Review: Instant and Rapid Inductions by KC Johnson

Well, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years or so I’m pretty sure  you’ve heard of KC Johnson. If nothing comes to your mind when I mention that name then maybe you’ll remember him by his Super Hero Youtube secret identity, KC2XL. (I’m just kidding…KC isn’t a super hero… he?)

KC Johnson is one of the rising stars of our profession and just a really cool, down to earth guy. I first ran across KC about two years or so ago while looking for some Youtube videos onInstant and Rapid Inductions. After clicking and watching a bunch of really sub-par videos on the subject I came across a video from KC Johnson.

Learn How To Do The “EXACT” Same Hypnosis Inductions KC does In His Youtube Videos!

The moment I started watching the video I was hooked. I felt I was watching an actual Hypnosis training product the way KC produced and edited his videos. He was very professional and his instructions and explanations were simple and concise.

Even the description of his videos read like a Hypnosis training manual by giving you more insight into what was going on in the video and the different hypnotic processes KC was using with his volunteers in the videos. It was just refreshing to see someone take a Youtube video so serious and actually provide a lot of useful value.

Patience Is A Virtue

Now, let’s skip forward a couple of months. Over time KC kept releasing more and more videos and his online popularity on Youtube kept growing. KC isn’t new to hypnosis by any means as he runs a very successful offline practice called Paradox Hypnosis, but his online presence was really building some momentum. He was also becoming well known for his use of Instant  Hypnosis Inductions within his videos.

KC was receiving comment after comment from people asking him to teach them how he does his inductions or if he would consider making a DVD on the subject. As an avid learning and fan myself I also asked KC that same question one day on the phone and his response was usually the same which was that it would be something he would have to think about.

See, you need to understand something about KC. This guy cares so much about our profession and holds himself to such a high degree of credibility and professionalism that he just didn’t want to rush into it and create some sub-par product. Can you blame him? There are just too many of these types of products out there in the hypnosis marketplace.

KC is  a very big proponent of students attending live training as you can get hands on practice, instructions and guidance from a qualified instructor which is something you just can’t get with some DVD courses nowadays. So If KC was going to create a product he was going to have to figure out a way to bring that same guidance, quality and level of training to a DVD project and that’s not as easy as you would think. (Trust me, I know) So until he could figure out how that was going to happen, a project from him wasn’t going to happen.

Well, month after month of waiting and I guess the time is finally right as KC has recently released his first Hypnosis Training project and I must say it’s one of the best DVD projects I’ve seen in a very long time. All of the waiting we had to do for a product from KC is well worth it as you can tell the moment you pop this DVD in that KC didn’t make some quick fly by night product.

So it’s truly an honor and pleasure for me to be one of the first people in the world to review KC Johnson’s first project. Instant and Rapid Inductions 2 Disc Set: Including An Overview Of The Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Not Another Instant and Rapid Inductions DVD…

I know, you’re thinking not another damn DVD on the subject of Instant and Rapid Inductions. Doesn’t the Hypnosis world have enough projects out in the marketplace from people such as Richard Nongard, Jerry Kein, Sean Michael Andrews and yes, even me.

So do we really need another project on this subject? Well, obvious the answer is yes because this subject is still one of the most requested topics in the world of Hypnosis. You wouldn’t believe the amount of e-mails I receive on this subject alone. So if people are asking and waiting to know even with all of these great resources out there then that tells us people feel they need to know more or maybe have it explained in a different way.

Now, before I continue let me say that KC has done something very different with this project and I’m not talking about a nice looking cover. This is literally the first Instant and Rapid Induction DVD I have ever come across that doesn’t even teach you about instant and rapid inductions till almost 30 min into the second disc. This is not a traditional Instant and Rapid Inductions product by any means…and personally I think that’s a good thing.

