Why Some Stage Hypnotists Fail

This is a special blog post my good friend Rich Wilson who is a well known Stage Hypnotist. In this article Rich will break down why a good majority of Stage Hypnotists fail and how they can overcome it! Feel free to leave Rich any comments or questions in the comment area below the article! – Josh

Many start out with the greatest of intentions and dreams of being the best stage hypnotists, but they often drop out shortly after they begin.

There is no doubt that stage hypnotists have somewhat of an advantage over a hypnotherapist simply because of the theatrical advantages associated with being on stage …there’s a mystique that naturally comes along with the lights and curtains and showmanship.

It is difficult for any hypnotherapists to compete with flash and glitz. This is why many who start out as a hypnotherapist turn to doing stage shows and becoming Stage Hypnotists. Almost every stage hypnotist will tell you that they are approached after their shows by people who want help losing weight or to stop smoking …these are simple leads that could be considered as part of the BOR (Back Of The Room Sales) like CD’s and DVD’s.

What could be better than performing a show, showing how you can drop ten to twenty people into hypnosis, and then having several audience members rushing the stage and asking for an appointment for your services?

The problem for many stage show wannabe’s is that they get the usual Las Vegas seminar trainings that teach you a limited number of so-called techniques, and then they are sent home only to find that they really don’t know what to do.

I have seen it hundreds of times, and it’s sad to see so many people waste hard-earned money only to search elsewhere to find the “real” secrets to stage hypnosis. I truly feel bad for these people and would be more than happy to offer up solutions if they contact me.

Even Stage Hypnotists Need A Hypnosis Pretalk

Now, to the reason for writing this hypnosis blog. I have gone to many lengths to watch new and upcoming performers do a stage hypnosis show, and I have witnessed many a perplexed face as one volunteer after another walks off of the stage …never to be hypnotized. “What went wrong?” is written across the forehead of the hypno-newbie standing on stage.

There should be no reason why these people didn’t drop into a deep trance, everything was done by the book …almost. There is one very important thing missing, and it’s the one main advantage that the hypnotherapist has over the stage hypnotist – A Good Hypnosis Pre-Talk.

If you want make certain that you will have the odds in your favor when you begin your stage induction, you had better make sure you provide the best Pre-Talk possible to your audience. I mean, cover as much as you can to dissolve any doubts, fears and misconceptions that every individual sitting out there might have.

Dispel the untruths, wipe away the Hollywood images of zombie-like people being forced into following the wishes of the evil hypnotist (people still believe this stuff) and provide a sense of safety to everyone including yourself. Believe in what you are saying and your volunteers are more likely to believe you too.

Take the time to perform a few suggestibility tests like the locking hands, locking fingers or even the lemon test and get the entire audience involved. You may not locate all of your best subjects with these but it’s a great way of showing many that you know what you’re doing.

I would also suggest that you take the time to learn some solid, tried and true rapid and instant inductions (I can make a few suggestions on these trainings). Nothing blows away an audience better than having a hypnotist pull someone out of the crowd after a few suggestibility tests and drop them into a deep state of hypnosis BEFORE there was even an induction!

Remember, you’re an entertainer at that time …entertain them! Stage Hypnotists have helped our profession in more ways than you know. So stack the deck in your favor every night and you will not be one of those who quickly dropped an exciting career before it ever got off the ground.

Go out prepared and come home feeling good about your performances!

Stage HypnotistsRich Wilson has been a professional entertainer, Stage Hypnotists & Motivational Speaker for thirty years. He has graced the stages of just about every type of venue that is available.

As a professional entertainer Rich has shared the stage with such artists as Willie Nelson, The Platters, The Drifters, Charlie Daniels, The Tokens, Toby Keith, The Del-Vikings, Alabama, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Martina McBride and many more.

The HypnoRich Stage Show is filled with a wide variety of routines that are created to entertain everyone. A clean and completely interactive performance that is designed to show how remarkable the human mind is while sharing some wonderful laughs throughout the show.