the hypnotherapy script itself.

The scripts have been professionally edited and annotated with suggestions for emphasis, timing and rhythm. All the scripts are prepared in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and are easily printed out.

Instant & Rapid Inductions

Instant and Rapid Inductions Second Edition by Sean Michael Andrew:

A good introduction into the world of Instant and Rapid Inductions which provides in-depth, step by step teaching as well as real world examples. This is the updated version of his best selling course which has been revised for a better learning experience. You’ll learn how to hypnotize clients fast, bypass their critical factor and get right to work with them.

Progressive Relaxation Inductions are fine for some situations, but in my experience Instant and Rapid Inductions are far superior and provide a lot more benefits. I think every hypnotist should know at least 4 or 5 solid instant and rapid inductions.

The Dave Elman Induction 2 Disc Set by Don Patterson:

If you are a fan of Dave Elman or just interested in learning how to perform his induction then this is a really good training program. Don teams up with Dave Elman’s son, Larry Elman for an amazing interview and look into the life of Dave Elman. You’ll learn how to perform this induction step by step as well as a bunch of great insights and tips.

Conversational Hypnosis, Influence & Persuasion

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski:

If you’re into Conversational Hypnosis, persuasion and influence then this is the go-to program in my opinion. Igor is pretty well known and his course does an excellent job of teaching you basic and advanced techniques and how to apply them in the real world. It’s a pretty in-depth course and will take you a while to go through, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Hypnosis Books

Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman:

This is one of the first books I ever read. An amazing insight into one of the greatest hypnosis teachers who ever lived. Elman, who wasn’t a medical doctor taught medical doctors, dentist and other licensed professionals how to use hypnosis within their practices. It also includes step by step guides for working with many different problems. I personally believe every hypnotist needs to read this book.

Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis by Michael Yapko: 

While this book may take you a while to read through it’s a must read for anyone wanting to understand hypnosis. It comes at hypnosis from the clinical point of view, but is a must read

Transforming Therapy: A New Approach to Hypnotherapy by Gil Boyne: 

A classic in my opinion and one of the greats in our profession. Gil Boyne can be considered the godfather of modern hypnosis.

My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. by Sidney Rosen: 

I recommend almost every book written about Milton Erickson. Milton is considered the creator of Conversational Hypnosis also known as Covert Hypnosis or Ericksonian Hypnosis.

The Art of Hypnosis by Roy Hunter:

 Roy is well known in the field of Hypnosis and is an expert on Parts Work, which is a advanced Hypnotherapy technique. He has a couple of books and I recommend all of them. Still, this book would be where I would begin if you want to be introduced to Roy Hunter.

Hypnotherapy Scripts 2nd Edition by Ronald Havens: 

I’m not a huge fan of scripts, but they can be a good resource for new hypnotists. They can also serve as a form of reference when your not sure where to take the session.

Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by D. Corydon Hammond: 

One of my hypnosis instructors introduced me to this book and while it would take you months to read it’s a must have. I consider this book to be more of a reference manual. Gives you insight into working with just about any issue known to man. You’ll thank me later for this one!

Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy by Roy Hunter: 

Really useful in terms of secondary gain. Great book by Roy, but anything Roy writes is good.

Marketing Training Courses For Hypnotists

Hypnosis Business Coaching by John Weir:

The key to any successful Hypnosis practice is marketing. If you don’t market yourself or your practice you won’t be in business long. The number one reason most Hypnotists fail is because they just don’t understand this subject or put the time into it.

This course cuts through the thousands and thousands of marketing books and courses and teaches you only what you need to know for marketing a hypnosis practice.

Starting A Website/Blog

Bluehost Website Hosting:

In case you didn’t realize hosting is the first step in getting a new website up and running. No website can get online without hosting and in many ways it’s the backbone of your entire website. A good hosting company can make your website experience amazing while a sub par hosting company can make your online experience a nightmare!

Bluehost is one of the most stable and trustworthy hosting companies in the business. I personally use them to host all of my websites including Whats On My Brain. They have a lot of great features, tools and resources and one of tem is a 1-click automatic WordPress install which makes things so easy if you’re trying to start a wordpress blog.

Another aspect I love is their customer service. Each customer get’s their own customer service rep you can email and ask for help if needed. I’ve never had an issue with their service and HIGHLY recommend them if you’re looking to host your websites or blogs.