Now, before we continue I feel I must give the production of this DVD its own section as it’s the production that sets the stage for this great DVD…

The Production On This DVD Is Game Changing

Let’s be honest, In terms of production quality hypnosis products haven’t had a great history of success. For the most part the majority of hypnosis training videos are outdated and many of them filmed with low quality camcorders. Don’t get me wrong as I believe it’s not always about the quality of the video, but the quality of the content, but it’s nice to have a product whose production quality can match its content.

The production of a project can help define its place in the market and is critical for branding. Luckily things seem to be changing with the hypnosis world as within the last year or so I’ve seen a small surge of really amazing production being pumped out by Hypnotists such as Richard Nongard, Sean Michael Andrews, Igor Ledochowski and a few others who’s name I forget at the moment.

These have been the leaders of the pack in so many words…until now. KC’s new product is by far the best product I’ve seen to date in terms of production quality and overall direction. (Sorry Sean, Richard & Igor. I still love you guys though)

It’s a good thing in my opinion as this should start to make others step up their game which can only equal better stuff down the road.

KC hired an actual production company to film, produce and direct this product and it shows from the moment you pop the first DVD in. The quality is high definition at best and the special effects are really great. Yes, he has special effects. There is one part where KC is talking about the different parts of the mind in hypnosis and splits into 3 different people to illustrate some different points. I know I’m not doing it justice so you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Here is a screen shot from the DVD so I can give you an idea of what I’m talking about. You’ll have to watch the DVDs to understand why KC has split himself into 3 different parts, but you will find a clue within the screen shot.

Hypnosis Inductions

KC uses special effects to illustrate certain points and enhance the learning process.

There are also parts where KC is performing a technique and another KC will pop onto the screen in a different box and describe what he is doing step by step and a lot more. These effects are really cool, but they also serve a purpose as this project uses a lot of visual effects to get his point across and accelerate the learning process. Here is another screen shot to illustrate what I’m talking about so you can get a better picture.

Hypnosis Induction

KC will pop up from time to time and provide useful information in the middle of performing a technique.

Something else I enjoyed and those of you who are note takers will too is that KC uses a lot of text on screen during teaching. A nice combination of visual and auditory learning going on. The cool part though is that he leaves this text on the screen for a good amount of time which allows you to take notes without having to pause or rewind.

It’s a small feature, but a nice one in my opinion. The DVD is similar to a book in many ways as KC structures the context like a book would by providing you a bullet point list and then going over each bullet point in more detail.

Another nice production feature is KC uses tons of visual examples to get his points across and teach the subject. This makes assimilating the information easy and fun as the visual aids help you to understand the information being presented.  My hats off to his production team as they have really put together a master piece in terms of taking a hypnosis product to the next level. You have to see it to truly understand what I’m talking about here.

Below is just another example of one of the many visual aids KC uses to get his points across.

Critical Faculty

KC uses a wide number of visual examples to enhance the learning process.

Let’s Explore The Secrets of DVD 1

Instant InductionsAs I mentioned early in the review this project contains 2 DVDs with each one covering a wide array of topics. I also mentioned that KC really doesn’t touch on the subject of Instant and Rapid Inductions until the second disc, but there is an excellent reason why he is doing it this way.

Let me explain. Instant and Rapid Inductions are considered to be advanced techniques in this business. They are not hard to do once you understand how they work and in some cases a person can actually just copy what they see someone do and perform them, but usually with a very low success rate because they don’t understand many of the finer elements going on in the background, But still my point is these techniques aren’t hard if you understand some basic fundamentals about hypnosis.

I’m constantly telling people that the induction really is not you need to learn. It’s all the elements and processes that go on before the induction that allow for the induction to happen. Once this principal is understood then anything can become an induction.

As most of you know, if you have ever seen an Instant and Rapid Induction training video, the presenter usually assumes that if you’re watching the DVD that you have a basic or advanced understanding of Hypnosis. They just assume this and so they don’t actually cover any fundamentals.

