Instant & Rapid Inductions Second Edition Review

Instant and Rapid Induction expert Sean Michael Andrews is back with a brand new and MAJOR update to his highly successful Instant and Rapid Induction program he released a year or so ago. In this blog post I provide a serious and in-depth review of Sean’s new DVD program.

Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review

After a slight delay here is my Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop Review. This is the latest hypnosis training product by Certified Hypnotist, Trainer & Speaker Jeffrey Stephens. My goal with this review isn’t to convince you to buy it, but to present you the information you need to know to make an informed decision […]

Review: Instant and Rapid Inductions by KC Johnson

One of the most powerful, useful and effective tools you can ever learn in my opinion are Instant and Rapid Inductions. They are more than just some cool looking way to hypnotize people. My friend KC Johnson created a new 2 disc project which may change the game on how these techniques are taught. Check out my in-depth and series Review.