Hypnosis for Family Tensions

Wow – now there’s a biggie. Hypnosis for family tensions. Can you really improve the relationships within a family, just through hypnosis? I’d love to say yes, but that wouldn’t be realistic, would it?  Hypnosis on its own can’t turn a war zone into a peace camp. But when one or more members of a […]

The Two Hats Every Hypnotists Wears

This may not be the hypnosis blog post you want to read, but it’s the one you NEED to read. The biggest trouble facing our profession isn’t a lack of training in hypnosis. It’s a lack of business training and John Weir explains why you must be a Hypnotist and an Entrepreneur if you wish to succeed in this business called Hypnosis.

Pattern Interrupt – Good For You, Good For Your Client

I decided to write a post on a topic you have all been screaming at me to write about…Pattern Interrupts. Discover what they are, how they work and how you can use them to your benefit.

Self Hypnosis – Should You Encourage It?

Should you encourage self hypnosis? Might that not make you redundant and lead to you losing business? If your clients can just get on with it for themselves, why would they bother to come back to you? Well, if you really think you don’t add anything to the mix and that your clients could do […]

What Do You Do With “Un-Hypnotizable” Clients?

What can you do if your client is convinced they are “un-hypnotizable”? First you have to ask why they’ve come to you if they really believe that they can’t be hypnotized! Of course they may have been referred, or have come to you to please someone else, in which case, you’ll have to discuss with them […]

Why Does Hypnosis Work So Well On Ingrained Habits?

Hypnosis has a great record of helping people to break those deeply ingrained habits they’ve been struggling with – stuff like smoking, over-eating, worrying unnecessarily. Most people think that to break a habit simply needs enough will-power. Build up your will and determination and you’ll be able to do it. That seems logical, doesn’t it? So presumably hypnosis somehow […]

Best Practices of Dave Elman Review

Dave Elman is considered to be one of the greatest Hypnotists and trainers who ever lived. His book Hypnotherapy changed our profession for the better. Well his work still lives on through his son Larry Elman and Don Patterson. Check out my Best Practices of Dave Elman Review and let me know what you think.

Can Hypnosis Make Me Reveal All My Secrets

I was talking with my wife the other day, and yes, I am married for those who didn’t know. She told me she was talking to a few friends, and somehow hypnosis came into the conversation. One of her friends asked her a question thinking she would know the answer since she was married to […]

Have You Been Hypnotized Before?

As a hypnotist, one of the main questions I always ask people is ‘Have you ever been hypnotized before?’ The majority of people usually answer this question with a simple “no”. Once in a while, I’ll meet someone who says they have been hypnotized, but that’s pretty rare where I live. When I hear someone say they […]

Never Use These Words In A Hypnotherapy Session

Things have come long way since the first person was ever hypnotized. We have learned so much more about hypnosis and the way our suggestions and words affect the brain and the client. This is the year 2012 and many of us are still using words that are causing Hypnotists to shoot themselves in the foot. […]

How To Do A Hypnosis Session In A Loud Location

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking if it’s possible to hypnotize people in a loud location. So I thought I would write a little article on this hypnosis blog about how to work with clients in these situations.  First off, it is possible to perform hypnosis in a loud location. It’s done all […]

Is Hypnosis Evil Or Just Misunderstood?

Today has been a pretty slow day overall. I’m just sitting here in front of my computer trying to think of the next step to take with this hypnosis blog. As I was sitting here, an idea came to me which I think would benefit everyone. One of the biggest problems facing the profession of hypnosis […]