Self Hypnosis Recordings – How To Pick The Right One

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of self hypnosis recordings available to buy, especially if you’re happy just to download them over the internet rather than buying a physical CD – so how can you be sure you’re picking the right one?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re reading this as a therapist, wanting to recommend the right recording for a client to use, or as a an individual, looking to choose a good self hypnosis download or recording for yourself. The answers will be pretty much the same. So what will give you the best chance of a successful experience?

Being Able To Listen To Samples of A Self Hypnosis Recording Is A Must

First of all, knowing what the voice on the recording sounds like is a must. You need to be able to listen to an extract before parting with any cash. A lovely voice that most people would be happy with, might just remind you of your least favorite teacher at school, or any number of people who gave you a hard time in the past.

The particular accent might just happen to drive you round the bend, even though you know it shouldn’t! So number one is, make sure you’re happy with the voice on the recording.

Try not to make a knee-jerk decision though. Listen for at least a couple of minutes if you can, so you get used to the voice, before deciding it’s definitely not for you. I recommended a recording for a friend’s daughter, who was having trouble getting to sleep at night.

We thought it was going to be a flop as she giggled at the English voice on the recording for the first few minutes… but by 10 minutes she was calm and quiet and by 15 minutes she was sound asleep.

She still giggled at first each night for about 3 or 4 nights, and after that, she was so used to it she even forgot to smile at the funny voice on the recording.

On this point, if you have a hypnotist that you work with and trust, and your sessions with that hypnotist are generally very successful, asking your hypnotist to record a session with or for you can sometimes produce the most effective recording for you. You already know that their voice works for you, and it feels like you’ve got them right there with you.

Therapists make a note of this point – if you want your clients to practice effective self hypnosis between sessions, your best results will almost certainly come from their using a recording of you. It also keeps them “tuned in” to using your voice, and makes them very receptive to your post hypnotic suggestions in future sessions with you.

The sound quality of a commercial recording is also important. Poor production can really interfere with your ability to relax and focus on the content of the recording. Only shell out your hard earned cash if you’re confident that you’re getting a high quality recording. You might be able to find something for a couple dollars less, but make sure you’re getting something that’s worth paying for.

If the recording uses background music (and most commercially available ones do), check that the music works for you. Most recordings will be fine, but I’ve come across a few where I really have wondered whether someone’s pressed the wrong button when they’ve selected the music, because it just doesn’t seem to fit  with relaxation, hypnosis or going into trance.

Does The Self Hypnosis Recording Sit Comfortably With You

And finally, check that the approach in the recording sits comfortably with you. A general relaxation recording should be pretty straightforward, but if you’re looking for a weight loss, stopping smoking, public speaking or other specific issue recording, read the description of how the issue is approached and check how you feel about it.

Some recordings give more details than others about the way they approach it, so sometimes you might have to just keep your fingers crossed! A safer option is to go by word of mouth. A recommendation from someone means you can ask them about the approach taken in the recording.

As a therapist, don’t forget the added value to your business of making good quality recordings for use with the most common issues that your clients present with. A personalized recording is obviously going to be most effective, but general recordings will be useful too.

Having them available in your waiting room could prompt clients to buy ones that are not at all related to the issues they’re seeing you about, and can help to spread the word about your practice.

On this point, see my upcoming post about the things to avoid when you’re making a CD or MP3 for your clients or for general sale. if you’re interested I get all my hypnosis recordings from HERE.