What Street Hypnosis Can Learn From The PUA Community? Part 1

This is a guest post from Vince Lynch. Vince is a man of many talents. He’s a hypnotist,  trainer and an expert PUA (Pick Up Artist). Although in some circles he’s just known as an international man of mystery. I was able to influence him (buy him a few drinks) to take a few minutes out of hypnotizing random strangers on the street and talk to us a little bit about his unique blending of Hypnosis, PUA, Influence & Persuasion.

In this post Vince breaks down his views on what Street Hypnosis can learn from the PUA community. Now I know for many of you this may seem like a very “out” there subject. I know some of you are interested in this subject from talks behind the scenes and I know some of you may not like the subject of PUA at all. Either way, as Hypnotists we can all stand to learn a thing or two from Vince if we just keep an open mind.

Whats On My Brain has always been about Hypnosis, in all it’s forms and pushing the boundaries of tradition. So pay attention because Vince has provided some really interesting insights and parallels between these two field.

This is part 1 of a two part series and I promise you that by the time you read both of these post you’ll going to be a much better Hypnotist…and Street Hypnotist. Oh, and if your a guy who’s been looking to meet a beautiful women..you may even learn how to do that to in this post.  – Josh –

The pickup community, is a population of 20,000 plus men from estimates of those who participate in forums membership etc. Seduction as a community really took off with progressions in telecommunications as the internet was developed and newsgroups sprang out. Ross Jeffries got hold of the newsgroup, seduction.alt which suddenly caused a rush of demand for trainings in how to get girls using the newly popularized NLP method developed by the guru.

Until 2005, Ross Jeffries had pretty much a tight grip on the community, other trainers existed sure, for example David De angelo. I didn’t become aware of pick up as a movement until 2006-7, although I was aware of Ross Jeffries when I first became a Hypnotist in 2002-3. The main problem with pick up, is simple, girls in nightclubs don’t know who to pick to elope with.

They have too many guys competing for their attention. So the solution from certain members of the PUA community is to isolate the target, which is to say to take them somewhere quiet and speak to them, historically using hypnotic language. Other members of the community argue that nightclubs aren’t worth it, and its better to meet people with more time, tourists, café’ goers, etc. who are more willing to pay attention to your ideas.

Vince Doing Street Hypnosis With Some Lovely Girls

This argument can help us understand why hypnotists tend to struggle to hypnotize a 100% of people. Because the results depend on the situation in which the target is selected. In street hypnosis, you request that someone’s time is allocated to you, to engage in a process using their imaginative capabilities, you also frame that it will be outside of their control. Providing someone follows these steps, then they will be hypnotized (I rarely use inductions, conversational has always been my thing).

Although they might have a range of reasons for why their attention isn’t fully placed on these ideas, and misconceptions about what they think they should be trying to do with their mind, during the process. A hypnotist’s job is to teach them how. So, great! Then how about we spend all day in café’s picking up girls! Newsflash; café’s have the occasional older woman, most of which aren’t single, and its not a particularly sexually hot atmosphere (unless you have some kind of weird fetish for coffee that is).

Whereas nightclubs, yes you guessed it, are full of tons of scantily clad hot young fit women, who are crammed into a dark room to grind against random strangers. Sexual harassment at its best! I’m surprised it doesn’t spark plenty of ‘if you don’t win, we don’t charge court cases’ but anyway. How in this noisy crammed competitive environment where gaining someone’s attention is so tricky can we be expected to hypnotize the most in demand girls.

People say; “Vince…wouldn’t it be great if, someone could just point out a girl in the crowd and say ‘make her cluck like a chicken’ and you could” Under certain circumstances, people’s attention is competed for by so many other sources. They don’t know you and have friends, boys trying it on with them, etc. For this reason, I’d like to talk about how to hypnotize hot girls in busy nightclubs. As I believe we can learn many lessons from it.

Learn Hypnosis

Who said Hypnotists Don’t Get Girls?

People who know me think I hypnotize everyone I meet, this simply isn’t true, I work very hard to pick my subjects. If someone pointed out a subject and said hypnotize that person there… I would go through a specific procedure to defy the odds of you can only hypnotize 1 in 5 people rule. . I would always argue that the majority of success with hypnosis comes down to set up, the way you manage and select subjects yet this is something that is never talked about in hypnosis training courses and books.

Already from this article you can probably think of times you failed to hypnotize someone, and now realize in hindsight that you never properly set up an agreed relationship where they can pay attention to the ideas you present. Inner game – is a topic that is heavily discussed in PUA, it dictates the attitudes that a seducer should have when he goes out into the field, its believed that attitude and state are the important in how the seducer acts, and how he is perceived by potential mates.

