Stage Hypnosis Equals Safety First by Rich Wilson

The world of Stage Hypnosis is a wonderful world that many find exhilarating, to say the least. Taking a group of individuals and placing them somewhere between Cleveland and the Outer-Limits can really make you feel “special” but, in all honesty, you MUST keep your feet planted firmly on the ground …at all times. Let me explain.

Recently, there have been a large number of insurance claims being placed due to people getting hurt during stage hypnosis performances. This is unacceptable. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for anyone to be getting hurt at a stage hypnosis show …except …if the hypnotist is not being 100% responsible during the show …period!

Look, people step onto that stage expecting to experience something unique, and they are automatically thinking that there is no real risk to sitting in a chair and zonking out.

WRONG! If you are not taking every single precaution prior to and during YOUR show, then you are the number one risk to those volunteers on that stage. No way around it. They are YOUR responsibility from the time they walk into your showroom.

You Must Be A Stage Hypnotist and Secret Service Agent!

Long before the show begins, before the attendees enter the room, before your sound check is completed, you need to be there and looking everything over like a secret service agent. You should leave no stone unturned because, again, YOU are responsible. Let me tell you a few things to think about when getting ready for your audience to come through those doors.

When it comes to your staging area, you MUST make certain that the area where people will be seated as your volunteers is completely safe and clear of anything that could cause harm. This includes extra items left on or near the stage like furniture where someone could fall and crack their heads, like slippery spots on the stage. Make sure the stage itself is deep enough and wide enough so that no one falls into an orchestra pit and breaks a neck.

Check that all of the chairs on stage are secured together with something like strips of Velcro at the base, so that they don’t move apart and someone pinches an arm, leg or neck when sliding down. Make sure you also have “spotters” all around the stage area and down in front and be certain the spotters are responsible and are aware of what to look for.

You are the one in charge, and you are the one who must keep an open eye for anything could possibly go wrong during that Hypnosis stage show performance. There is not a single hypnotist in the business who should be going out on stage and standing on any person to prove catalepsy.

I don’t care how much you want to show off. You have no idea about that person’s health, and even if you do, you shouldn’t take a chance.

If you step on someone, you look like the all-powerful Oz but you may soon get a lawsuit from someone who suddenly discovers a way to make some money. Why chance it? My point is this, you are an entertainer, but you must always be thinking “safety first.” Your eyes must scan the stage at all times during every second of your show so that nothing, nothing gets away from you.

These people are placing their trust into your hands that they will be looked after. You owe them by being the safest hypnosis show anywhere. Maybe if more hypnotists would think like this, there would be a lot less of the claims being made in the insurance companies.


Hypno RichRich Wilson has been a professional entertainer, Stage Hypnotists & Motivational Speaker for thirty years. He has graced the stages of just about every type of venue that is available.

As a professional entertainer, Rich has shared the stage with such artists as Willie Nelson, The Platters, The Drifters, Charlie Daniels, The Tokens, Toby Keith, The Del-Vikings, Alabama, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Martina McBride and many more.

The HypnoRich Stage Show is filled with a wide variety of routines that are created to entertain everyone. A clean and completely interactive performance that is designed to show how remarkable the human mind is while sharing some wonderful laughs throughout the show.