The Two Hats Every Hypnotists Wears

In the past decade of working as a full-time hypnotist, I have come to realize that despite all the different approaches to creating wellness through hypnosis there are two things that every hypnotist has in common; we all have to wear two hats to succeed in this profession. The ability to successfully wear both of these hats, or fulfill these two roles, will be the determining factor in how far you will go in this field.

The first hat that we all must wear is the one of the helper. Since you are a hypnotist, I would make the assumption that you have the genuine desire to help people succeed and reach their goals. It is quite obvious that helping people create their desired improvements is our primary role in the profession and perhaps the easiest way to get your business to grow.

However, it is the ability to wear the other hat in this profession that enables word of mouth to spread about your business and get people into your office.

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The other primary hat that all hypnotists must wear, but the one most often forgotten about, is the hat of the entrepreneur. In order to get people into your office so that you can provide your life-changing service, it is essential that you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in you.

I would encourage you, like I do with all of my hypnotism students, to take the time to get educated on business especially sales and marketing with the same enthusiasm that they study techniques related to hypnosis. Follow the advice of Michael Gerber from The E-Myth, “Take time out to work on your business not just in your business.”

You Always Have Time To Learn A New Skill. No Excuses Please

When I first started my business at 19 years old, I felt very comfortable with my skills as a hypnotist but not so much with my new role as someone who suddenly found themselves self-employed. I can honestly say that I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to grow a business when I got started.

I knew that I needed to find ways to let people know about my services however I didn’t know what to do or even where to start. Instead of an education from academia, I decided to get educated through what Zig Ziglar calls “automobile university.” As I cruised around in my car, I would listen to one audio program after another on different business topics in order to understand how to make my dreams become a reality.

Some of my favorite speakers that influenced me in business include Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Les Brown, and Anthony Robbins. Besides automobile university, it took a lot of persistence as well as trial and error on my part in order to get my practice to grow and make a living serving others.

If you are in a similar situation as I was when getting started, I highly encourage you to turn your car into a university to begin filling your mind with ways to succeed in business.

Wear The Two Hats And Experience Serious Success

Understand that embracing your role as an entrepreneur is just as important to success as being a proficient hypnotist. Take time each day to develop both of these roles so you feel comfortable wearing the two hats of a successful hypnotist.

Use your hypnotic skills and link tons of positive, fun energy to spreading the word about your business so that you have more opportunities to share your talents with others in need. When your business grows then that means you have the ability to be a positive influence in more people’s lives and expose more people to the power of the mind.

Yours Truly In Success,

John Weir BCH, CI
Author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis”


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In 2008, John was awarded the NGH Charles Tebbetts award for “Spreading the Light of Hypnotism” and the honor of “Distinguished Practitioner” from Pnosis an online hypnosis magazine.

Over the past few years, John has been a member of the NGH faculty and is a regular presenter at the NGH Annual Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, and was on the 2009 NGH Platinum Success Panel.

John is the author of “The Crash Course in Selling Hypnosis” and the creator of numerous hypnosis audio programs including “The Mental Caddie.” To find out more about John Weir please visit his website