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Audio Report 1: The Induction Blueprint

The Induction Report is a personal recording I did for a select group of students I was coaching for a time. This audio report is over an hour long and goes in depth and breaks down one of the most powerful rapid inductions ever created, The Dave Elman Induction.

You may think you understand this induction because you memorized the script, but I promise you that just “knowing” this induction isn’t enough to truly master and use this induction to it’s full potential in the field.

You’ll Discover

  • Why “knowing” this induction isn’t enough to use it effectively in the field.
  • How to troubleshoot EVERY problem that you could every come across
  • How to virtually guarantee success with every client you use it with, even analytical ones
  • Why the Elman Induction is really the “ONLY” induction you will ever need to use.

As I mentioned when you submitted your e-mail you don’t just get one special report, you get a bonus report as well. Here are the details for the second report I call…The Covert Report.

Audio Report 2: The Covert Report

The Covert Report is a special, exclusive audio report I did along with my friend and fellow Hypnotist, Taylor Sherman for his Hypnosis & NLP Social Community. In this hour plus audio report Taylor and I discuss the subject of Covert Hypnosis also known as Conversational Hypnosis and how it’s used in the real world and the correct way to use it in real life, outside of a book.

Covert Hypnosis may have a evil sound to it, but it’s actually a very effective style of Hypnosis that is being used in all types of settings including sales, law enforcement and other professions.

You’ll Discover

  • The most effective and powerful Conversational Hypnosis techniques being used in the real world.
  • How to spot Conversational Hypnosis when it’s being used and WHEN it’s being used on you.
  • A number of Conversational Hypnosis tips and techniques that you can start using RIGHT NOW!

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