Written Records – Don’t You Just Hate Them?

I know I should be sitting here saying, very professionally how interesting and illuminating I find it when I write up my notes after a client session. But I don’t, I hate doing written records! It can be time consuming and when I’ve just completed a session it’s the last thing I feel like doing. So is there really any purpose in doing them?

Well, I wish I could just say that actually, there’s no real point, and that any decent hypnotist can do very well without them. But I’d be lying. The fact is, there are several good reasons for keeping on top of your paper work, much as most of us would like that to be untrue.

So the next time you find yourself trying to avoid that day’s sessions, use this list to remind you why it’s actually a vital part of being the best hypnotist you can be:

10 Items To Remind You Why Having Written Records Is Critical

1. However good your memory is, if a client comes back to see you after a long break, you’re NOT going to remember all the details of their last visit. You may well remember the main points, but much of the detail will have gone. Why waste time going over all the same stuff, and asking all the same questions, when if you’d written it down you’d have it at your fingertips?

2. If a client comes back to see you after a long break, and you can greet them warmly and it becomes clear that you can remember a great deal about your previous meeting, quite frankly they’ll love you. The fact that before you looked at your notes you hadn’t a clue who they were is irrelevant!

3. Making a note of any deepeners you used, how effective any techniques you used were, and any particular insights that occurred during the session, allows you to spend your time creating the best possible next session, rather than trying to remember the details of the first.

4. Writing down your observations often in itself seems to spark insight and understanding that you may miss if you simply moved on without noting anything down.

5. Should (God forbid) a client choose to sue you for whatever reason, you will not have to rely on that flakiest of human qualities, your memory. In court, notes made at the time carry a lot more weight that someone just saying, “well, this is how I remember it…” especially if the incident was some time ago. Yes, I know it’s extremely unlikely to happen, but better safe than sorry, eh?

6. Sometimes in later sessions, even unrelated sessions with the same client, something can come up which does relate to something discussed in a previous session. Making the link can lead to fresh insights, and it’s so much easier and faster to be able to quickly check back rather than to have the two of you spend 15 minutes discussing what you think you remember from that session that might apply to this one.

7. It helps to create a professional image, which in turn increases your clients’ trust in you.

8. A week later is no good. Writing up notes when the detail is still very clear in your mind is by far the best way of capturing everything that matters. It’s amazing how much of that detail fades after a few sessions with other clients, to say nothing of a week’s worth of your personal life to get in the way.

9. OK – I admit it. It can be fascinating and enjoyable, especially if you haven’t let it pile up. Keep up to date with it, and it’s a whole lot less painful!

10. You might want to write a book one day… at which point your notes become gold dust!

Make Sure Your Written Hypnosis Records Stay Secure

Just make sure you keep all those notes securely locked away when you’re not around. Remember you’re responsible for them remaining confidential.

So have I convinced you to get that pen out yet, and get on with it? I have? Oh darn. I was hoping for a longer argument. You see there are these notes I’ve been trying to put off writing…