Hypnosis 101 – Always Start With A Strong Foundation

KC decided to take the approach that everyone watching his DVD may have no real experience in hypnosis or a basic understanding at best. As I mentioned in the last paragraph most people will have some type of basic understanding of Hypnosis before attempting these inductions, but what about the people who don’t?

What happens if this DVD ends up in the hands of someone who has never actually studied Hypnosis? What would be the result of them attempting Inductions without basic fundamentals?

The answer would be people would be performing these techniques without proper training and instructions which could lead to sub-par performance or even worse. KC doesn’t want his name to be associated with these types of results. So how can a presenter avoid these mishaps and produce quality students?

The best way to avoid this is by making sure you provide a strong overview on Hypnosis fundamentals before even teaching the induction. Even if you’re advanced in Hypnosis it never hurts to go back to basics and refresh yourself on the fundamentals of Hypnosis.

This is exactly what KC did with this project. He doesn’t provide a full training course on Hypnosis, but he does go over a lot of material and some that my trainings in the beginning didn’t even cover which I didn’t learn to later on.  So in many ways you are getting two products with this course: A DVD going over the fundamentals and a second one on Instant and Rapid Inductions.

Now I don’t want you to think that all fundamental trainings are created equal because they are not. There are some schools of thought better than others and KC has trained with some of the best and it shows. Some of his fundamental training can be considered advanced concepts and theories depending on who you train with in this business. Here are just a few of the topics covered by KC in Disc One.

– Terminology
– What is Hypnosis
– What does Hypnosis feel like
– Dissociation
– Hypnosis Theory
– Evoking The Hypnoidal
-The Hypnoidal Five (which is something KC has coined)
– Concentration Exercises
– Suggestion Formation
– Keys to Effective Suggestions
– Pre-Hypnosis Protocol and safety and a lot more…

KC has a wonderful teaching style and to be honest I wish I would have learned hypnosis from him years ago as it may have saved me tons of money and time asking questions. He has a unique way of taking the material and breaking it down into steps and then shows you how to put it all together.

KC has the ability to take information and flip it upside down and rearrange it to the point where you feel you’re learning something new even if you’ve been in this business for years.

How To Become An Expert In Rapid & Instant Inductions with Disc 2

Rapid Induction

Disc 2 kicks off right where KC left off on Disc 1 by finishing up the fundamentals which eventually leads up to KC teaching how to do Instant and Rapid Inductions.

Unlike some DVDs that go over every Hypnotic Induction in the book KC only covers a handful of inductions. Why? Because the simple truth is you don’t need to know every induction in the world to be an effective Hypnotist.

A good hypnotist should know the basics along with a couple of extra ones. KC discusses some of the most effective inductions which happen to be many of the ones that have made him famous on Youtube.

KC starts each induction by first explaining what type of induction he is about to use and then gives a demo on a volunteer. After the demo KC proceeds to explain exactly what he is doing, his thoughts and some of the processes going on behind the scene which you may not notice. Then after all of this he does the induction again with a walk through. Also, during certain inductions the infamous head of KC will pop up and provide some useful thoughts. Ah, the joys of special effects.

Hypnosis Induction

KC performing an Instant Induction on a volunteer

KC has a very systematic approach to teaching which is perfect because he is really good at taking big chuck thinking and breaking it down into smaller steps. I have no doubt by the time you’ve reached the induction part of this DVD you will have no problem performing any of them in part to the training and insights you received in disc 1.

Each induction is performed multiple times, some with different angles. The words are spoken clearly so you can hear exactly what KC is saying, and each action is performed smoothly.

A result of KC fine tuning each induction. Another quick note to mention is that KC actually explains why these inductions work and what is going on within the body and mind of the client during an induction. This is a critical element in my opinion as it gives you unique insights other Hypnotists may not have.