There’s various lessons we can learn from seduction and bring into our practice as hypnotists. One of which is the talk in pick up about Zen. What is Zen; it’s a mind-set and attitude usually associated with Buddhism, this attitude is referenced by many PUA instructors as what they believe is the central reason they get a lot of girls, the reason they often don’t write about it in textbooks is because it’s hard to explain what exactly the techniques, and attitudes associated with Zen are.

To quote the power of now Zen is when you “Just watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction” until you become aware of your own still, observing presence, “the silent watcher.” I see Zen as a state of relaxation; you can be energetic in your experience of the moment.

To quote another Zen philosopher, Andre Gide states “Seize from every moment its unique novelty and do not prepare your joys” or Blaise Pascal states “I have discovered that all of man’s unhappiness derives from only one source, not being able to sit quietly in a room”

Vince Lynch

Hollywood Isn’t Ready For Vince Lynch

For me, my hypnosis I didn’t feel satisfied as a hypnotist till 2-3 years after hypnotizing thousands of people, mainly because I didn’t relax about it. I didn’t just trust my own judgements, I went out and I tried to push hypnosis onto people, I set unrealistic targets and expectations on myself.

In seduction Zen is frequently cited as a kind of relaxation; I recommend being energetic in your experience of the moment. Raw energy comes from the freedom of experiencing gestaltian thought cycles. If you cannot relax because you have concerns about your career, life, etc. I really suggest that you take up meditation, naps, yoga, breathing exercises, practice ‘not thinking’ and take up drinking and doing what you feel whenever you feel like it.

Never push onto the world, let them pull into you. I never hypnotize someone who isn’t ready for it, and therefore my results can be very high as I’m only selecting targets who I expect to succeed with because they are willing to pay attention to me, rather than going out and intentionally pushing hypnosis onto people like a dealer would push drugs, I wait for people to become captivated by me, fascinated by my presence and then have them engage in a process for a time being.

If you’re thinking about all of your limitations, all of the preconceptions, all of your judgements on your own life, about which girls are attractive, which ones aren’t, then you aren’t going to get girls to be non-discriminative towards you. You can have standards of what girl your aiming for, but don’t let your wishes and hopes about tomorrow hold you back today.

You’ve got from now till forever to get that girl, let’s have some fun. Get a lot of sleep. Be aware of what time you’re going to be most active and move your sleep patterns around to match it, catch sleep when and where you can. How can you expect to sleep with someone, if you don’t sleep? Surely that’s a contradiction of terms, you need to find the time within yourself to enjoy the moment with yourself and enjoy moments with others.

If she doesn’t have the zen like relaxation and enjoyment of the moment, then she isn’t going to experience REM and be able to feel attraction before the close.

Street Hypnosis

Vince is sharing his wealth of knowledge with his students at one of his seminars

The reason I refer to REM is because of studies into it, one way REM is actually identified to be occurring in a research laboratory is guys will experience spontaneous erections while they are going through the REM sleep cycle, girls experience lubrication.

This is why you notice morning glory at various points in the morning, because you’ve woke up during an REM cycle as opposed to a Deep sleep. Therefore one of the aims of a seducer should be to ‘stay with’ a target rather than necessarily to ‘attract them’ because the moment you stay with a target they should experience the necessarily emotions that turn the lust into attraction.

Learn to love your own sleep, your resting time, and you can get to find those who also are willing to enjoy time to rest, and relax, and teach those that don’t know how to relax, how to copy you and become more in tune with their deeper hormonal instincts. Target selection. “Wouldn’t it be great if a girl could just be pointed out, and she would instantly fancy you” Is something that I hear myself say, and others say all the time.

The truth is, by saying that it makes it sound as if it’s really tricky to do that, as if the secret method to do that hasn’t been uncovered yet. Newsflash; if a girl isn’t going out with someone, there’s no reason other than her preconceptions about what she wants from a guy, or about how much time she has that could get in the way. If she feels all the bodily feelings, and situational factors that makes her believe that she should get with you, then she has no reason not to.

Providing you frame the experience so she only sees all the reasons why it’s going to happen, why it’s on, and doesn’t bring up the frames as to why it’s not going to happen, then she’ll get with you.

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I wonder how many girls actually took this bet?