If you’re serious about starting a blog and I highly recommend you do as it’s a great marketing tool you’re going to want to use WordPress. It’s the best blog publishing platform out there in my opinion. There are other services which offer similar features, but none are as established as WordPress.

Whats On My Brain was created with WordPress and it’s the only content management system I use for running a blog. Even though WordPress is considered a blogging system it can be used to build websites as well. You would be amazed at the number of websites which are actually build on the WordPress system.

OptimizePress WordPress Theme

Optimize Press is a powerful WordPress Theme. It’s what I currently use with Whats On My Brain and it allows you to take a stock WordPress install and create something beautiful and professional looking. You don’t need any programmer or design skills as everything is basically drag and drop for the most part.

StudioPress WordPress Themes

Another company which produces really great themes for wordpress. Before I switched over to OptimizePress I was using StudioPress. They’re a great company with great looking themes and great customer service.

Press Release Services


Press Releases are an amazing way to get publicity and exposure with little effort. PRWeb is the service I use all the time although it can be a little expensive the service pays for itself in my opinion. Google and other search engines love press releases and with this service your release will usually be in Google the day it’s released.

I use this service to help generate potential clients and generate traffic to this website.  In addition, news outlets for different cities tend to pick up these releases and publish them on their websites from time to time which can lead to some great exposure.

Email Marketing/Collecting Leads


Aweber is the service I personally use for all of my email marketing, newsletter and lead collecting. This service allows you to build an email list, start and send out newsletters, keep in touch with clients or customers using email and so much more. 

Building an online database of leads and prospects is critical in building a successful business and Aweber makes things super easy.

Landing Pages


If you’ve been on the internet before I’m sure you’ve seen these really beautiful and professionally designed landing pages people use to collect emails and other information. Landing pages and collecting emails are critical to long term success online and Leadpages makes it super easy to create these amazing looking pages.

You can create coming soon pages, email sign up pages, webinar pages, ebook giveaway pages and so much more. This tool has saved me a great deal of time and money and I highly recommend it! It works great with Aweber as well!

Services To Use To Sell Your Products


This is a simple and easy to use service that let’s you sell products such as audio courses, ebooks and much more. It also let’s you create a simple affiliate program as well. It works with Paypal, Google Checkout, Clickbank, and many other services. I’ve used them before to sell a few little products and they work great.


This is another service similar to E-Junkie, but in my opinion it’s the best of the best. Clickbank allows you to sell products without having to sign up for a seperate merchant account. If you’ve ever bought anything online more then likely it was sold through Clickbank.

They offer a number of great tools and resources and a huge affiliate marketplace where people can discover your product and promote it to their audiences. I currently use this service to sell a few of my products and services.

Online Advertising

Facebook Ads:

Facebook is the largest social media website in the world and weather you like it or not this social media giant isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Facebook Ads is powerful because it allows you to target people by their likes, age, demographic, interest, country, language and so much more.

It’s great if you’re trying to spread the word about a new product, a webinar, a new ebook you created or a service you offer. It’s pretty easy to get started and this is my ad service I recommend. Some of you may have even found me because of an ad I ran on Facebook.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords have been around for forever and people still use Google to advertise because it works. You can select the keywords you’re looking to target, the locations and then if someone clicks your ad you pay. PPC also known as pay per click traffic is NOT something I recommend for beginners. If you’re not careful you could end up blowing through your ad budget pretty quickly, but it can be a very powerful tool.

Outsourcing Services

I’m a big believer in outsourcing and hiring people who can do task and jobs I can’t or just don’t have the time too.


Elance is a service which lets you hire people online to do different task and jobs for you. I love this service and use it all the time. It saves me time because I know I’m not an expert in everything. So when I need something done I don’t know how to do I go to Elance.

If you need writers, designers, programmers, someone to do research for you,optimize your website or whatever you need it can be found on Elance.


Odesk is a similar service to Elance, but tends to focus more on programmers and web designers. You can still find writers, researchers and other services as well. I tend to use Elance more than Odesk but just thought I would include this service too so you have some options. Odesk is very credible and provides great service.

99 Designs:

I don’t know about you, but I suck at creating graphics and logos and this is what I use 99 Designs for. If you need a graphic created, logo, header or whatever these are your guys. Basically you submit your job and people will compete against others to see who can win your job. It’s pretty cool and I recommend you check them out if you need some graphic work done.