Voice Training For Hypnotists

My business partner and good friend Taylor Sherman just posted a new video showing some really cool exercises to help Hypnotists with their voice training. The video contains some really great tips and I highly recommend everyone check out the video. A lot of Hypnotists never focus on this part of training or never even think about getting voice training and that is a huge mistake.

As Hypnotists our biggest tool is our voice and the words we choose. The way we say words, stress words and the tone of words impacts our sessions with our clients.  So if you never been exposed to voice training before then this video is a great place to start. Now, I’ve been trying to get Taylor to do more videos as he has a much better video presence than I do. As you can guess this is one of the reasons you see him doing more videos then me. Don’t worry, you’ll see eventually, but just not today 🙂