In addition to learning Instant and Rapid Inductions KC also provides you all the information you need to know after the fact as well. Remember, what’s the point of the induction if you don’t have an outcome or some type of objective? KC covers these topics with the same detail as the induction. He provides demos of each technique and more than one in many cases.

Here are just a few of the topics he covers on disc 2 after the inductions.

– The Structure of Hypnotic Patter
– Deepeners
– Signs of Hypnosis
– Waking Methods and a lot more…

Now, at the end of the DVD we get a real treat. KC takes a member of the production staff who has never experienced Hypnosis before and hypnotizes him right on the spot using the very techniques he teaches in the DVD. It was an entertaining moment and an ah ha moment in many ways as it’s a coming together of everything he teaches within this project. It’s the perfect ending to the DVD as he shows you this stuff works in the real world and not just in theory.

I know, you’re reading this review and thinking it sounds like any other review, but trust me when I say this DVD is truly a work of art and KC should be applauded for the time and effort he has put into this project. You can tell from the production and little details all throughout the DVD that this product was made with a lot of love. KC could have put out another product that was just so so, but instead he made sure he came into this game with all guns firing. (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t own any guns and if he did they would be hypno guns and not real ones) 😉

My Thoughts On What Could Have Been Better

This is going to be a hard section for me to write because I had a hard time finding flaws with this project. I truly believe that no product is perfect and I try my best to give you, my readers a good balance of the good and the bad because I want my reviews to be accurate. Either way, here are a few things I thought could be improved on, added or better in my opinion.

First off, this DVD is really good and the production is so good, but the cover art isn’t the greatest in my opinion. To me, it doesn’t have the impact I would like to see on a project of this caliber. I know this has nothing to do with content, but I think it could give him an edge in the marketplace from a marketing stand point and help to balance out the whole project.

Secondly, I would have really liked to see some street hypnosis involved in this project. KC is known for his street hypnosis work so it would have been nice to see him take some of his moves to the street. Even if he just inserted clips of him performing the inductions and various other techniques it would have been nice.  You can apply everything you learn to street hypnosis, but KC doesn’t do any impromptu Hypnosis except for at the end of disc 2 when he hypnotizes a member of the production staff on the spot.

Thirdly, as well as KC teaches I would have liked to seen him cover the issue of confidence in relation to inductions a little more. This seems  to be a major issue with a lot of people learning inductions. Once again, I believe his method of teaching and breaking down steps will provide students the confidence needed, but it would have been nice to see a little more of that in this project.

After watching this product two different times I couldn’t spot any technical, video or audio errors and I can’t fault KC for some of the stuff I would have liked to see more of in his project. There is no such thing as a project that can satisfy everyone. All we can do is put our best foot forward and hope the products we put out better the community and produce better Hypnotists.

Instant and Rapid Induction Review Conclusion

I’m sorry this was a long review to read, but this was one of the hardest reviews I’ve had to write. It usually doesn’t take me long to write a review, but this project was so good that I wanted to really capture the essence of it within my words. Did I accomplish this feat?

Only time will tell in the end. I’m truly honored to have been able to review this product as it makes all those days and nights of reviewing awful products worth it. Just so you know I review a lot of products, but only good ones get the honor of a written review.

If you’re looking for a complete training on Instant and Rapid Inductions then I would give this DVD a shot. You get all the stuff you need to know before the inductions, the inductions and the stuff you need to know after the inductions.

KC has a warm confidence which comes across on the screen which will make learning easy and fun. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to successfully go out and use these techniques the moment you finish watching the DVD. The key is that you actually go out and practice because as I say practice makes perfect and I know KC believes the same.

Instant and Rapid Inductions by KC Johnson receives my highest recommendation and gets 10 stars out of 10. I don’t think I have ever given a product I reviewed that score before.  You can learn more about his program or order it by clicking the link below.

Learn From KC Johnson Without EVER Leaving The House (Well, you might have to go to the mailbox)

To Your Success,

Joshua Houghton