However the truth is, in noisy venues with close to a thousand people or more in a tight dark space (which still clearly due to the vast numbers and context are still the best place to pick up girls) girls don’t have the time to pick from all of the 40 guys who have tried it on with them this evening. So they just cold blank refuse them all.

Except for a handful of girls who are on it that particular evening, so until further down in this explanation we are going to explicitly discuss how to target those girls your likely to succeed quickly on. When I first became a hypnotist I wouldn’t have any process for deciding who I went to hypnotize, therefore I would choose subjects who were clearly not wanting to spend their time listening to me, and were just being forced into engaging in this hypnosis procedure with me, then I would beat myself up mentally when I failed to hypnotize that person.

This mind-set does not exist in this pua-hypnosis approach that I’m outlining. A reason why women and men are often completely unresponsive to sexual attempts is that they don’t have those ideas, that mind-set ready. It often takes an unresponsive girl from 30 minutes, to 5 hours to heat up to sexual ideas. One reason that certain girls and guys automatically have sexual ideas present is there for various hormonal, cardio-vascular, and nervous system reasons.

Which as specified can be overcome through relaxation, focus on the moment, and by staying together. However girls in nightclubs who can be spotted to be immediately on are the ones with High Testosterone levels at that moment in time. Testosterone levels in women in men fluctuate over the week, (testosterone levels are highly linked to sexual libido, as well as blood dilation; promoted by a healthy diet of fish, vegetables, fruit and lack of meaty, fatty foods, vegetarians have been shown to experience stronger orgasms etc. although slightly chubby girls have stronger sexual libidos as a rule compared with skinnier girls) the simple fact is, they are not ready for you to progress onto sexual ideas without you placing the ideas into their heads through an often lengthy, hypnotic-compliance building procedure that we will later describe.

Street Hypnosis

Who said a little bit of self promotion is bad? Not Vince…

When people aren’t in this sexualized state, they will naturally discriminate against any sexual attempt, as the guy/girl isn’t interested in engaging in that process with you as they are preoccupied with another goal in their mind.

Just as sometimes men discriminate about what is their type, whether they really want the girl and bring all their preconceptions about what they want sometimes, and then overtimes they have no discrimination’s, they are just Horney, full of life, and want to stick it in something. Girls are the same, sometimes they care about types, other times they just want to have something put inside of them and feel used.

That’s not to say that you can’t close girls who aren’t in the ‘in the moment’ state and then make her feel attracted, of course you could but you will have to do all of the kino escalation, comfort building steps before a close will feel genuine and sincere, because it comes from the spontaneity of the moment. There are only a handful of girls in a given club who are actually genuinely dancing, genuinely feeling the moment, who are up on life.

Unless you’ve got an opportunity to take the girls who are ‘cold’ the ones who have only come out because their friends are out, the ones who still have oneititus from their last boyfriend, or from the guy that they half know, or they simply don’t feel genuine because of work, career, worries, money. Sure given the opportunity for them to place their attention on you, and you talk to them you can change this, but in a highly competitive environment you simply can’t bank on that until you isolate them.

Know what you’re up against, read the venue, that way you can’t blame yourself when you don’t pick up any girls. Look around and spot the ‘hot energies’ and the ‘cold energies’ both in guys and girls, be aware that a hot energy might quickly meet a guy, or have just been with a guy and for that reason she might decline you because she is locked into his monopoly. (A girl isn’t really ever declining, she’s just doing something else)

To bring this back to hypnotism, I will often once I gain someone’s attention I might take them outside to an isolated area to perform the hypnosis, this way I can be sure that they have committed to the process in the sense that they have left their friends and gone for a walk with me. And I can check visually if they appear to be listening to what I am saying.

PUA & Seduction

Vince and his friend Derren Brown…this isn’t a mindtrick either!

In seduction a lot of the game is considered ‘won’ the moment that you do this exact move, the moment you have took the girl to an isolated area and begun escalating it usually quickly leads to a kiss close or more providing you bounce to a location where further intimacy is possible.

This is the end of part 1 of this 2 part article series; here we have discussed what to do up to the point that you have a subject isolated, in the sense that they have explicitly agreed to spend a moment paying attention to what you have to say.

Part 2 will describe how to take this initial portion of interest gained, and progress it into further compliance and responsiveness.

Bio: Vince, partied every night, came across hypnosis and quickly got into teaching hypnosis at 17 with Anthony Jacquin & others.  Education: BA (Hons) Counseling & Psychotherapy, (Various Hyp, NLP, etc) MSc Masters of Business Administration. (Universities include, London School of Economics + Royal Holloway)