What Makes A Good Hypnosis Pre-talk?

The pre-talk in hypnosis is pretty much the most important part of dealing with any client. If you don’t do a good pre-talk (please don’t tell me you don’t do one at all!), you’re really jeopardizing your chances of success. And don’t forget, it’s not just your own success as a hypnotist that’s affected; you’d […]

What Is A Hypnosis PreTalk?

When I first got started in hypnosis, I went around to everyone I knew asking to hypnotize them. Most of the people said no, but a few of them agreed to “try” hypnosis. These people knew nothing about hypnosis, but being a confident newcomer, I didn’t feel I had to educate them on the subject. […]

10 Reasons You Need To Be Doing A Pre Hypnosis Interview

It’s generally seen as good practice to add a 20 minute slot to the appointment when someone is coming to see you for the first time, so you can carry out a pre-hypnosis interview I’m not talking about the pre-talk, here, although you may end up incorporating that into the pre hypnosis interview too if […]

Why Some Stage Hypnotists Fail

This is a special blog post my good friend Rich Wilson who is a well known Stage Hypnotist. In this article Rich will break down why a good majority of Stage Hypnotists fail and how they can overcome it! Feel free to leave Rich any comments or questions in the comment area below the article! – […]