Past Life Regression: Is It Real? Is It A Metaphor?

It’s a controversial area of hypnosis, this idea of traveling back in our minds to previous lifetimes. I find it fascinating, yet I’m also something of a skeptic. There are those who swear by it and those who swear about it! Many people who are otherwise great proponents of hypnosis, will state that past life […]

5 Ways a Hypnotist Can Sabotage a Past Life Regression

One of my favorite guest writers is back discussion a topic that has never been touched on here before, Past Life Regressions. Wendy Merron, who’s an expert on Past Life Regressions will be teaching you 5 ways you can sabotage a Past Life Regression. So if you ever wondered why your Past Life Regression Session didn’t go as well as your client or you liked then maybe you can find the answer within this post…