Self Hypnosis – Should You Encourage It?

Should you encourage self hypnosis? Might that not make you redundant and lead to you losing business? If your clients can just get on with it for themselves, why would they bother to come back to you?

Well, if you really think you don’t add anything to the mix and that your clients could do just as well without any input from you – perhaps you need to consider some more training, or question whether you’re in the right business! But assuming you are, let’s look at the benefits for everyone involved if your clients utilize self-hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Is Just One Part Of The Puzzle

First of all, let’s not get confused. I’m not suggesting that when your clients come to you, you assess them and say, “OK, sounds like you’ll probably do just fine with some self-hypnosis… let me know how you get on…” So how do we utilize self hypnosis in our therapeutic interventions?

There are certain issues that clients present with that lend themselves more to the use of self hypnosis than others. Habit cessation, sleep problems, general anxiety and stress will all benefit greatly if, between sessions with you, your client is “practicing” hypnosis. This might initially be done by listening to a recording (of you, or an appropriate commercial recording at your recommendation).

But with appropriate post hypnotic suggestion, and a little training by you, your client can also learn to access some of the resourceful states that are induced during your hypnosis sessions for themselves… anywhere, any time.

For example, teaching them to trigger NLP anchors when they need to can be hugely beneficial, and teaching them how to calm their anxiety with good, hypnotic self-talk will make them eternally grateful. Ironically, rather than taking you out of the picture, this can all make your own input seem even more impressive.

Self Hypnosis Can Help Your Clients Become More Receptive.

When they *do* come to you for a follow up session, go into trance more quickly, and respond more positively to your interventions, because they have basically been training themselves to respond well to hypnosis.

They’ll be able to tell you how effective the self hypnosis has been, and whether they‘re having any problems with it. Does anything need to be changed about the process they’re using? And if they don’t require a follow-up session (which is often the case with something like smoking cessation, where one session and a recording to use whenever they need to is often enough), how impressive is that?

Are they likely to recommend you to their friends or family? You bet. So you may not get them coming back to you and spending a lot of money with you themselves – but the referrals you get as a result will earn you a lot more in the long term.