The Easiest Corporate Hypnosis Program?

In the field of hypnotism, we have 3 major pillars on which the majority of hypnotists focus their attention on. Two of these pillars are glaringly obvious; weight reduction and smoke cessation. These pillars get a tremendous amount of attention and rightfully so due to our effectiveness in these areas. Over the years, I have […]

Do You Make The Biggest Mistake on the Phone

In my last few posts, I have discussed some ways to get your phone to start ringing at your office by increasing your exposure to the public, but what happens when it does? Do you convert the caller into a new client or do you make the number one mistake that many hypnotists do on […]

The Key Ingredient of Success

In today’s blog post my friend John Weir returns to share with us his Key Ingredient of Success. Find out what it is and how it can help you.

11 Proven Ways To Market Your New Hypnosis Business

Many people find that after they go through lots of hypnosis training and gather their diplomas and degrees, they just have no clients and no understanding of how to market their new practice. Let me give you some real tips that will help you do just that without spending unnecessary money. First and foremost, let […]

Why Any Halfway Decent Hypnotist Should Be Good at Marketing by Steve Roh

Although I present myself to the public as a full-time professional hypnotist, that’s a lie. In reality, I am a full-time marketer who happens to provide hypnosis services as my primary source of revenue. I think this attitude can be useful for anyone who is serious about rapidly building a successful hypnosis practice. It always […]