Street Hypnosis In 1 Minute

Street Hypnosis is the latest “buzz” in the hypnosis world. It’s exciting because it breaks the old “box” that hypnotists used to be trapped in, and always you to take the power of hypnotic suggestion pretty much anywhere.

There are a lot of elements in street hypnosis, but I’ll try and make it as simple as possible for you, and show you exactly how to do it right so that you can pull off your instant inductions and hypnotic suggestion routines like a pro.

To begin with, if often helps to set the frame with what has been known as a ‘pre-talk.’

Step 1: The Pretalk

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to bore the pants off people with a long winded rant about the science behind hypnosis, and exactly how it works. People aren’t interested! Just make sure they realize that hypnosis is safe, natural, that you are the hypnotist, you are in control, and that this is definitely going to work.

Like a confident doctor reassuring a patient, this is conveyed more through your manner than the actual words you say, so be confident, be in control.

Often the only thing I’ll say is “hey – I’m a hypnotist, can I show you something cool?” Even that is enough to set a casual, friendly frame, and to get you into step 2.

 Step 2: Suggestibility Effects / Set Pieces

This is an optional step, but it helps to build your confidence if you’re new to the street hypnosis game, and it also helps convince and condition the subjects to respond to your suggestion.

Basically at this stage you demonstrate a simple waking hypnosis phenomena, for example, the magnetic hands. I’ll use the magnetic hands as an example because it can also lead smoothly into step 3, the instant hypnosis induction.

1: Ask your subject to hold their hands up, about a foot apart, palm to palm.

2: Tell them to imagine their hands are metal plates, and are being pulled closer and closer together

3: Keep repeating this suggestion with confidence, and their hands WILL start moving together.

Step 3: The Instant Hypnosis Induction

4: Tell them that when their hands touch they will close their eyes, relax, and fall into a hypnotic trance.

5: Just before their hands touch, when they are about a centimeter apart, push them together and firmly command ‘Sleep!’

Step 4: The Deepener

The sleep command gives you a 2 second window of opportunity whilst their conscious barriers are offline. Make the most of it by talking calmly – almost anything will do as long as you don’t wait “3, 2, 1, deeper deeper deeper’ is all it really takes!

Step 5: Hypnotic Suggestion

This allows you to demonstrate your creativity and show people the true power of hypnosis. Make sure you study hypnotic safety principles before doing this, while this phase is easy, safety should be your priority.

A common example of suggestion phenomena is the hand stick – hypnotically gluing someone’s hand to a wall or tree, or even someone in the audience! For this and most other suggestions, follow the simple 3 step suggestion formula:

1: Suggest in the positive with imagery “your hand is stuck to the wall, as if it were glued there. Stuck down fast.”
2: Suggest in the negative “you cannot lift your hand – your hand is stuck”
3: Test with a bind “The more you try and lift that hand, the tighter it sticks. Try not, and find it stuck”
4: Remove the suggestion “you’re free – back to normal!”

Step 6: Awakening

This phase is essential. Remove all suggestions you gave, and return them to the here and now feeling great!

“As I count from 1 to 3 you’ll return to the here and now, feeling relaxed and refreshed, and feeling wonderful. 1, everything totally back to normal now. 2, take a deep breath and realize you feel great. 3, open your eyes, wide awake now, feeling awesome!”

Congratulations! You now know the basics of street hypnosis. If you enjoyed this article and you’re interested in learning more about Street Hypnosis, how to do instant and rapid inductions, suggestions and more than I have something cool to share with you.

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