Preparing For Self-Hypnosis

You know, when you take another person into hypnosis, there is often a good level of quality framing, expectation generation, and subtle psychological processes embedded into a pre-talk… Self-hypnosis is not necessarily any different. That said, it is hard to sneak around your own mind unknowingly, so you need to prepare for self-hypnosis and create […]

Champions Are Made When Nobody Is Around

Champions are made when nobody is around,” are words of wisdom from my past that perpetually roll around in my mind. My father constantly told me they these powerful words as he instilled the belief in me that in order to be at your best, you must do the things champions do in the off […]

Self Hypnosis Recordings – How To Pick The Right One

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of self hypnosis recordings available to buy, especially if you’re happy just to download them over the internet rather than buying a physical CD – so how can you be sure you’re picking the right one? It doesn’t really matter whether you’re reading this as a therapist, wanting to recommend the right recording for […]

Self Hypnosis – Should You Encourage It?

Should you encourage self hypnosis? Might that not make you redundant and lead to you losing business? If your clients can just get on with it for themselves, why would they bother to come back to you? Well, if you really think you don’t add anything to the mix and that your clients could do […]

Why Hypnosis And Meditation Are Made For One Another

Hypnosis has been associated with many other modalities, but Mediation usually isn’t one of them. Regression Hypnotherapy and Meditation expert Matt Sison shares how these two modalities are closer than you think.