In Defense of Street Hypnosis

I recently found myself defending the art of Street Hypnosis on another forum after it was described unfairly as “public masturbation” so I thought I’d edit my post and reproduce it here: Street Hypnosis is mainly a marketing thing for me. Not necessarily for a specific show (although I will be doing it around the venue of my stage show over the next couple of weekends) but more to showcase to people that I do something a wee bit different.

To my knowledge, I am one of only two people in my country who do anything like this, so awareness is low. Many people out there still believe that hypnosis is something that only happens either in a recliner over a long drawn-out relaxotherapy session or on a stage where they believe the hypnotist has somehow cajoled the extroverts into performing.

Hypnosis Is Changing

I was delighted to hear recently from a local New Zealand Stage Hypnotist that when he asked the question of an audience “Has anyone been hypnotized before?” One young woman responded “Yes! By Reg, the street guy.”

Street Hypnosis

So far my Youtube videos have earned me course attendees, clients and gigs, attracted the attention of a TV production company and hopefully spread the word that hypnosis can be quick, efficient and fun. But aside from marketing, there really is money to be made out of “Street Hypnosis” itself: There seems to be a lot of demand for “mix and mingle” roving type work at large corporate events, and this is something I’m beginning to move in to.

I see it as moving with the times, but I’m also traveling backwards in time too: I’m developing a Victorian Mesmerist character for themed events and a historical heritage park here in NZ. It’ll be kind of like a medicine show type of thing, using a combination of my character acting skills and real hypnosis. (A tribute to my heroes, the likes of Mesmer, Esdaile and Coue.)

Street Hypnosis Allows Me To Become A Better Hypnotist

Street Hypnosis has also given me a great opportunity to practice “new bits” and if I have any reservations about other people doing it, it would only be from a safety perspective. I know how to deal with abreactions and the like (of which I’ve thankfully only had one) and as a six foot four English bloke from the West Midlands, I can “look after myself” and my equipment if I need to! Truthfully, this safety aspect of the street work is what’s delaying the publication of my book on the subject.

The thought of being tarred with the same brush as some incompetent beginner clutching my book in their hand is a real concern for me. If there were only a way to make sure it only fell into the right hands. Price point is probably a start. Sadly, in my experience, wealth, certification or all manner of training aren’t necessarily guarantees of competence either! If that upsets anyone, then I’m sorry. It’s just my uncensored/unedited opinion.

Street Hypnosis

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, I don’t film every bit of impromptu hypnosis I do, so the usual accusations of “performing for the camera” can be ruled out. Finally, does the fact that I thoroughly enjoy all of this street hypnosis, some for no “direct” financial reward, make it public masturbation? I really hope not. Maybe I’ll have to take a long hard look at myself and my motivation! Or maybe the fact that the subjects seem to enjoy it at least as much as I do makes it public mutual masturbation?? Which would make it OK, right?! LOL

Reg Blackwood
The Quicknotist

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Reg Blackwood is one of the world’s fastest hypnotists. He is the only Street Hypnotist in New Zealand, where he is known as The Quicknotist. He has also developed and leads a one day seminar in Induction Modification Theory and Instant and Rapid Inductions for those wishing to learn the art of Quicknosis.

With over fifteen years of experience as a comedian, magician, actor and writer, it would be nice to say he’s unforgettable. The truth is, you probably won’t remember meeting him. Reg is available to work as a roving act and for stage demonstrations or TV/Radio appearances.